Inchcock Today: Friday 9th December 2016 – At least I got out today: But at a cost. Hehe!


Friday 9th December 2016

Dutch: Vrijdag 9 December 2016

0430hrs: Well, what a surprise this morning. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Harry Hernia, Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel and Inchies Lesion were all being kind to me! Haemorrhoid Harold was overly leaking blood, and the pain behind the eyes was a lot less bothersome, seemed like I’d woke up a new person?

Off for a WRHD session. Haemorrhoid Harold was overly leaking blood, and the pain behind the eyes was a bit bothersome, but overall, though, I’d woke up a new person?

Today, I hope to visit Olive around 0900hrs, then go to the shops via the L9 bus and get some nosh in. Take some photographs for the TFZer site, might try the Arno Hill Park if all goes to plan, fetch the Betamethasone Cream from the chemists, and call in the Winwood Centre. But we’ll see? Collected the bird seed and earthworm sticks and put them in the bag ready.

Got some potatoes on the boil to use later, probably roast them whole?

Took the morning medications.As I got the computer going and started doing the diaries, another call to the porcelain arrived: This time it was not such a pleasant happening! Talk about struggle, I finished reading the last two chapters of the book, and still no completion of the required activities.

As I got the computer going and started doing the diaries, another call to the porcelain arrived: This time it was not such a pleasant happening! Talk about struggle, I finished reading the last two chapters of the book, and still no completion of the required activities. Half-in and half-out I sat there not sure of how long I’d been on the porcelain… Eventually, much to my delight at the easing of the pain, the task was over. The Claret coloured liquid was flushed away, and I took walked with a newly acquired gate to the kitchen and took a Senna with another mug of tea.

Suddenly I didn’t feel as upbeat as I was when I first woke!

A quick bash on Facebook to try and catch-up a bit.

I nipped to Olive’s flat to collect any jars or rubbish bags she has that needed removing, get an uplifting cuddle and get told off several times for several things. But she does tell me so nicely. Also, I collected her two Nottingham City Homes Questionnaires she had filled in to drop off at the Community Shed, along with those I’d filled in.

Took the things and wandered down and out to the bottle-bank, then around and back towards the bus stop dropping off the surveys at the Winwood Hut on the table along with some others that had been left there. No one was in.

Caught the 0930hrs L9 into Sherwood, after having a most pleasant gossip and laugh with several other tenants at the bus stop, then had a chat with the other passengers and the driver en route!

The weather was uncommonly warm this morning. Arrived in Arnold and called into the Sainsbury store. Where much money left my pockets as I bought a few items. Cooked chestnuts on Special Offer (Four packets), Roast Chicken Thighs, Royal Surimi (2), Pea-Rice snacks also on offer (Four packages) and managed to get a store baked Sourdough loaf, and they sliced it for me in thick slices on the bakery department. Spent over £20 here.

Hobbled, (the feet seemed painful for some reason)  along to the Fulton Food Store and got a bottle of sterilised milk and another packet of Rice-Peas in a multipack of six small ones, could take these with me when going on a marathon walk? Only spent £1.58 here.

5fri01Crossed over the road and had a wander around Asda-Walmart, starting in the clothing section.

Spotted these rings on a display stand, they were very reasonably prices, and I thought I’d take the photo so I can use it as a Guess the Price competition or something similar on the TFZer site.

Bought some loose fitting undies and some socks. Spent £16 plus! Tsk!

Into the food hall and spent some more dosh. A smoked ham for Christmas and the New Year, satays, turnip, tomatoes, carrots and peas, strong blue stilton cheese, and 5fri02some cheesy rolls. £14 plus. But the smoked ham cost £7.

Total spent £51.14. Oh heck!

Out of the store and walked to the bus-stop.

Not many folks about for a Friday?

At the stop behind the Asda-Walmart store, I had a chinwag with some of the girls waiting 5fri05for their buses.

One or two of them had another natter on the bus as we wended out ways home.

I enjoyed all the gossip and laughter I’d been lucky enough to have today.

Despite the feet and legs giving me grief, I was beginning to feel contented with my lot this Friday. When I got in the flat, a weariness of extraordinary severity overcame me, and I was once again a different person?

Realised as I unloaded the two shopping bags, that the bird food for the ducks at Arno Hill Park was still there, and I’d forgotten to call and see them. Humph!

Got the fodder on the go.

The INR anticoagulation result arrived. The appointment for the next test given was next Tuesday, the 13th. There was no way the surgery could fit me in at such short notice. So it will be a mega walk to the hospital for me. Always the same this time of year it seems. What with the mail being so busy. I get late notifications. Email the surgery, they cannot fit me in, and I have to struggle to the hospital haematology for the next test. This is a great disappointment to me. The surgery having new receptionist has caused me hiatus after hiatus. The old girls there, when they got the result at the surgery through their computer, would make me an appointment and ask via email if I could attend, I’d respond by email thanking them, and all was working well for me. Now, they do not even email at all but will phone me to tell me after the date given that I have not attended, I will explain all as I just have and they will say “Oh well, you got it done!” I’d like to complain really but dare not with all my ailments, this might upset them and make them take me off their list. Feeling depressed again now, but I’ll have to put up with it.

5fri06Got the meal served up.

Chicken thighs, beetroot, tomatoes, boiled then baked potatoes, Scotch egg, chicken sticks, strong blue Stilton cheese and vinegar pea-rice.

Not as good as I thought it might be this effort.  The Sourdough bread and Anchor Butter was the best I’ve ever tasted, though!

The potatoes, chicken thighs and sticks along with the Stilton were all marvellous tasting. The beetroots were so hard, I gave up trying to cut them and left them to their own devices. The Scotch egg’s sausage meat tasted like cardboard, the breadcrumbs were soft and wet, although the egg was okay. Hey-ho!

I got the clothes and accoutrements needed for the laundry room in the morning all ready.

Planned which programs I wanted to fall asleep watching, and promptly did so.

