Inchcock Today Fri 29 Jan 2016: Housebound Again. Huh!

How does an insomnia affected solicitor get to sleep?

He does nothing different; he lies on one side, and then lies on the other. While covering himself of course!

Friday 29th January 2016

Managed to get some kip in, a good straight five hours, at last!

The howling winds made sure I didn’t nod off again. They were so loud, even without my hearing aids in.

Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the laptop booted. Waited while the Windows updates were installed. Read a bit of my book, whistled, had a search for the still missing lottery ticket, went to the porcelain; No bleeding at all this morning. Not surprising really, this event reminded me of the Warfarin Blood Level results being so low. Made another cuppa, and the Windows updates had finished at last.

So I checked the email, to see if they had sent me instructions for the Enoxaparin injections. Nothing in yet.

Did a post on WordPress with a gallery of the TFZers English Country Garden graphics on it.

Blimey this wind up here is getting noisier and noisier. I feel sorry for the tenants with decent hearing. It’s blowing into the kitchen from the holes in the wall behind the cabinets something awful! The drawers and doors are opening on their own; the wind is that strong!

I hope it calms down soon, I don’t fancy having to go out in this howling gale at all. I’ll have to take a bagful of tinned food with me to stop me getting blown away. I thought of a funny at this stage. So I got Coreldraw opened and created this little bit of fun about the howling winds outside the block of flats.


Took me an hour or four to get it something like. I think I’m addicted. Hehe!

I checked the emails to see if the surgery had sent me an appointment for my enoxaparin injections. Apparently I’m at risk of DVT prophylaxis, whatever that is, I’ll have to look it up. 

letJust before I logged off to have me shave with a razor and bath, I checked the emails again – good job too. The Surgery had sent me an email telling me, my appointment for the INR test was due yesterday! Which of course I had done.

They added another message, good job I scrolled down.

It is for Monday the 1st February.


Not going out in these winds today thank you very much.

When I’ve had me bath and ablutions, I’ll get the medication pots done up. Did you see that? Did you? I made a decision! Hehe!

P1020942No, no, changed my mind again. Tsk! I’m to do the tablets first.

Note the number of empty boxes and foil from the distributed medications?

And, how good I was not to make a mess either eh?

Awards and prizes for me being a good boy will be gratefully accepted. I fang you. Hehe!

Then I had an enjoyable bath and scrub-up.

P1020943Got me fodder ready. Curried baked beans, frankfurters and a bit of pork pie. Followed by a pot of ice-cream too! (Alright, two mini pots)

Thought I felt the stomach rumbling again… Yes, there she goes.

Three messy visits over the next few hours.visits

Then I had a dizzy spell, the first time in 5-6 days. Humph!

Ah well, at least, the constipations finished.

I thought I’d been doing okay lately too.


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