Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd June 2017


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Filipino: Sabado Hunyo 3, 2017

0430hrs: Woke, tried to remember the dreams, some pencil scribbled notes on the pad, but of no use due to their illegibility and the mind was blank. Never ceases to amaze me how some mornings I can recall lots of details, and on others, nowt?

Out of the already lowered £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. What a difference this morning: Spent nearly an hour on the seat, in agony! Yes, hard to believe, but I now suddenly had Constipation Konrad to contend with in place of Diarrhea Derek! Grumph!

Thus, poor old Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding profusely and giving me pain within seconds of me getting seated, I blurted out some ‘Eeee’s’, ‘Argh’s’ and ‘Oooer’s’. At last, the movement moved. Stood up slowly, the roll was crimson red, the water the same. As for the bottom, I thought that was on fire! Hehe!

‘Rescue mission mode adopted’… Cleaned up the toilet and me, put the jammy bottoms in the bucket to soak in Dettol, applied the creams, and took a senna tablet I kept in the wetroom drawer along with the Diahorrea capsules and wiped all contact surfaces with Lemon Dettol wipes.

Not feeling too well then. Anne Gyna had joined Constipation Konrad, and moments later Duodenal Donald signed in! Humph! Feeling sorry for myself time again.

6Sat01Made a cuppa and viewed the scene outside.

Misty with a little light drizzle, but still a wonderful panorama.

Did the Health Checks, they looked okay to me, apart from the pulse and temperature, both a little high – but not surprising with the current onset of all these ailments is it?

Took the medications and made up the dosage pots for next week.

Made a brew and got the computer on to start this diary off and then finished off yesterday’s and posted it.

Did some WordPress Reading, and checked the Emails, updated the Google Calendar and paper one too.

Facebooked for a while. Very slow and jumpy today.

Hours and hours spent finishing the TFZer graphicalisations. So happy to get them done at last, here are a few of them.


Julie pb

Patrcia K



5Fri12pSo tired afterwards, I took a photograph of my meal with the DS card still on the computer! Huh!

Then realised I’d used the other camera and that had a card in it? I am a clot!

It was grand.

I think having the cheese again might have helped with the Trotsky’s. Or not?

Fell asleep while sorting the paperwork out.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd June 2017

    • I fank you, petal.
      The Princess prints and photography is rather special and appealing even to me.
      Wonder who does them?
      TTFN and have a good day please. XXX

  1. You must have Coral Draw in good working order. Great set of graphics. Meal looks complete.

    • Thank you, Sir.
      CorelDraw 2017, keeps freezing for some flipping reason, especially when I use CorelDraw paint in tandem. still, when it is working I am so happy.
      Heavy rain forecast for today here. But will it stop me going out?
      Well, it might! Hehehe! Cheers, Tim.

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