Inchcock Today Thursday 8th December 2016


Thursday 8th December 2016

Urdu: جمعرات 8th دسمبر 2016

0510hrs: Well warm again this morning. Hated not being able to recollect the dreams yet again. Got up hours later than normal, because I could not get to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Made a cuppa, no calls to the porcelain yet? Took the medications and updated the diaries.

With expecting the Nottingham City Homes plumber between 0800 > 1700hrs today, Deana at 0900hrs and not knowing if I can get out to the Social Hour, and having to ring the clinic and awaiting the district nurse, I was a little confused about things that needed doing.

With not having a shower proper yesterday, and the possibility that someone could call today anytime after 0800hrs, I took a shower with my ablutions around 0715hrs. Just hope it doesn’t disturb my neighbour.

Good shave, WRHD session, teggies done and an excellent carbolic soap shower. Towel on the clothes warmer.

0800hrs: All done, made a brew and back on the computer.

4thur02The view from the kitchen window. Three sets of Christmas garden decorations now.

I must remember to have a tête-à-tête with Obergruppenfurheress Deana when she arrives if she has time, vis-à-vis the rather confusing British Gas charges and the Nottingham City Homes Repair team letters.

Providing she comes of course. Deana is a very busy gal.

Computer utilised again, emails checked. Then Facebooking… well, I was going to. Deana arrived with her questionnaire pad and laptop. Went through all my details to make sure they were up to date, changed a few. Managed a laugh or two along with it.

I told her about the British Gas duplicates, she went on the computer to try and sort it out but ended up sending them an email.

Then, she looked at the NCH duplicate repair letters and took them away to have them cancelled. I later found she had not when I spotted them still on the writing desk.

She then looked at the filler damage in the kitchen and said she would advise them of the problem.

An engineer arrived to test the smoke alarm.

Then, Deana departed to do much more demands of her time.

4thur03Half an hour later, the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrived. I explained about the leak lasting for two and a half days then stopping. He took a look, Filled up the tank and flushed it a few times, and declared it had him beat on while it had leaked.a few times

I told him that Andy, a cyber-buddy from Canada had offered his view that the heat from the hot shower water being used when the weather was so cold, might have caused condensation on the cold porcelain that pooled on the floor. He was very impressed with this and then agreed that this it what might have happened. He was off and gone in six minutes.

4thur05Got the Nosh on, much early than usual.

One and a quarter bone filled minted lamb chops, minted garden peas (canned), and boiled potatoes, halved and baked along with the minted lamb bones.

A luxury lemon curd yoghourt.

Note that I had no bread with this at all.

I didn’t have any! Hehe!

Enjoyed it tremendously, despite the bone to meat ratio being so high in the lamb.

I put some more potatoes to boil in the saucepan ready to bake tomorrow.

Next, sister Jane rang. She has a pressie I might want to give to Olive. Wanted me to get to see them before Christmas. This week has been hectic with appointments and days where I’ve had to stay in to receive visitors, mostly Nottingham City Homes and Medical related. We had a good natter… just long enough for the burnt potatoes in the saucepan to pong enough that I could smell the burning! Whoopsiedangleplop!

Called to see Olive, but no answer.

The nurse rang, she has been delayed and will call tomorrow around teatime (Whenever that is?).

Computer turned on for graphicalisationing.Fodder

4thur06Hunger attacked me, despite only having eaten a few hours earlier?

Not like me at all, eating two meals, but I did – and consumed the burnt potatoes, two mini pickle pork pies, a few pickled mushrooms, tomatoes, and two of them stick meat thingies.

The burnt potatoes were delicious!

Turned on the TV and alternately dozed and watched bits of some programmes.

Later, I managed to save the large ‘singed’ saucepan to use again. After soaking in washing up liquid and bleach, it came clean enough to use once more. (Just!)

Returned to the £300 second-hand recliner with its new deep cushion and nodded off very quickly.

Woke a few times, musing over  the dreams I just knew I’d been having, but didn’t make any notes and lost all the memories again by morning.


Inchcock Today Wednesday 7th December 2016


Wednesday 7th December 2016

Maltese: L-Erbgħa Diċembru 7, 2016

0250hrs: Woke, disappointed in not remembering the dreams again. Felt all warm and snug in my freshly washed last night dressing gown. It was nice not to have to sleep in my gloves and woolly hat.

3wed02Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair without any hiatus and off for a WRWW.

Took the medications with water, then made a strong mug of tea and got the computer going. Updated the diaries to here.

Posted yesterdays.

Busy time ahead for a couple of days it seemed when I viewed the Google Calendar first job.

A call for a WRHD session from the bowels was answered. No water on the floor around the porcelain again thankfully.

And the bleeding from Little Inchy had stopped, Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot less than yesterday and Anne Gyna was being kind to me again.

I looked at the cleaned clothes from yesterday’s laundry session, covered in little bits of blue fabric from the dressing gown and did not fancy the job of picking off the thousands of bits. Decided to take them to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with the other stuff, soon as I get the time that is.

Started this diary off.

Time was getting short now. I had to get the ablutions done early as the Morrisons delivery is coming early today. Had a quick bash on Facebooking. Found many photographs I’d like to doctor and use later, saved them, cause no time to do them yet.

Tended to the ablutionalisational duties. Couldn’t use the shower cause of the noise it would make so early in the day (0625hrs) Si did a strip stand-up using the lavender soap and spray.

I could have ululated when I stubbed my toe on the trolley again, Tsk!

Changed into the day togs and made another cuppa and back on the computer to make a start on the graphics to do from the photographs I got earlier.

Well well well, another cock-up from Inchcock! It got to 0845hrs and no Morrison delivery had arrived, so I checked on the email confirmation and found I’d booked it for the 14th, not the 7th!

What an absolute plonker!

So, no bread to have, ’cause I’ve got that many tings on today, no time to get out. I do feel a fool again!

