Inchcock Today: Wednesday 7th September 2016 – Failure in my phrontifugic desires


Wednesday 7th September 2016

0535hrs: Woke, and did my best to remember the dream I’d been having, but not very successful with this. Annoying indeed! Bits came back to me, climbing the outside of buildings, being chased Again! And singing on a hilltop with sheep and giraffes in a field?

mc02Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliners and carried out a WRHD, no bleeding again this morning.

Popped on the scales and got a pleasant most assuredly unexpected but welcome surprise!.

Cleaned some table-wear that I’d missed from last night, and left the damned tap running again while I nipped into the front room to get the laptop warmed up so to speak. Luckily it was only for ten minutes or so this time, so I still have some hot water for a shower later. I hope.

Took the medications and made a cuppa. Not feeling too bad now, Anne Gyna is absent, Arthur Itis not bad at all, Haem Aroids easier than yesterday and not bleeding at all, and the burn on my right knuckle was not painful or bothering me in the least. It’s times like these that I worry you know – What’s coming to equalise things, get them back to the Whoopsiedangleplop normal? Hehe!

Did my ablutionisationing using the carbolic soap. The hot water lasted okay.

mc04I feeling so good within myself, that I decided to try and walk to the Arnot Hill Park and feed the ducks later.

I tried for the first time to get details from Google Maps about the distance I had to walk.

Made a mess of it the first few times, trying to get the start and end destination input properly, but I got there in the end.

I think the distance given looks spot on (1.3 miles), but the time of 25 minutes seems a bit optimistic?

Of course, they assume whoever wants to walk this route do not have Arthritis, Angina and mangled ankle? Hehehe! I hope. (There’s hope in hoping I’ll remember!) I’ll see if I can remember to check the time when I leave.

Did a lot of work on the graphics and diaries.

Must get me ready now – hope there is enough hot water for me shower?

mc05Set off on the route on the map.

En route there were many many Pavement Cyclists I came across.

However, none were of any singular, particular danger or hiatus to me today.

Up through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, down onto Mansfield Road and turned right towards Daybrook.

I was quite disappointed that the premises where the raised flower beds were that I was going to get some photographs of, was no longer there! They had demolished the fantastic Derby Stone brick wall as well.

Crossed over the nasty road junction near the Vale Hotel with ease today.

I thought about calling in the B & M store to see if they just might have some of the Bonners curried beans back in stock. But determined this would not be a good idea, as I was timing my little gadabout wasn’t I?

Noted the time when I started out up the gravel hill earlier as 0930hrs.

Plodded onward, thinking that a few years ago, I would have considered my rate of knots I was doing today, to be very steady and casual – nowadays I’m going as fast as I could manage. Tsk!

mc06Right into Nottingham Road passing the Fire Station and along to the Arnot Hill Park.

Pronounced Arno Hill locally, a soundless T at the end.

The place was beautiful today, probably because there were so few humans with their pit bulls lurking around?


I got the wrong setting on the first photograph, as you can see – Tsk!

The variety of ducks was much diminished compared to my last visit. No mandarins or Canada geese at all? There were plenty of my favourite Mallard ducks, though, and they seemed to enjoy the earthworm pellets, along with the pigeons.

I looked at the time on my mobile phone and was flabbergasted when I realised I’d done the walk to the park in  32 minutes! So Google Maps were so very nearly spot-on with their forecasted time of 25 minutes, well done Google!

mc08When I departed from the park, I popped up the road and into the Sainsbury store.

I got some Anya potatoes, fresh pod peas, Beef in Blackbean sauce ready meal, two roast chicken legs reduced due to a short shelf life left on them, cheese twists and some Marmite mini rice cakes.

To the bus stop outside to wait for the L9 bus back to the flats. There were eleven minutes to wait so I walked to the bus stop nearer where the L9 was coming from and only just caught it, as it was several minutes early.

mc09Two tenants were on the bus already.

Frank and Mavis. They were not in a talkative mood, though.

I wondered if I’d unintentionally done something to upset them?

Oh dear…

No communication from them when we got off the bus, they both sat in the seats and did not reply to my cheerily intended: “Take care both TTFN…”

Oh dear again…

Up to number 72 flat, and after a WRWW I got the things put away and shelled some extra peas to take to Olive in case she was not feeling well it would save her having to get up a do them. Put the fodder away, got my quota in the Crock-Pot with some mushrooms and went to see Olive.

She was still not very good. She refused the shelled peas. Obviously, she was in distress of some sort. Managed to give her kiss and little cuddle and departed in a rather depressed state of mind, feeling sad I could do nothing to help, back to the apartment. Took away the joy I had in feeling better in myself, today.

Checked the TV magazine, and lots of watchable stuff to watch on tonight.

Laptop on to update this and do a bit of Facebooking. Some nice kind comments and messages were waiting for me. Got an email from the Haematology Dept. The Warfarin level was very low, change of dosage, got to go again on Monday at 1130hrs.

Took the medications.

p1110796Got the meal sorted.

Sheer indulgence it was, I almost felt decadent as I scoffed it all away.

No consideration for the calories whatsoever! Hehe!

Anya potatoes, well-cooked chicken leg, Nordic style bacon, beetroots, fresh garden peas, yellow peppers and tomatoes and mushrooms. Followed by a pot or orange in jelly, the banana I did not manage.

Selected the TV programmes and promptly fell asleep, waking up when they had all finished! Tsk!

I did have a dream, though, more of the decaying building corridors, then on some canal water, walking on it?

WRHD session, thought about doing the pots, then got me head down, very late on indeed. Couldn’t shake off this sense of foreboding?

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