Inchcock Today Fri 8th July 2016: Big arson fire in Nottingham, forgot to collect the prescriptions, little walk about and Olive did me a massage… Wonderful!

Friday 8th July 2016 – Vendredi 8 Juillet 2016

10d0600hrs: Jumped awake and in a right state physically and mentally. No idea when I’d nodded off last night, but for once I’d turned off the TV. Around me as clung precariously off the £300 second-hand recliner that refused to budge to let me out, but I got there. Hehe!

No eating or drinking today, before the CDH tests.

Update the diary.

Did the ablutions and took the medications with tap water. Getting ready and all set when I spotted a fire about two miles away down in the Basford area.

P1110293 10d

Found out later, that apparently, 16 and 17-year-old yobboes have been arrested for arson and endangering lives. I wonder if they will get a fine to be paid out of their dole money at 50p a week?

The rain was falling, so I put the bag in another bag and placed them in another bag. Made sure I’d got the nurses nibbles and umbrella with me.

10eAs I departed, the rain stopped.

Soon arrived at the surgery for the 0830hrs appointment, another bloke as there waiting for his CDH checks as well, as it was not yet 0830hrs, we had to wait outside for ten minutes.

We were admitted, and the nurse called me in for the tests. During which, I was informed not to take so much sugar, I’m far too heavy, the pasty look on my face is probably due to me taking too much sugar in my foods, I must take urine sample with me again on Tuesday’s INR blood test arrangement and I can only expect the right arm hand and shoulder to get worse and she will make an appointment to have them looked at later. I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and departed!

Walked to the launderette and gave Mandy a laugh telling her about it, and gave her her nibbles.

Then on to the Lidl store. Got two cheesy cobs, sweet and sour sauce and some sweeties to top up the nibble store supplies.

Then did a little Whoopsiedangleplop as I tried to get on a bus back to Sherwood, and the driver threw me off for being too early. I did feel a fool! Hehe!

So I walked it back instead, being, as the feet and knees weren’t feeling too bad at all. (They were by the time I got back. Huh!)

The walk went okay until I got into Sherwood, then the plates started giving some gip. I got into Woodthorpe Grange Park, not many dog walkers around, or even Pavement Cyclists either.

P1110295The rain held off, and I took a photographicalisation of under the chestnut trees near to the pitch and putt course.

I thought it came out alright?

I might try to add a figure of yours truly and a TFZ gal to it later for a bit of fun if yer know worra mean like.

P1110297The legs and feet were well aching by the time I got down the gravel hill path and back to the flat. Wee-weeing being the most necessary activity when I got in.

The fire was still going!

I made my first cuppa of the day (No nibbling, honestly!) Then sent a copy of the fire I took to the Nottingham Post for them to use if they wanted to.

Laptop on and updated this twaddle.

Must try to get some Facebooking caught up with, and then get to see how Olive is getting on.

Realised another Whoopsiedangleplop had taken place – I forgot about collecting the prescriptions from the chemist earlier! And there I was next door at the launderette! Sad innit?

Got some Facebooking done.

Then got another demand in the post from British Gas fro the electricity bill I got on June 4th – which Deana had phoned about and after a long time talking, told me not to pay it and we got advice that the account was closed on 8th June.

P1110298Popped in to see the excellent Olive she was watching Wimbledon on her good sized TV. I bet she can read the subtitles on this one. Hehe!

She looked at the letter, then sorted my pains by rubbing in the pain gel to areas I could not reach myself, for me.

Bless her cotton socks.

I departed and went to the Community Hut seeking help. Julie P1110300was in not Deana. She called up British Gas and spent ages getting nowhere with then. They asked for the meter number, so I was sent back to the flat with a key opener to get in the box outside the apartment to find it.

I took a photo of the number on the meter. Returned to the Community Hut with it, and Julie again phoned them. This time, they told us that there were two meters in the box – which there wasn’t! Also, that one meter is on economy 10 and the other one on the standard rate?

I asked if they were lying last month or now? They had told us not to pay the bill then???

P1110109Then they rang off while Julie was waiting again listening to the music!

Julie shot off home, telling me she would ring them again on Monday – oh dear!

Back to the flat again, had some more wee-wee efforts. Updated diary once again to here, and got the fodder on the go. Roast peppers, parsnips and carrots, chicken thighs, tomatoes, beetroot, potato hashes and the cheesy cobs.

P1110301A quick bit of Facebooking while it all cooked, well, the hashes and vegetables anyway.

Not bad at all, 8.9/10.

The nodding off soon started after I’d settled to watch a James Bond DVD movie.

Eventually, after perhaps dozens of nod-offs and rewinds, I gave up and put the TV on. The same thing happened again, and I gave up again and got the book out to read… nodded off at last!

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