Susan, the foot lady came earlier that arranged, no bother with that, she got on with giving my feet pain with that damned round file thing again. We had a nice chinwag that I enjoyed, though.

Ten minutes after she had gone, the M&S cleaners arrived. Both gals in high spirits and much laughter followed… not much cleaning, but still.

I had some nibbles, very rare for me that in the day.

On with graphic creating for a few hours, then did a bit of Facebooking.

3wed03The Iceland delivery arrived.

The short-dated products outnumbered the others.

Got them put way, placing the root growing smelly bag of potatoes in a drawer on their own.

Thank you, Iceland.

Got the Cumberland sausages in the oven, the plan being to have them with the potatoes boiled. The phone rang. A wrong number; and forgot to put the potatoes on the boil.

3wed04So, it was to be baked Cumberland sausages  with BBQ sauce and the last of the hastily defrosted frozen bread from the freezer.

Not a nice effort at all.

Being generous, I rated this nosh a satisfaction score of 4/10.

They tasted rather hot and spicier than usual.

Took the evening medications.

3wed05It had been a lot warmer today, and again the falling sun was beautiful.

The phone rang –(blimey twice in a week, was I getting popular, was someone becoming xenodochial?)

T’was the Flat Complex head honcho, Obergruppenfurheress Deana, she needs to talk to me and will be here at 0900hrs in the morning! Dang dang dang dang! I wondered why?

Settled down and this may be hard to believe, but I watched over five hours of TV without nodding off! In fact, it was well gone midnight before I managed to nod off at all!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th December 2016: Irritations, vexations, nuisances and annoyances, one of those days!


Tuesday 6th December 2016

 Samoan: 6 Aso Lua Tesema 2016

“The bellicoseness of essential communicational daily activities is wearing me down.”

Kept waking and nodding off again several times, the body telling me I needed to go for a WRWW, the mind telling me I needed sleep? The body won in the end, and around 0310hrs I tackled the job of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair.


I’m getting organised now with the sleeping arrangements.

Hehe! The new thick cushion under the beautiful warm cover on the recliner was very comfortable and made it far easier for me to extract my mass from it when I got up out of it.

There was no leaked water around the porcelain in the wetroom this morning at all? This will please the plumbers when and if they arrive on Thursday won’t it? Put me right in their black book… Tsk oh dear!

2tue03I put the towel on the airer number two in the hallway and turned it on. Ready for the ablutions later, bet it will be nice and warm. In fact, it is just outside the wet room door.

I might leave it there until after the shower and grab it straight from the bars, all nice and warm when I need it?

Getting nesh in my old age methinks?

2tue01Went to get the undies socks and warm shirt from the airing cupboard and used the new battery powered light I’d stuck on the inside of the door for the first time.

If nothing else, it helps me avoid catching my knuckles on the sharp edges of the pipes and wood plank splinters.

Of course, Dumbo here fitted it upside down, so the light comes on with the switch in the up position.

2tue04Took the medications, made a cup of tea, had a WRWW and got the computer going. Spent a good while on WordPressing and then checked the Google Diary for today and a few days to come yet.

Looks rather busy again for me. I’ve tried to arrange as many things that require me to be in the flat, for Wednesdays. Cause I have to be in then for the cleaners and foot lady Susan.

Did some Facebooking, mustn’t take too long over this, as I need to get the ablutions done by 0930hrs so I can make a steady hobble to Carrington and the surgery for the INR Warfarin blood level tests. I’ve got the nurses nibbles in the bag ready. Might call into Lidle and get some tomatoes and bread, then have to get back in time for the Builders meeting at the Winwood shed. Not that I anticipate being able to hear anything mind, but Obergruppenfurheress Deana wants as many of us tenants as possible to attend.

Got an email from Andy in Canada asking for details of the porcelain leak, which I supplied. His advice given was “Keep an eye on the floor by the toilet bowl – before you use the shower it should be dry.” And as the plumber said to the Doctor when he was called late at night about a leaking toilet, ” throw two aspirins into it and call me in the morning “. Cheers Gerry.

I love his sense of humour!

Iceland order put in.

Ablutions tended to and nipped to see Olive. She said to let them come anyway so they can check it out.

2tue05Off out to the surgery in Carrington.

I noticed these whatever they are on the bushes at the end of the road.

Dark blue berries of some sort, full of seeds, some appear new growth and some dying.

Wondered what they were like?

Onward down to Mansfield Road and left into Carrington.

2tue06A Sherwood Pavement Cyclist approached me, and I bravely took his photo.

A right hoodie, with a mask on as well.

Down to the surgery and did the crosswords while waiting my turn.

The nurse soon tended to me, gave them their nibbles and out down into Carrington. Where, as I passed the launderette, I saw BJ in there. Popped in for a chinwag with him.

Then into the Lidl shop and got some stuff, out to the bus stop and a bus into Sherwood. Called into the Birds shop and got a cream cake. Naughty!

I had a new type of dizzy spell, instant, frit me a bit.

Had a great chinwag and laughed with some lady tenants as we waited for the bus, and another on the bus. They were all going to go to the Winwood meeting at 1400hrs.

When we arrived back at the flats, the mist and fog had descended.


Put the fodder away, having a salad tonight I’ve decided.

Made a cup of tea and heard a noise I thought. Found out its letters coming through the mailbox. Both from Nottingham City Homes regarding the non-working storage radiator, which was reported on the 1st November, tended to on 30th November, failed to work and revisited me on  3rd December and is now working: Both letters inform me that they will attend to sort out the problem on Wednesday 21st December?

What? Eh?


They do confuse me!

Tried to repair the broken trouser zip – failed

Made another brew and updated this diary.

Caught up on Facebook.

Walked to the Winwood Centre Shed for the meeting. Packed solid, no chance of hearing anyone talking, so gave up and departed. As I returned, I noted that no one was in the laundry room, took the opportunity to fetch the remaining washing down and got it in the washer.

Up and got the fodder prepared, salad sort of, tonight.

