Saturday 10th September 2016: Late Whoopsiedangleplops, Humph!


Saturday 10th September 2016

0415hrs: Demand from the innards for another WRHD session forced me up out of the working again £300 second-hand recliner to the wetroom. Not a pleasant duty this morning in the least. Pain and blood involved here. Tsk!

Feeling a little uncomfortable, the mind turned to thoughts of rampant hypochondriasis for a few minutes as I sat on the porcelain pondering in this. The bug I’ve caught seemed to be inflicting a cough, dizziness (Not the usual kind), the taste buds and concentration. But, it’s getting less bothersome compared to yesterday and Thursday.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications, with a swig of the cough linctus and a guzzle of the Peptac with an extra Omeprazole 40gm capsule to hopefully calm the ulcer down a bit. I checked on the web if it was safe to take an additional tablet and saw that: “The most common side effects (1-15% of patients) are severe headaches, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and nausea/vomiting.” This explained a lot! Hehe!

Popped on the scales… oh dear! 3lb up from yesterday – How is this possible? It’ll be the scales playing up?

Laptop on and completed the Friday Diary then I started this one off.

01hDecided to get the vegetables on the go for later. In the Crock-Pot, leeks mushrooms, fresh garden peas and yellow peppers.

The small saucepan had the little Anya new potatoes, and the large one had the bigger Anya potatoes.

Logical eh? Haha!

mc06The Morrisons delivery arrived and had to be sorted.

The minted-leg of lamb steaks looked appealing in their packaging.

The prepared vegetables, carrots & peas seemed delicate and fresh.

I’d got some smoked bacon medallions at two for a bit cheaper, so I can give one to Olive, cause I know she likes them a lot.Back to the laptop, updated this and did some Facebooking with fingers crossed that it would not stick and freeze again. It did a few times, but only for moments. Spent two hours or so on it, then moved to doing the TFZ series.

Back to the laptop, updated this and did some Facebooking with fingers crossed that it would not stick and freeze again. It did a few times, but only for moments. Spent two hours or so on it, then moved to doing the TFZ series.

Far far too much time spent on this, cause I love doing them, at least six hours in total over the day. Weary-eyed and light-headed by the time I stopped myself.

Got the lamb in the oven and nipped out to visit Olive. She did look a lot better today, and managed to tell me off for getting her the bacon. So I knew she was feeling better too now! Hehe!  I didn’t have much time with her today, as her daughter was coming to visit her. A very nice chinwag, kiss and a cuddle and I had to leave, taking her rubbish bag with me to drop into the chute on my way back to number 72.

mc04Where I had yet another WRHD  (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session.

Got the nosh served up.

It looked a treat but was very disappointing. Well, the lamb was, everything else was okay. Seemed to have the texture of a cardboard box for some reason?

Even the dessert tasted musty to me. I’ll be glad when this bug or cold whatever it is has had its fuss out with me.

Too weary to do any more graphicationalisationing now.

Watched a DVD, Doctor Who 4th Series. Well, I tried, but kept nodding off. Gave up and as I got my head down in the £300 second-hand recliner, another WRHD was needed? Where’s it all coming from?

Stubbed my toe on the trolley in the wetroom – first time I’ve done this for weeks now. Getting back into the £300 second-hand recliner, I knocked the mug of tomato juice off of the ottoman at the side of the chair!

Made use of the thick paper towels as quickly as I could, but the stains looked set in already. Got the spot-cleaner from the kitchen along with a scrubbing brush and some cleaning rags then returned to try and clean it up.

Did as good a job as I could, but had then to move the recliner to another position so it covered the blemish on the carpet in the end.

Shattered now, I put the cleaners away and the rags in soak in the bowl, banging my head on the corner of the cupboard door under the sink as I returned the bottle of spot cleaner.

Now so tired, weary and frustrated with things! At least the 300 second-hand recliner worked seamlessly and allowed me back in to settle once again; then the piles started giving me bother again! This, prevented me nodding off for ages.

I reckon I got off around 0130hrs, but that’s a guess.

Humph! Did I feel sorry for missen! Hehe!

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