Inchcock Today Thursday 8th September 2016: Not too well today. Shame, Hehe!

Thursday 8th September 2016


Awoke at 0400hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any bother, and had a WRHD session, again without any bleeding. Good!

Decided to take the opportunity to get me down to the for a laundry room session, being as I had got up so early.

Assembles the cleaning articles and was soon on my way down and got them in the washer. I checked the dryers and found again, that they had not had the fluff filters cleaned, so I did them.

Back up to the flat and started this diary off.

Down again and transferred the washing into the dryer. Someone had been down meanwhile and thrown the empty laundry bag I’d left on top of the washing machine, into the corner behind the door, when they had put their washing in the other machine. That was nice of them.

Back up the lift and finished yesterday’s diary off and got it posted. Had to have another WRHD session?

Down for the last time and emptied the dryer, folded the clobber and back up and put them away.

Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the nibbles in the bag for the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut later. Then updated this twallop and did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw.

Got a few TFZ series done, but it took my hours, got about six ready now, but so many to do yet.

11cMade another cuppa and checked the emails. Facebooked a while.

Carried out the ablutions, all well. Titivated up I took the bags to the rubbish chute

Having cleaned up, I took the bags to the garbage chute.

Got the vegetables, peas, mushrooms and peppers going in the Crock-Pot for later on in the day.

And out to the Tenants Social Hour a the Community Hut.

Many missing today, BJ was on holiday in Cornwall and Somerset. However, Toni came today. She looked poorly, but she’d bravely turned up.



Having a real nice time and the dizzies came over me. Left early and returned to the flat and carried on with doing the TFZ graphicalisations.

After hours, I’m managed to get eight done now.

Not too good, not exactly ill like, hazy, lack of gusto.

So I got the meal going earlier than usual, cause despite me feeling lacklustre, I was getting hungry?

p1110803A WRHD (Again?!),  then I tried to do some more on the graphics, but the concentration had gone. Humph!

Mustn’t forget me dentist appointment in the morning. I’ll write a note now to remind myself. 

Put the note underneath Koala Katie in the hope that I notice it, cause I usually say ‘Good Morning to her like.

Got the beef in black bean sauce in the oven. The vegetables I have already added some black bean sauce to the Crock-Pot.

Blimey, it’s gerrin hard to focus, I’ll have to give up on the laptop and hope I get up in time to catch up on it tomorrow before the dentist.

Coughing a bit regularly, a haziness but no dizziness, getting a bit concerned. Might ring the 111 line if it gets any worse.

Called to see Olive, but no answer. That didn’t help me cheer up, Hehehe!

p1110804For my fodder, I made boiled Anya potatoes, Beef in a black-bean sauce ready meal and popped some beetroots in with it. First time in a while, but I couldn’t eat it all, feeling a touch bilious now.

A bit sort of disconcerting, but not complaining really you know, just uncomfortable with not knowing why these new ailments have visited me? Hey-ho!

Checked the TV paper, something on all night to watch, no nodding offs periods for a few hours, then the one big nod off.

TTFN folks, it might be cheerier news tomorrow. He says full of confidence, Hehe!

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