Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd December 2016: Another day stuck indoors – Nowt much happening


Saturday 3rd December 2016

Urdu: ہفتے کے روز 3rd کی دسمبر 2016

0400hrs: Woke more gently than usual this morning. So annoyed that I could not recall any dreams in detail again, despite waking up many times during the night, I’d not scribbled anything on the notepad, but thought I had done? Losing it here.

After yesterday’s farcical performances, it was no wonder I slept longer, but it was broken sleep. It was cold again; obviously, the heater not working. But I was pleased when I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way for a WRHD session, that Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a kind mood for me. Still, the blood flowed from Haemorrhoid Harold, but far less than yesterday. I even read a few pages of the book while I resisted screaming out in pain – took another Senna tablet.

6sat02Kettle on, I took the morning medications and looked out at the morning sky.

Put the camera down to make the mug of tea and knocked over the knife block onto the floor via the radiator and my legs.

After yesterday’s calamities and Whoopsiedangleplops, I was not surprised in the least. I felt like the perfect milquetoast in fact. I was resigned to failure frustrations and fundamentally febriculose health.

Updated the diaries. Emails. Then popped onto Facebook.

Five hours later, I did my ablutions and visited Olive. No entry gained, she was not feeling well and the family were on their way to visit her. Wished her the bestest and gave her a kiss and returned to the flat.

Did some cleaning up and got carried away with it.

6sat03Feeling so tired again, as it got dark I took this photograph from the window, of the mid-distance houses.

Wanted to try and record someone’s efforts with their al-fresco Christmas Tree.

Actually watched a lot of TV without my nodding off tonight.

6sat04Got the late fodder prepared.

Oven chips, beetroot, two types of surimi, cheese, apple and some sourdough bread with a drop of sauce.

I’m afraid I nibbled a lot afterwards, rice peas and nuts.

Guilty as charged!

Cleaned up and got down in the chair and was off like a shot into the land of nod.

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