Inchcock Today Sat 9 July 16: Fantastic, got to visit Olive today!


Saturday 9th July 2016


Stirred into life and did my best to recall some of the dreams I’d suffered during the night. Definitely, I was being chased again, but not by the vague riffraff I usually am, this time, it was Royalty doing the pursuing, no less! HRM and Prince Charles led the mob, with of all people, Princess Margaret with a  fag on in the mob behind! They were throwing things at me that turned into long toothed wasps as the neared me and I soon had more blotches and stings than skin! Uncertain of how or why, but I ended up in a cellar, hung around the neck and I was hanging from a thick rusty iron ring on the wall?

I thought about the needs of the day. The Morrisons order coming twixt 1000 > 1000hrs, with some flowers for Olive in thanks of her massaging me aching areas. Hope they don’t get crushed. And the Mike Steeden book-of-poems is due sometime today according to Amazon.

Then it dawned on me the mess around me. I was again half in, and half out of £300 second-hand recliner, the fodder tray still on the chair next to me (Well cleared of the food I might add), spectacles luckily, unbroken on the recliner between my arm and the side of the chair, the TV remote between my legs, the bottle of Pentax medicine lingering precariously on the arm of the seat… I reckon the dreams might have got to me a bit maybe?

I got out of the now working £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the wetroom for WRWW and WWHD duties – and found I’d left the light and fan heater on all night! The stomach rumbled and grumbled a bit after using the porcelain.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take my medications and found a full pot of evening pills near the kettle. Had I or had I not taken last nights doses? I had no idea. But, with the arm, right wrist and shoulder, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Rea Flux all giving me a good start to the day, I wasn’t complaining. I felt a different person this morning, more alive and active – then carried on with the day fully expecting some Whoopsiegangleplop, hiatus, disaster or calamity to present itself later. It always does when I feel like this, I could be ten years younger with how I feel at this moment? The mind seemed inaniloquent with the thoughts that were racing through it. I had ideas and images that I know nothing about or understand wandering about in my head?

Got the laptop on and diary work done, started this one and then did some Facebooking. Four hours later I’d finished on Facebooking.

During this time, I had to wee-wee about eight times… oh dear!

The rain started pouring and has not stopped since.

10gThe Morrisons delivery arrived.

Olive’s flowers looked alright.

Put the food stuff way.

Stored the Roses in the box they came in, in the dark hallway to take to Olive later.

Made a cuppa and got on again with WordPress reading.

Hello, the lights just flickered a bit then… Back to the WordPress reading and commenting… More flickering from the lights!

Got a lot of graphic work done over the next few hours, then did some more Facebooking.

Tittivated me up and nipped to see Olive in her flat, took her Rose Bouquet with me. She was feeling a lot better today I’m glad to say. Made me a cup of tea and we had a lovely chat for a couple of hours.

A kiss and cuddle goodbye, and I sadly returned to flat 72.

P1110304Got the days fodder going, but I was not overly keen on the resulting plateful.

Looked okay, but didn’t go down too well, perhaps it was the stomach that started rumbling and grumbling just before I began to dig into it?

The expected burnout and fatigue dawned, and I was no use for much then. I just sat there in the £300, sometimes works, second-hand recliner and daydreamed for a while, about Olive mostly.

When the urge for the throne appeared rather suddenly, I was lucky to make it in time, as the shuddering £300, works sometimes, second-hand recliner wasn’t too interested in letting me get out of it! I don’t think it will last much longer… mind you, I might not as well and also! Hehehe!

TV on, as there were several programmes of interest on tonight that I wanted to fall asleep watching.

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