Back down and moved the things into the dryer and started it. The filter had not been cleaned again. Realised I’d made a faux pas putting the new dressing gown in with the other stuff. Bit’s of blue fluff had attached them to every piece of clothing! I tried to remove some of then, but they didn’t have it.

The fog was mysteriously disappearing as quickly as it came.

Got the meal things prepared on the plate, Buttered cheesy topped cobs, beetroot, pickled mushrooms, Mixed Chinese mushrooms in olive oil, sliced tomatoes, mushroom pate on the plate and covered with foil. The saucepan of water was heating up ready to cook the Mushroom Tortelloni in when I got back from retrieving the laundry and went down again to the laundry room.

Oh dear, what a mess to sort out with the dressing gown bits seemingly infesting all the other clothes looking a bit like Smallpox! That will be for later, though, finishing the 2tue09meal is most important at the moment.

Boiled the Mushroom Tortellini in the salted water for the prescribed 6-7 minutes. Never had this before, and after I’ve eaten the remaining half of the packet later, I don’t think I’ll bother having again.

Tasteless, bland and mushrooms contained in the pasta was an insipid paste.

The rest of the meal, though, was grand and lip-smackingly good. Shame about the Tortellini.

My EQ didn’t vaticinate well for me tomorrow for some reason.

Having a WRWW, another instant dizzy spell hit me.

Settled to watch some TV and indeed I managed to for a couple of hours or so. During the commercial break just before Law & Order came on I drifted off.

Inchcock Today, Monday 5th December 2016: Another day indoors, but, busy busy!


Monday 5th December 2016

Polish: Poniedziałek 05 Grudnia 2016

Woke a few times during the night, even wrote down some notes about the dreams on the pad; but could not read much of them later. Picked out the odd word or two, chased and falling being the only ones I could determine for sure. It was almost as if someone else had written them, nothing like my own handwriting?

Eventually rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner at about 0430hrs or so, and noticed the evening medications pot from last night, with the tablets still in it! As I wondered how I was gaining in senility, it dawned on me that it was nice and warm this morning – Aha! the radiator was working! Yehaa! I must email the Nottingham City Homes Repair Team and thank them for taking only 35 days to get it mended. Oh, I am sarcastic at times!

Off to the porcelain for a WRHD session, a lot easier this morning, Haemorrhoid Harold was still bleeding of course. The kitchen towels I’d put around where the leak yesterday was changed for new ones. I was surprised that there was so little water this time. It seems to be an intermittent leak? Sometimes a puddle, others a few drops?

The knees legs and wrists were not too much bother at all, even Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux were taking a rest. A bit disquieting in a way, this. Hehe!

Made a brew and started doing the  diaries on the WordPress blog, and remembered I was going to get the laundry done, so packed up on the computer, all the things were already prepared for the washing session, so down to the laundry room. Got it started in the washer, and back up to continue the diaries for a while.

1mon04Half an hour later, down to move the clobber into the dryer.

Someone had failed to clean the filter again, Tsk!

I observed that the ceiling had been decorated in readiness for the 25th of December celebrations.

Dryer going and up again to carry on doing the diaries. Made another cuppa and sorted some graphics to use.

Down to collect the washing. Found Olive in the laundry room, cheered me up no end this did. A cuddle and chinwag and she said she would call the 1mon03Nottingham City Homes Repair Team for me about the WC porcelain leak. She is so good to me.

Cleaned the filter and got the clothes in the bag and back up to the apartment, the warm apartment!

It’s taking me a while to resist wearing my gloves and dressing gown. Hehe!

Put the clothing away. Then got the Crock-Pot vegetables going. I’m intending to try and reproduce a meal similar to yesterday’s, cause it was super!

The doorbell sounded, it was Olive, telling me hse had contacted the NCH and they would be calling today to investigate the leak. I thanked her proficiently.

1mon05Seasoned the vegetables and got them going on the low setting.

Spotted the kitchen thermometer telling me it was only 58°f. Checked outside temp, to find it is only 30°f.

Thank heavens the storage radiator had been mended and working last night!

Dropped the jug of gravy I was making… Huh! Mopped the floor up.

Back to doing the diaries and graphics.

Then onto Facebooking.

I’m not too confident in the Nottingham City Homes Repairmen coming today, let’s review their record to date: 

DSCF0238  P1060071

  1. They arrived to seal up the holes in the kitchen walls to stop the draughts coming in. They left the higher up one like the photo on the right. Then the filling ran down the walls over the electric sockets. Still like this now.
  2. 403aThey informed me the wetroom installation would take four to five working days to complete. Sixteen, I say 16 days later, it was completed! But the quality of the jb on this occasion was very very good and the fitter worked cleanly clearing up after himself.
  3. When the electricians arrived to connect up, they honestly made more mess in one hour than the fitter made in 16 days!
  4. Then, when the Radiator stopped working, I was told it would be 30 days before they could attend. But they would supply a heater on loan for me – which they never did. On the 30th November, a chap arrived, reset the radiator and asked for the heater that never arrived back. Off he went.
  5. The heater did not work, so Olive called them, and they told her they would be here in four hours. They never arrived.
  6. Olive called them again two days later, they will arrive in four hours again. They did. The chap soon found the problem, the other expert had turned off the power to work on resetting the radiator, and had forgotten to turn it back on. He did so, and wallah! I had heat that very night!

Now I await the arrival within four hours again of their plumber – scared? worried? anticioating their non-arrival? Me? Yes!

Back on Facebooking, listening to Dean Martin though the headphones on YouTube.

The rest of the Coopers order arrived. Made the dryer up, the light for the airing cupboard and the cushion for the chair looks perfect.

Olive called, the Nottingham City Homes Repair Team had called her, they will not be calling today, but Thursday. Well fancy that, how did I know? Thanked her muchly. This will mean me missing Thursdays Social Hour again no doubt. Another day stuck indoors for nothing, and I bet Thursday will be another one. Humph!

