Inchcock Today, Sun 4th December 2016: Nottingham City Homes repair man called and got the storage heater working, WC Porcelain Whoopsiedangleplop: best of all, I got to talk to Olive today.


Sun 4th December 2016

Lithuanian: Saulė 4. 2016 Gruodis

0314hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner in no time. Off for a WRHD session. A little easier this morning, compared to yesterday’s session, although another long job. Read a bit of the Clarkson book, and tried to recall the dreams again, without any luck. I hate that when sometimes I make notes if I wake up in between dreams or can even recall from memory some of them occasionally, then like the last couple of day, there is nothing there! Humph!

I didn’t seem so cold this morning, and this made me check to see if the storage radiators had come back on… no, of course not.

Computer turned on and did an extra post, a bad poem about Novembers Whoopsiedangleplops.

Had to tend to a second WRHD session, a lot worse than the first one, bloodier but not as painful. Old age eh? Huh!

Got the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot. Parsnips, leeks, peas, red onions, carrots, cubed some potatoes and water chestnuts. Seasoned with beef so I can have a beef and potato stew of sorts later.

Did the diary updates, then went on Facebook… for three hours. Tsk!

dsc00387Put the towel on the  airer/dryer thingamabob to warm up in readiness for my shower and ablutionisationing session later.

Made another mug of tea and made the decision to go out for a walk in Woodthorpe Park today.

To see the tree copse and dogs walking their owners, I’ll take the camera with me. At this, I put the camera in the bag so I didn’t forget it later.

Then got myself prepared in the wet-room for a 7sun01agood showering, shaving and another sh… well, never mind. All cleaned and smelling fresh, I placed the bath towel onto the airer.

Got the bag ready to go and get some bits from Sherwood and get a bit of a walk in the park to see the dogs, then I went to see Olive at number 68.

Malcolm was there visiting and we all had a chinwag. When Olive heard that the repair men had not been out to me like they assured me they would yesterday, she got on the blower and told them, arranging, Bless her, for them to call after 1300hrs today to tend once again to the storage radiator.

I worked out I had plenty of time to get some shopping bits in (2hrs 10min) and get back before 1300hrs. Picked up some jars for the recycling bank to go with my ones. I thanked Olive, gave her a smacker on the lips and set off.

7sun02Someone had been busy decorating the lift and lobby area.

Caretakers, I suppose, we don’t see these very often lately around here. Nice for these invisible men to get treble time for Sundays

Someone told me they saw one of them actually smiling the other day, just seeing one now and then would do for me, so I could get help lifting and carrying when needed. Always costs one a decent ‘Tip-backhander’, but still, they made a decent job of the Christmas decorations considering what they had to work with. And of course, it makes the place look special – as folks don’t often see 1960’s decorations nowadays. Hehe!

Out and down Chestnut Walk, dropping the jars off at the bottle bank.


7sun02aRight down Winchester Street and just passed the bus stop, I turned back and took a photograph up the hill. When I got the camera out the road was full of traffic, soon as I got it ready they had all gone. A dodgy spot to cross the road here. The roadway beyond is even steeper and the vehicles come belting around the corner. Soon as I put the camera away the traffic started again. Tsk! Busy for a Sunday, although this photograph indicates not. Hehe!

Down onto Mansfield Road and into the Co-op Store – I didn’t buy anything, just had a nosey. Out and up the hill into the Wilko, where I got a bottle of Dettol lavender, Touch-Screen Wipes and toothpaste. Up to the Bugeon Store, bought nothing.

7sun03Out and up through Woodthorpe Park.

Loved watching the dogs having fun.

Down towards the flats and took a picture of my beloved little Tree Copse. Looking ultra thin now and perhaps a bit sad.

Down to the flats in plenty of time to be in when the Repairman calls (12040hrs)

Attended to the urgent call for a WRHD session.

7sun04Oh, dearie me… yet another Whoopsiedangleplop!

Found that the toilet bowl was leaking! Not too severely, but nonetheless worrying.

Cleaned it up and put down paper towels, which were soon soaked again. I’ll have to ask Olive or Deana to give the Repair Team another call for me. Fed-up with things going wrong!

Got the meal cooking and put the evening medications in a pot near the £300 second-hand recliner for later.


Put my finger on this printing to show how small it really is! Humph!

The NCH repairman arrived and within a  few seconds he’d worked out that the first repairman who I waited 30 days for and came four days ago, had turned off the power at the electricity box to work on the radiator and not turned it back on. He said it should be working tonight.

He kindly read the instructions on the Screen Cleaner Wipes out to me, cause the print is so very small.

7sun05Got the fodder served up.

Enjoyed this effort with relish.

Minced beef, Crock-Pot vegetables; Onions, carrots, peas, green beans, parsnips and leeks. Oven chips and cubed boiled potatoes. Lemon Drizzle to follow.

Worth all the preparation and cleaning up afterwards this one was. Rated it at 9.69/10.

I didn’t find out until the morning, but I missed taking the evening medications. Humph!

Innit marvellous, I finally get the storage heater going, and then the bloody toilet starts leaking! I may have said this before, but I’m fed-up with calamities and Whoopsiedangleplops!

Tried watching some TV, but spent most of the viewing time nodding off.

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