Inchcock Today, Wednesday 28th September 2016: Not my most anacreontic day


But, you just can’t help it!

Wednesday 28th September 2016

Stirred around 0530hrs, after what I think was a much needed decent kip. No memories of any dreams again.

Feeling ready for a mug of tea, I escaped the working noisily again £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the kitchen. Nervously viewed the sink area for any more mysterious leaks, all okay.

The feeling of anticipation of finding something I’d done wrong, missed or forgotten overcame me?

Made a brew and started the laptop, then the call to the WRHD session arrived, and I responded. A lot easier this morning. No blood anywhere.

Did some Facebooking and WordPressing for a few hours.

Got the ablutions done around 0900hrs, so as to be ready for when the Home Cleaner gals arrived.

Called to see Olive and received several telling offs for various things. So I knew she was in good form. Took her some Cox’s apples. The cleaning ladies were there, due to come to do me next. A chinwag, a kiss and a cuddle with Olive, and I returned to number 72.

The ladies arrived and nearly did some cleaning. Not too happy with their session today, many areas were untouched. But did I have the guts to say owt to them? No! Humph!

Off they went, and I got ready for my bus and trammed trip out to get some Nordic Bacon from the Asda on Hyson Green, the only place I’ve found that sells it.

3wed3Caught the L9 into town (It was nice not to get on the wrong bus).

Walked down into the Slab Square tram stop and got one the few stops to the Asda (Walmart) store on Radford Road.

Made my way straight to the Continental meats fridge.

Only to find they had none of the Noric style bacon in stock! Grumph! I got some giant spuds. Disappointed, I departed and caught a tram back into town.

3wed5The Slab Square as now cleared of the stall, amusement and eating stalls.

I had plenty of time before the L9 bus back to the flats was due. So I had a wander around for a while.

There were plenty of  Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around.

And even more of the poor Big Issue Sellers, they seemed to be on every corner. Each one looked so depressed, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. I slipped a couple of quid to the one near the Theatre Royal, cause up until then she looked so much sadder than any of them.

3wed4I went around the block and back into the Square, where I saw a chap who had taken his dog into the fountains to let him drink from the spray.

I got the camera out too late to picture the furiously wagging tailed dog enjoying himself.

But the bloke seemed a good loving owner, as he walked through the water his shoes and feet must have got a soaking.

3wed6Caught the L9 and as it travelled along Upper Parliament Street, I managed to get a shot of one of the new electric battery powered street cleaning machines through the buses window.

It appeared he had on trousers or overalls that had one black and one orange coloured legging?

Back to the apartment block and just in time for a WRWW too! Phew!

I felt a bit weary suddenly and resigned myself to settling with a mug of strong Thompson’s tea and falling asleep in the hard chair while at the laptop. Luckily I didn’t fall off, although it was a close call when I woke up.

3wed7Got the meal prepared. A big un!

Excellent new potatoes dotted with Vegemite, roast onions, mini chicken sausages, tomatoes, BBQ chicken legs, chopped apple, a piece of pork pie and some beetroot.

Ate it all up and once again settled to watch the selected TV programmes I’d chosen. Not a chance, I was off into the land of nod within minutes!

I did wake up an hour or two later, in need of a WRHD session. Remembered a bit of what I’d been dreaming. Seems I was in power over the world, I instantly wished something to happen and it did, I demanded peace and love throughout the world, and it came! But the scientists who create medications refused to use animal products and all sorts of diseases reappeared and the population of the world were all dead within months once the supply of drugs was dried up. I think I was in a courtroom later, being tried by ghosts? An idea for a book or film this I thought?

TTFN all.

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