Got the dinner cooking and took the cardboard down to the caretaker,s room.

1mon06TV plans made.

Nosh worked on.

Managed to get it like the one yesterday, and was pleased with the outcome.

Got the things prepared for the INR blood test in the morning at 1020hrs, nibbles, paperwork etc. Must not forget the Tenants Update Meeting at 1400hrs in the Winwood Centre afterwards.

Put the tray to one side while I turned on the TV, sat down and drifted off…

Inchcock Today, Sun 4th December 2016: Nottingham City Homes repair man called and got the storage heater working, WC Porcelain Whoopsiedangleplop: best of all, I got to talk to Olive today.


Sun 4th December 2016

Lithuanian: Saulė 4. 2016 Gruodis

0314hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner in no time. Off for a WRHD session. A little easier this morning, compared to yesterday’s session, although another long job. Read a bit of the Clarkson book, and tried to recall the dreams again, without any luck. I hate that when sometimes I make notes if I wake up in between dreams or can even recall from memory some of them occasionally, then like the last couple of day, there is nothing there! Humph!

I didn’t seem so cold this morning, and this made me check to see if the storage radiators had come back on… no, of course not.

Computer turned on and did an extra post, a bad poem about Novembers Whoopsiedangleplops.

Had to tend to a second WRHD session, a lot worse than the first one, bloodier but not as painful. Old age eh? Huh!

Got the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot. Parsnips, leeks, peas, red onions, carrots, cubed some potatoes and water chestnuts. Seasoned with beef so I can have a beef and potato stew of sorts later.

Did the diary updates, then went on Facebook… for three hours. Tsk!

dsc00387Put the towel on the  airer/dryer thingamabob to warm up in readiness for my shower and ablutionisationing session later.

Made another mug of tea and made the decision to go out for a walk in Woodthorpe Park today.

To see the tree copse and dogs walking their owners, I’ll take the camera with me. At this, I put the camera in the bag so I didn’t forget it later.

Then got myself prepared in the wet-room for a 7sun01agood showering, shaving and another sh… well, never mind. All cleaned and smelling fresh, I placed the bath towel onto the airer.

Got the bag ready to go and get some bits from Sherwood and get a bit of a walk in the park to see the dogs, then I went to see Olive at number 68.

Malcolm was there visiting and we all had a chinwag. When Olive heard that the repair men had not been out to me like they assured me they would yesterday, she got on the blower and told them, arranging, Bless her, for them to call after 1300hrs today to tend once again to the storage radiator.

I worked out I had plenty of time to get some shopping bits in (2hrs 10min) and get back before 1300hrs. Picked up some jars for the recycling bank to go with my ones. I thanked Olive, gave her a smacker on the lips and set off.

7sun02Someone had been busy decorating the lift and lobby area.

Caretakers, I suppose, we don’t see these very often lately around here. Nice for these invisible men to get treble time for Sundays

Someone told me they saw one of them actually smiling the other day, just seeing one now and then would do for me, so I could get help lifting and carrying when needed. Always costs one a decent ‘Tip-backhander’, but still, they made a decent job of the Christmas decorations considering what they had to work with. And of course, it makes the place look special – as folks don’t often see 1960’s decorations nowadays. Hehe!

Out and down Chestnut Walk, dropping the jars off at the bottle bank.


7sun02aRight down Winchester Street and just passed the bus stop, I turned back and took a photograph up the hill. When I got the camera out the road was full of traffic, soon as I got it ready they had all gone. A dodgy spot to cross the road here. The roadway beyond is even steeper and the vehicles come belting around the corner. Soon as I put the camera away the traffic started again. Tsk! Busy for a Sunday, although this photograph indicates not. Hehe!

Down onto Mansfield Road and into the Co-op Store – I didn’t buy anything, just had a nosey. Out and up the hill into the Wilko, where I got a bottle of Dettol lavender, Touch-Screen Wipes and toothpaste. Up to the Bugeon Store, bought nothing.

7sun03Out and up through Woodthorpe Park.

Loved watching the dogs having fun.

Down towards the flats and took a picture of my beloved little Tree Copse. Looking ultra thin now and perhaps a bit sad.

Down to the flats in plenty of time to be in when the Repairman calls (12040hrs)

Attended to the urgent call for a WRHD session.

7sun04Oh, dearie me… yet another Whoopsiedangleplop!

Found that the toilet bowl was leaking! Not too severely, but nonetheless worrying.

Cleaned it up and put down paper towels, which were soon soaked again. I’ll have to ask Olive or Deana to give the Repair Team another call for me. Fed-up with things going wrong!

Got the meal cooking and put the evening medications in a pot near the £300 second-hand recliner for later.


Put my finger on this printing to show how small it really is! Humph!

The NCH repairman arrived and within a  few seconds he’d worked out that the first repairman who I waited 30 days for and came four days ago, had turned off the power at the electricity box to work on the radiator and not turned it back on. He said it should be working tonight.

He kindly read the instructions on the Screen Cleaner Wipes out to me, cause the print is so very small.

7sun05Got the fodder served up.

Enjoyed this effort with relish.

Minced beef, Crock-Pot vegetables; Onions, carrots, peas, green beans, parsnips and leeks. Oven chips and cubed boiled potatoes. Lemon Drizzle to follow.

Worth all the preparation and cleaning up afterwards this one was. Rated it at 9.69/10.

I didn’t find out until the morning, but I missed taking the evening medications. Humph!

Innit marvellous, I finally get the storage heater going, and then the bloody toilet starts leaking! I may have said this before, but I’m fed-up with calamities and Whoopsiedangleplops!

Tried watching some TV, but spent most of the viewing time nodding off.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd December 2016: Another day stuck indoors – Nowt much happening


Saturday 3rd December 2016

Urdu: ہفتے کے روز 3rd کی دسمبر 2016

0400hrs: Woke more gently than usual this morning. So annoyed that I could not recall any dreams in detail again, despite waking up many times during the night, I’d not scribbled anything on the notepad, but thought I had done? Losing it here.

