Inchcock Today Wed 20 Jan 16: Another day indoors – Constipation returns. Huh!


“Do you promise to pay the bill, the whole bill, and nothing but the bill?”


Wednesday 20th January 2016

01W04I woke around 0400hrs, the tummy giving me grief. I blame the cream cakes and am giving them up, again.

Tried to recall some details from the dream I’d had, but only bits of it came back to me. It did involve falling again as I recall. Not Duncan Robertson throwing me out of the apartment balcony this time. I was climbing into a manhole and found myself in the sky falling through the clouds. I was passing people in air balloons, who were each trying to hand me a letter or form as I flew down passed them? There was a lot more to this dream, but I can only recall vague bits. I was later in an office, an old one, and I was being hit around my head with something?

Eventually, I stirred my loins to get up and was very pleased with my arthritis in the knees and hands not being too bad at all this morning. 

The need to use the throne was evident.

So I put the kettle on and got me medications ready, then paid a rather long and painful few minutes trying to evacuate my innards. The blood poured from the haemorrhoids, and once again like yesterday morning, I thought something was going to tear or rip. The pain was dreadful. So I added a senna tablet to my morning medications, in the hope this would ease things for later.

I still felt rather sanguine with my life in general for some reason.

01W01I started the laptop and took me morning medications.

The screen came up telling me they had updated and added some tweaks to Windows.

Many messages came up as it installed these.

The screen message kept changing, each one telling me not to turn off the laptop.

I went into the kitchen, to make another cuppa and cleaned the top of the cooker.

When I returned, the laptop was still installing the updates.

I returned to the kitchen and sorted out one of the drawers with the none prescription medications.

Back to the laptop.

It was still plodding on with doing the installing.

After an hour or so, the updated Windows started.

I signed in and from what I could see the only difference was the icon for Windows had changed to the outline of a plane?

I did not know how to find out what else had been changed and tweaked in Windows 10.

Can anyone help me with this, please?

I’ve got a Morrisons food order being delivered this morning, twixt 1000 – 1100hrs.

I’ll get a bath in time before it is due. I enjoy a good bath, but not the getting in and out painful procedure! I suppose I’ll miss my bathing when the shower is installed. But they say it will be 4-6 months before that happens.

No doubt, providing I live long enough, I’ll get used to the showering. Joel, the Occupational Therapist, said I’ll need a chair supplying. They will sort that, and charge me for it along with my having to pay for any damage caused cosmetically or accidentally during the installation.

To the porcelain for a liquid exodus, Little Inchy was examined and found to be free of bleeding, and only a few specks from earlier leakages. So things looking good there at last. I’ll keep on with the Dakacort creaming, though, I’ll do him when I have me bath later.

Tessa Smeigh and Duncan Robertson both offered me tips on getting into the old editor on WordPress. I tried their advice; sometimes it works sometimes not.

Surprising how many folk do not like the new editor on WordPress. I might look for another platform if I cannot access it. The old one is so intuitive to use.

Did a bit of Facebooking next.

I had a shave, did my teggies and got in the bath for a jolly good body scrub with my new brush and a fair old soak.

Getting me things on afterwards I noticed the winter wrap around hat I’d bought some time ago, I popped it onto my head and fastened it to see how warm it was. It was nice and cosy with it on, but I couldn’t work out how to undo the plastic locking thingamajig on it! I also put om trousers that I bought from Sainsburys for only £10! They were supposed to be short in length, but they crumpled at the ankles.

I was going to take some nibbles to the Community Shed for the girls, so decided to embarrass myself again and ask them how it unlocks. Tut! 

Got my camera and mobile and as I had the time before the Morrison’s delivery was due, I threw the rubbish bag down the chute, then had a walk to the Community Shed, where Deana and Julie were both ensconced.

Gave them some nibbles and informed them of the progress with the shower for the flat, and the lack of progress with the house sale.

I told them I’d ordered a loaf of Country Sour Bread for them om my Morrison’s delivery, and would drop it in later and put it in the cupboard for them.

P1020888Deana undid the hat/cap for me and showed me how it works. I did feel a fool!

She then took a photo of me in me new hat and trousers so I could post it on here. Shame she missed off my pants – Hehe!

She then explained to me how the flaps join up on top of the head. Bless her.

On the way back to the flats, some tenants were waiting at the bus stop, and I had a little chin-wag with them. I do like living here.

Kettle and laptop on, updated this while waiting for the food delivery.

The Morrisons man came, and I put away the food in their allotted places; i.e. anywhere I could cram them into, Hehe!

I took the bread to the Community Shed.

P1020889No one in, so I put the loaf near the cooker and the chicken in the fridge for them.

On the way back to the flats I took a picture of the apartment block at the bottom of the road (Winchester Court) with the Community Hut in front of it.

Although the sun was getting through strongly, it was still cold with it.

Back in the flat, I made another cuppa, took the midday medications and got on with some graphicalisationing.

NN05I did some graphicationalising using CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

It took me hours and hours to get the something like I wanted.

I posted them on WordPress.I got some smoked bacon in the oven – did some Facebooking then I added the potato slims to it. I made bread thin sandwiches with BBQ sauce. The bacon juices had soaked into the potato farls – It was naughty but so nice!

NN02Hopefully, folk will find them funny and get a laugh, that’s all I want, to make a laugh for someone.

I got some smoked bacon in the oven – did some Facebooking then I added the potato slims to it. I made bread thin sandwiches with BBQ sauce. The bacon juices had soaked into the potato farls – It was naughty but so nice!


Got my washing up done and settled with a book and a cuppa.


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