Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st December 2016: Winwood Tenants Social Hour – Made it today.


Thursday 1st December 2016

Burmese: ကြာသပတေးနေ့ 1st, ဒီဇင်ဘာလ 2016

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair by 0145hrs. Laundry already in the bags waiting, got the coins, dressed and down to the laundry room. Got the machine going and back upstairs for a WRHD session – Oh, boy what a session too! Rock hard and the blood flowed into the bowl creating a scene worthy  of the Bates Motel. Took an extra Senna that I’d added to the pill box with the other medications. Made a cuppa and realised it was time to go down to the washroom with the other bag of washing, get that going and move the first one into the dryer.

4thur034thr04Another naughty personage had failed to clean out the filter… Again!


I found some clothes left in the dryer, they were from a lady, so maybe it was one of the old dears who couldn’t get down to clean the filter, and I felt better about it, less annoyed.

Got the new wash started and the first lot into the dryer.

Back up again to the apartment.

Got the kitchen wiped up where I’d left the tap running and splashing water all over.

(I am a fool!) I’ll have another bag of washing ready to do by the morning.

4thur05Down again to collect the first dried load, back up, and put the togs away, then a final trip back down to wait for the other dryer to finish its cycle.

Gone 0500hrs by now. I nipped out of the foyer doors, no frost about but it was still cold. I soon got myself back indoors and into the laundry room.

Collected the other washing. Took this 4thur06 4thur07 4thur08to number 72 and stored everything away in a semi-ordered fashion.

Checked the temperature on the kitchen window thermometer, 58°f. The radiator that was ‘mended’ yesterday is still not working. Outside it had gone up to 39°f

Back on the computer and updated the diaries. Made another brew and drank this one.

Graphicalising, WordPressing and Facebooking followed.

Brother in law Pete emailed these Fooey photographicalisations of him in their yard/garden.

Say’s he was testing the water.


Looks like he wasn’t too keen on the flavour or taste of it in the third photograph?

Bless his cotton socks, I love this cat to bits. Sister Jane is always having to sort out his matted fur every day, but it’s a labour of love.

Did the ablutions with lemon soap and citrus deodorant to follow.

Visited Olive’s flat, but no answer.

Off to the Tenants Social Meeting. Not many folks there this morning. BJ arrived earlier than his usual. Eddie only had a few minutes stay, but won five raffle prizes and shot off for his doctor appointment.

4thur09Deana called in and I discovered that Toni was in a temporary home being looked after. With missing the last meeting due to the Amazon delivery cock-up and the fall, I found out that some of the clan had visited Toni in the new care home she was in. I felt so depressed and sad that someone hadn’t told me about this, and I sulked for a few minutes.put

I’d have loved to have gone with them to see her.

4thur10BJ decided he wanted the laptop I’d offered for his other half. I fetched it for him and he lifted me into Arnold, dropping me off on the high street, bless him.

Called in Fulton Foods store, then into Asda and got some things. Got some Fresh Cream French Horns, two packs of two, one for 92-year-old Norman who lives next door to Olive, cause he’s not been very well andI know he likes them. While shopping I sensed the warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Decided to make my way home to investigate things.

Got the bus back without any hiatus. Actually met Norman in the foyer as I entered the flats, and gave him the cream cakes, this seemed to cheer him up a bit. I had to leave him and was soon in the wetroom checking things out in the lower regions. Oh dear, Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding away again. Cleaned around and then I put on some Daktacort cream, very tender job.

4thur11Got the meal cooking.

Used the last disappointing Twist thing with a nice mixture of dried beetroot, apple, tomato, pickled beetroots, pea-rice, Roast parsnips and sweet potato slices, baked potatoes and chestnuts.

I couldn’t eat it all, but I made a serious dent in it. Hehe!

The Fresh Cream French Horns afterwards, however, I did devour with relish!

Tooke the medications. Got settled to watch some TV and was soon in the land of nod.

Woke with a start, and to the wetroom for a WRWW, where I realised it was not morning, but two hours after I’d nodded off. Tsk!

Back and got the head down. Sad innit?

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