After yesterday’s farcical performances, it was no wonder I slept longer, but it was broken sleep. It was cold again; obviously, the heater not working. But I was pleased when I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way for a WRHD session, that Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a kind mood for me. Still, the blood flowed from Haemorrhoid Harold, but far less than yesterday. I even read a few pages of the book while I resisted screaming out in pain – took another Senna tablet.

6sat02Kettle on, I took the morning medications and looked out at the morning sky.

Put the camera down to make the mug of tea and knocked over the knife block onto the floor via the radiator and my legs.

After yesterday’s calamities and Whoopsiedangleplops, I was not surprised in the least. I felt like the perfect milquetoast in fact. I was resigned to failure frustrations and fundamentally febriculose health.

Updated the diaries. Emails. Then popped onto Facebook.

Five hours later, I did my ablutions and visited Olive. No entry gained, she was not feeling well and the family were on their way to visit her. Wished her the bestest and gave her a kiss and returned to the flat.

Did some cleaning up and got carried away with it.

6sat03Feeling so tired again, as it got dark I took this photograph from the window, of the mid-distance houses.

Wanted to try and record someone’s efforts with their al-fresco Christmas Tree.

Actually watched a lot of TV without my nodding off tonight.

6sat04Got the late fodder prepared.

Oven chips, beetroot, two types of surimi, cheese, apple and some sourdough bread with a drop of sauce.

I’m afraid I nibbled a lot afterwards, rice peas and nuts.

Guilty as charged!

Cleaned up and got down in the chair and was off like a shot into the land of nod.

Inchies November Whoopsiedangleplop selection.


Tuesday 1st November 2016:

Bewilderment, befuddlement and bemusement Whoopsiedangleplop day!

I dropped the pot of tablets, bent down to retrieve,

Knock off the antacid bottle, it smashed made a mess,

And it took me two hours to clean up, can you believe,

This was 0400hrs, just the start of the day’s stress!


Wednesday 2nd November

Not a successful day!

Needed lip-salve, extra pain killers and panty liner,

Harold Haemorrhoid bleeding badly,

Aggravation from Duo Denal and Anne Gyna,

Little Inches’ lesion was bleeding too, sadly!


Thursday 3rd November

PC World Fiasco

Called at PC World to ask about the being mended laptop,

Asked an assistant, a 6’4” vacant looking ankle-snapper,

Got told more lies and misled, will PC World ever stop?

And it felt like dozens of visits to the crapper!


Friday 4th November

Nosh Whoopsiedangleplop

Sourdough bread with the Frikadelles & mushroom,

Added to the Pasta tomato sauce with herbs, looking tasty!

Eating it, and had to rush to the wet-room,

Dropped the lot on the floor with being so hasty!


Saturday 5th November

Wet-room Whoopsiedangleplop

Painful, bloody, every single WRHD session,

The bowels offered only pain and suppression,

Depression was looming,

Well, that was my Impression!


Sunday 6th November

A slow, slow day

Rumbling Innards, dizzies and yet,

Hunger pangs emanated from the gullet,

Had a bean stew, black, red and flageolet,

Spend an hour or so on the toilet,


Monday 7th November

Storage Heater stopped working

I informed Obergruppenfurheress Deana,

She wasn’t happy, judging by her demeanor,

She had a look and informed the works department,

Told me they would send me a heater,

They would repair on 30th a long time to wait,

So, I had to order myself an oil-filled heater,

From Amazon, that turned out a self-defeater!


Thursday 10th November

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!


Friday 11th November

No heater yet

Had to use the static heater in the living room,

The loan heater was not going to arrive I assume,

Bent down to turn this on for the first time it would seem,

I treated the bruised head with Germolene.

Saturday 12th November

Fell off the stool!

Working on the internet, I managed to fall asleep,

Tumble to the floor, it was rather steep,

I leant back you see, forgetting I wasn’t in a chair,

I think I said at the time Bleep bleep bleep! 

Amazon delivered the heater, to the wrong complex,

I had to fetch and carry it, I was feeling very vexed!


Sunday 16th November

A bleeding awful day!

Cracked lips, Haem Aroids, even Little Inchy,

Bleeding away, and the lower regions itchy,

Even the face came up swollen and blotchy!


Monday 21st November

Tumble and being conned again!

Fell out of the recliner, falling on the floor,

Via the now broken Ottoman & feeling rather sore,

Email from Amazon, a ten-pound voucher I saw,

But to use it, I must purchase more,

The customer service was very poor,

Won’t use them again for sure!

Visited the surgery for INR test, all was well,

Then called at the clinic, wrong date, oh hell!

To PC world to be conned again as well,

Got all uptight with them and a nasty dizzy spell!


Wednesday 23rd November


Walked into the electricity box on the wall,

Slowly I think I crumbled to the floor in the hall,

Broke me left hearing aid and glasses in the fall,

Olive’s Malcolm arrived, couldn’t have timed it better at all,

Came around with me in the chair feeling despair,

Malcolm had kindly put me there,

He’d bought, and built me an office chair!


Thursday 24th November

Busy day

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then fetch the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream.



Sunday 27th November

Another tumble

Had a hobble up to Mapperley and the Aldi store,

Coped very well until on the way back, near Holly Tor,

Crossing the road, I tripped, tumbling to the floor!


Monday 28th November

Marathon Hobble

I had a marathon hobble today, 4 miles and more,

To the City Hospital, then to Bulwell and the food store,

Felt so proud of myself, feeling I could have done even more,

Afterwards, there was not a part of my body that wasn’t sore!


Wednesday day 30th November


The Nottingham City Homes repairman came,

To investigate and the heater and repair,

Took off the cover, spreading dust over everywhere,

Moments later he said, all done so there,

It had tripped out and I’ve reset it again

He asked for the loan heater so he could take it back,

I said; It never arrived, it never even came!

