Friday 2nd December 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors, Whoopsiedangleplops, Frustration, Bleeding and lonely Day. Humph!


Friday 2nd December 2016

Greek: Παρασκευή 2 Νοεμ, 2016

0300hrs: Woke with a jump. Thought a moment, trying to claw back the memories of the dreams I was again certain I’d been having, but with no luck at all. The needs for a WRHD session forced me to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner, which worked perfectly this morning I might add, and off to the wet-room. Where the most worrying event of the week so far took place. The struggle to pass and the copious bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold frit me a bit. So much so, I took a photograph to show to the doctor of the blood in the WC bowl and the paper used. Gawd, I hope this doesn’t happen next time.

5fri02Took an extra senna tablet with the morning medications. Also found that the Friday pot of medicines was empty? I think I may have taken two lots yesterday morning perhaps.

This might be why I was in such a depressed mood? I took the days medications from the drawer below with the packets and pots in and took them.

Looks like a pharmacy when I open these drawers. Hehe!

The temperature was higher in the kitchen today. 60°f. The radiator that was ‘repaired’ yesterday is still not working. Left the little oil-filled one I had to buy on 24/7.

Had to have a good few WRWWs during the morning, all day for that matter. Little Inchy was red, raw and tender, but only leaking blood from the lesion a little… yet. Just as well, cause with what I lost yesterday and this morning flood of blood, things might get serious.


Both arrived within minutes of each other too?

Finished the diary for Thursday off and got it posted. Checked the emails. One of which confused me from British Gas. I clicked the link, signed in to see my account as the option in the email suggested. This told me I was in debt by £195.03. I printed this off. The letter they sent me told me I was £329.03 in debt?

This confused me.

Did some graphicalisationing, then started this diary off and went on Facebook for a while. A long, long while, but I enjoyed it. Got some TFZ graphics completed and posted on Facebook.

Here’s a couple of them.

whojanllansjoyce whotomandRang Olive to explain why I was not visiting but got no answer. Did an email to Obergupenfurheress Deana about the heater not working.

Around 1100hrs, still no nurse or delivery arrived and the heater that had been supposedly reset still not working, I got the ablutions done, a stand-up job today in case anyone came while I was in the shower. Left the door open so I could hear the bell if they did. They didn’t.

5fri04Spent a few hours sorting the paperwork I’d let myself get behind with. Naughty Boy!

Not an easy task for someone with mu memory – or rather, lack of remembrance. Hehe!

Felt a bit hassled by it all and went to make a cup of char, calling into for a WRWW en route, to find that Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking a bit again.

Had a look around outside with the binoculars, while the kettle was boiled, well, the water in the kettle boiled.

5fri05Noticed this pail of smoke to the far left and maybe 8-10 miles or so away I’d guess.

I put the radio on while I drank the mug of tea and waited for the news, but nothing was mentioned.

Back in the none-heated front room and turned on the little oil-filled mobile radiator heater, as still, there was no heat from the repaired storage heater. Humph!

5fri06Looked out at the smoke again.

It didn’t seem to get a lot worse but continued as the gentle winds blew it along.

Most irritating no knowing what was occurring.



Partially sorted the paperwork, then the Whoopsidangleplops occurred!

I thought about finishing off the paperwork sorting out but ended up updating this diary instead.

Guilt forced me to stop and do the paperwork.

Of course, as is to be expected from me lately, I regretted doing it when I dropped the box from the shredder as I tried to empty it into the black bag.

This was only the first Whoopsiedangleplop, mind. I diligently picked up the shredded paper and placed it carefully into the black bag… only to carry it into the kitchen and lost most of the shredded paper through the hole in the bottom of the black bag!

Getting all het-up now! Sorted it out again and put that black bag into another one after checking for any holes in that one. I could not take them or anything to the chute in case the nurse or delivery arrived.

5fri07Aha! Thought I, noise from the area of the door – joy… but no, it was the postman with two identical and unwanted copies in different wrappings of the Age UK Life magazine.

I flicked through the contents: 1: Fundraising and how I can help them support Age UK. 2: Real Life with running man Bill Mitchell. 3: Life Lines: Combatting loneliness. 4: How My Gift can help the lonely. 5: What’s coming up on the radio. 6: Real-life research stories. 7: Wise Words, David Attenborough on his greatest Passions, and finally Ester Rantzen discusses living ith loneliness. A great selection there to cheer me up and solve my loneliness and frustrations of late? Ah well, never mind.

5fri081438hrs: Delivery man with the Airer/Dryer arrived as I was on Facebook.

So now, I’m in the middle Facebooking, I’ll have more paperwork to finish sorted (Eventually), and I decided to nip to see Olive first. Who was in and rang the repairs for me, to find that Deana had already called them and they would be here within 4 hours. Gave Olive my thanks and a kiss as she sent me back to the flat in case they or the nurse arrived.

I updated this and finished the Facebooking and updated this.

5fri09Had a look at the airer/dryer to see if I could assemble it on me own.

No problems as such, no tools needed or required either. And it was so easy to crush the right thumb between the metal bars and open the scar from my cut as I squashed it up after seeing how it operated.

I hope this will come in handy after a shower, and before one too, to warm up the towels in the future? And of course, if I wash out any bits I can wring them out and try to see if this dries them enough?

It folds flat for storage but is a bit of a devil to erect again with the rubbish clips not sliding too easily. If Arthur Itis is alright on the day, it should be workable quickly enough. I hope.

5fri10Finished off the paperwork sorting and went to make a cuppa as the light faded.The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

Took a photo without zooming in so much this time.

Wondering when the repair men will call to look at the radiator? I wanted to get the dinner going, but no good doing it and then them arriving is it?

The four hours was up now. Will they be calling or not?

Weeks ago, Deana rang them to tell them about the radiator not working. (28 days away).

They said they would supply me with a heater to use in the meantime. They Didn’t!

So I had to pay for and order a heater to be delivered which was due to be delivered a week last Saturday. Amazon delivered it to the wrong block of flats. I had to carry the chair then the heater from there back to my own flat. (Made me a bit poorly in doing so).

Sunday I fell over and damaged my knee.

Wednesday a chap came along to investigate the problem and told me it had tripped out. I asked why he did not know. All okay now, it should be back on Thursday night. Showed and set the controls for all my radiators for me.

This afternoon (Friday) I let Deana know by email that it was still not working and went to see Olive to ask her if she could ring for me. They told her someone had already rung (Deana), and they would be here within four hours to have another look at it.

Back to the flat and waited.

Now the four-hour promise has been broken as I still await their arrival, and am going to cook my dinner and see if they will arrive at all?

What idiot said old age would let you take things easier?

No sign of any repairmen whatsoever.

If I watch TV, I need the headphones on, which means it will be even harder to hear the door chime – in the unlikely event that anyone comes of course – pee’d off again now.

5fri11Had to eat the dinner standing up in the kitchen, in case I fell asleep sat down eating it.

It was grand as well, possibly the best stew and chips I’ve ever made.

Couldn’t enjoy the stew as much as I should have, though, because I was stewing inside! (A little play on words there did you see? Hehe!)

No one came, no nurse, no repairman, no cuddly ladies… and still no heat from the storage radiator. Hehehe!

Gave up hopes and wrapped up in gloves, woolly hat, jammies and dressing gown. Hours later than I do usually.

Put the TV and headphones on and managed to stay awake for a bit of the Hetty Wainthrop Investigates episode…

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