The storage radiator never did work again!

The zip on my trousers broke too!


I contacted Deana two days later when the radiator still wasn’t working and she said the NCH Repair team would be with me in four hours to sort it.

They never arrived!

United Carpets

British Gas

PC World

And now, Nottingham City Homes are all worthy of my contempt.


Friday 2nd December 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors, Whoopsiedangleplops, Frustration, Bleeding and lonely Day. Humph!


Friday 2nd December 2016

Greek: Παρασκευή 2 Νοεμ, 2016

0300hrs: Woke with a jump. Thought a moment, trying to claw back the memories of the dreams I was again certain I’d been having, but with no luck at all. The needs for a WRHD session forced me to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner, which worked perfectly this morning I might add, and off to the wet-room. Where the most worrying event of the week so far took place. The struggle to pass and the copious bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold frit me a bit. So much so, I took a photograph to show to the doctor of the blood in the WC bowl and the paper used. Gawd, I hope this doesn’t happen next time.

5fri02Took an extra senna tablet with the morning medications. Also found that the Friday pot of medicines was empty? I think I may have taken two lots yesterday morning perhaps.

This might be why I was in such a depressed mood? I took the days medications from the drawer below with the packets and pots in and took them.

Looks like a pharmacy when I open these drawers. Hehe!

The temperature was higher in the kitchen today. 60°f. The radiator that was ‘repaired’ yesterday is still not working. Left the little oil-filled one I had to buy on 24/7.

Had to have a good few WRWWs during the morning, all day for that matter. Little Inchy was red, raw and tender, but only leaking blood from the lesion a little… yet. Just as well, cause with what I lost yesterday and this morning flood of blood, things might get serious.


Both arrived within minutes of each other too?

Finished the diary for Thursday off and got it posted. Checked the emails. One of which confused me from British Gas. I clicked the link, signed in to see my account as the option in the email suggested. This told me I was in debt by £195.03. I printed this off. The letter they sent me told me I was £329.03 in debt?

This confused me.

Did some graphicalisationing, then started this diary off and went on Facebook for a while. A long, long while, but I enjoyed it. Got some TFZ graphics completed and posted on Facebook.

Here’s a couple of them.

whojanllansjoyce whotomandRang Olive to explain why I was not visiting but got no answer. Did an email to Obergupenfurheress Deana about the heater not working.

Around 1100hrs, still no nurse or delivery arrived and the heater that had been supposedly reset still not working, I got the ablutions done, a stand-up job today in case anyone came while I was in the shower. Left the door open so I could hear the bell if they did. They didn’t.

5fri04Spent a few hours sorting the paperwork I’d let myself get behind with. Naughty Boy!

Not an easy task for someone with mu memory – or rather, lack of remembrance. Hehe!

Felt a bit hassled by it all and went to make a cup of char, calling into for a WRWW en route, to find that Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking a bit again.

Had a look around outside with the binoculars, while the kettle was boiled, well, the water in the kettle boiled.

5fri05Noticed this pail of smoke to the far left and maybe 8-10 miles or so away I’d guess.

I put the radio on while I drank the mug of tea and waited for the news, but nothing was mentioned.

Back in the none-heated front room and turned on the little oil-filled mobile radiator heater, as still, there was no heat from the repaired storage heater. Humph!

5fri06Looked out at the smoke again.

It didn’t seem to get a lot worse but continued as the gentle winds blew it along.

Most irritating no knowing what was occurring.



Partially sorted the paperwork, then the Whoopsidangleplops occurred!

I thought about finishing off the paperwork sorting out but ended up updating this diary instead.

Guilt forced me to stop and do the paperwork.

Of course, as is to be expected from me lately, I regretted doing it when I dropped the box from the shredder as I tried to empty it into the black bag.

This was only the first Whoopsiedangleplop, mind. I diligently picked up the shredded paper and placed it carefully into the black bag… only to carry it into the kitchen and lost most of the shredded paper through the hole in the bottom of the black bag!

Getting all het-up now! Sorted it out again and put that black bag into another one after checking for any holes in that one. I could not take them or anything to the chute in case the nurse or delivery arrived.

5fri07Aha! Thought I, noise from the area of the door – joy… but no, it was the postman with two identical and unwanted copies in different wrappings of the Age UK Life magazine.

I flicked through the contents: 1: Fundraising and how I can help them support Age UK. 2: Real Life with running man Bill Mitchell. 3: Life Lines: Combatting loneliness. 4: How My Gift can help the lonely. 5: What’s coming up on the radio. 6: Real-life research stories. 7: Wise Words, David Attenborough on his greatest Passions, and finally Ester Rantzen discusses living ith loneliness. A great selection there to cheer me up and solve my loneliness and frustrations of late? Ah well, never mind.

5fri081438hrs: Delivery man with the Airer/Dryer arrived as I was on Facebook.

So now, I’m in the middle Facebooking, I’ll have more paperwork to finish sorted (Eventually), and I decided to nip to see Olive first. Who was in and rang the repairs for me, to find that Deana had already called them and they would be here within 4 hours. Gave Olive my thanks and a kiss as she sent me back to the flat in case they or the nurse arrived.

I updated this and finished the Facebooking and updated this.

5fri09Had a look at the airer/dryer to see if I could assemble it on me own.

No problems as such, no tools needed or required either. And it was so easy to crush the right thumb between the metal bars and open the scar from my cut as I squashed it up after seeing how it operated.

I hope this will come in handy after a shower, and before one too, to warm up the towels in the future? And of course, if I wash out any bits I can wring them out and try to see if this dries them enough?

It folds flat for storage but is a bit of a devil to erect again with the rubbish clips not sliding too easily. If Arthur Itis is alright on the day, it should be workable quickly enough. I hope.

5fri10Finished off the paperwork sorting and went to make a cuppa as the light faded.The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

Took a photo without zooming in so much this time.

Wondering when the repair men will call to look at the radiator? I wanted to get the dinner going, but no good doing it and then them arriving is it?

The four hours was up now. Will they be calling or not?

Weeks ago, Deana rang them to tell them about the radiator not working. (28 days away).

They said they would supply me with a heater to use in the meantime. They Didn’t!

So I had to pay for and order a heater to be delivered which was due to be delivered a week last Saturday. Amazon delivered it to the wrong block of flats. I had to carry the chair then the heater from there back to my own flat. (Made me a bit poorly in doing so).

Sunday I fell over and damaged my knee.

Wednesday a chap came along to investigate the problem and told me it had tripped out. I asked why he did not know. All okay now, it should be back on Thursday night. Showed and set the controls for all my radiators for me.

This afternoon (Friday) I let Deana know by email that it was still not working and went to see Olive to ask her if she could ring for me. They told her someone had already rung (Deana), and they would be here within four hours to have another look at it.

Back to the flat and waited.

Now the four-hour promise has been broken as I still await their arrival, and am going to cook my dinner and see if they will arrive at all?

What idiot said old age would let you take things easier?

No sign of any repairmen whatsoever.

If I watch TV, I need the headphones on, which means it will be even harder to hear the door chime – in the unlikely event that anyone comes of course – pee’d off again now.

5fri11Had to eat the dinner standing up in the kitchen, in case I fell asleep sat down eating it.

It was grand as well, possibly the best stew and chips I’ve ever made.

Couldn’t enjoy the stew as much as I should have, though, because I was stewing inside! (A little play on words there did you see? Hehe!)

No one came, no nurse, no repairman, no cuddly ladies… and still no heat from the storage radiator. Hehehe!

Gave up hopes and wrapped up in gloves, woolly hat, jammies and dressing gown. Hours later than I do usually.

Put the TV and headphones on and managed to stay awake for a bit of the Hetty Wainthrop Investigates episode…

Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st December 2016: Winwood Tenants Social Hour – Made it today.


Thursday 1st December 2016

Burmese: ကြာသပတေးနေ့ 1st, ဒီဇင်ဘာလ 2016

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair by 0145hrs. Laundry already in the bags waiting, got the coins, dressed and down to the laundry room. Got the machine going and back upstairs for a WRHD session – Oh, boy what a session too! Rock hard and the blood flowed into the bowl creating a scene worthy  of the Bates Motel. Took an extra Senna that I’d added to the pill box with the other medications. Made a cuppa and realised it was time to go down to the washroom with the other bag of washing, get that going and move the first one into the dryer.

4thur034thr04Another naughty personage had failed to clean out the filter… Again!


I found some clothes left in the dryer, they were from a lady, so maybe it was one of the old dears who couldn’t get down to clean the filter, and I felt better about it, less annoyed.

Got the new wash started and the first lot into the dryer.

Back up again to the apartment.

Got the kitchen wiped up where I’d left the tap running and splashing water all over.

(I am a fool!) I’ll have another bag of washing ready to do by the morning.

4thur05Down again to collect the first dried load, back up, and put the togs away, then a final trip back down to wait for the other dryer to finish its cycle.

Gone 0500hrs by now. I nipped out of the foyer doors, no frost about but it was still cold. I soon got myself back indoors and into the laundry room.

Collected the other washing. Took this 4thur06 4thur07 4thur08to number 72 and stored everything away in a semi-ordered fashion.

Checked the temperature on the kitchen window thermometer, 58°f. The radiator that was ‘mended’ yesterday is still not working. Outside it had gone up to 39°f

Back on the computer and updated the diaries. Made another brew and drank this one.

Graphicalising, WordPressing and Facebooking followed.

Brother in law Pete emailed these Fooey photographicalisations of him in their yard/garden.

Say’s he was testing the water.


Looks like he wasn’t too keen on the flavour or taste of it in the third photograph?

Bless his cotton socks, I love this cat to bits. Sister Jane is always having to sort out his matted fur every day, but it’s a labour of love.

Did the ablutions with lemon soap and citrus deodorant to follow.

Visited Olive’s flat, but no answer.

Off to the Tenants Social Meeting. Not many folks there this morning. BJ arrived earlier than his usual. Eddie only had a few minutes stay, but won five raffle prizes and shot off for his doctor appointment.

4thur09Deana called in and I discovered that Toni was in a temporary home being looked after. With missing the last meeting due to the Amazon delivery cock-up and the fall, I found out that some of the clan had visited Toni in the new care home she was in. I felt so depressed and sad that someone hadn’t told me about this, and I sulked for a few minutes.put

I’d have loved to have gone with them to see her.

4thur10BJ decided he wanted the laptop I’d offered for his other half. I fetched it for him and he lifted me into Arnold, dropping me off on the high street, bless him.

Called in Fulton Foods store, then into Asda and got some things. Got some Fresh Cream French Horns, two packs of two, one for 92-year-old Norman who lives next door to Olive, cause he’s not been very well andI know he likes them. While shopping I sensed the warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Decided to make my way home to investigate things.

Got the bus back without any hiatus. Actually met Norman in the foyer as I entered the flats, and gave him the cream cakes, this seemed to cheer him up a bit. I had to leave him and was soon in the wetroom checking things out in the lower regions. Oh dear, Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding away again. Cleaned around and then I put on some Daktacort cream, very tender job.

4thur11Got the meal cooking.

Used the last disappointing Twist thing with a nice mixture of dried beetroot, apple, tomato, pickled beetroots, pea-rice, Roast parsnips and sweet potato slices, baked potatoes and chestnuts.

I couldn’t eat it all, but I made a serious dent in it. Hehe!

The Fresh Cream French Horns afterwards, however, I did devour with relish!

Tooke the medications. Got settled to watch some TV and was soon in the land of nod.

Woke with a start, and to the wetroom for a WRWW, where I realised it was not morning, but two hours after I’d nodded off. Tsk!

Back and got the head down. Sad innit?