Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 17th August 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Agosto 17, 2017

Woke at 0300hrs: To the wet room for a rather hefty Porcelain Throne session. No bleeding anywhere, mind.

Collected the washing together to take down to the laundry room.

Went into the entrance lobby to make this photographicalisationalistical effort.

The rain looked set in for the day.

Back up in the lift, had a wee-wee and shelled the garden peas for later.

Time to go back down and move the stuff from the washer to the dryer.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The feet were still stinging from the all the walking I’ve been doing, so I took an extra pain-killer. Another wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started downloading photographs to use in the Wednesday Diary and updating it.

Down once more to collect the washing and clean up the filters sink and laundry room.

My plates (feet) and knees, were stinging and still so painful. Tsk!

To the flat and put the washing away. Had a wee-wee. As I went into the front room, I turned on the light, and nothing happened illumination-wise!

Yet another bulb had blown! Unbelievable! That must be eight bulbs in two years.

I changed the deceased bulb for one of those that Mary (Flat 38) had given me. Fetched the step ladder and wobbled up it to swap them. You can see how dimly feeble the new one is. I’m managing though, any close up work can be done in the kitchen. Hehe!

Hunger pangs began. Such a rarity for me. Then I realised yesterday with the Eat-Out-Nosh yesterday and me having only one meal a day, and this one was so early, I should have expected the pangs. (I think?)

So I put two of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in the oven, and when they were cooked, I woofed them down with a spot of Tomato Ketchup and flatbread. Crispy on the outside, soft and cheesy inside, I can recommend these.

Did the Emails, and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting repetitive this, hehehe!)

Did the graphic to use for the top of this page. Then started today’s diary off.

Had a wee-wee and put the kettle on and rang Sister Jane. She rang back bless her cotton socks. I inquired if she knew if I was doing right, in putting the lids on foil side-up in the aluminium oven dishes I use to cook the black beans and intend to on the Chinese Curry and rice later today. It was not very successful, explaining over the phone what I meant. So I took a photograph of them and went to the computer with my mug of tea, intending to send the picture by Email to her, and… Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped the cup! Whatta da Plonka!

Had to ring-off sharpishly. Reckon it took me six minutes to get it cleaned up. Four of those minutes were in trying to get back up off of the floor! Hehe!

Got carried away with updating the graphics on CorelDraw.

Rushed the ablutions, hence a few knicks here and there. Acquired myself a very artistically decorated face by the time I’d finished shaving. (Tsk!)

Got to the Tenants Social Hours as soon as I could. (Arrived half-an-hour late) Many residents had left when I got there. Tsk! BJ was still there with Bill (William on Sunday), and six of the lady tenants along with Obergruppenfurheress Jenny.

Handed out the nibbles, gave Obergruppenfurheress Jenny the raffle-prizes to use for next week. Had a chinwag or two, moving between people for a gossip; To keep the knees moving. Departed and returned to the flat, with two of my fellow tenant ladies.

I asked about the foil sided lid and which way up to use it. The consensus of opinion was the opposite of what Sister Jane thought – to use it foil-side down.Departed and returned to the flat.

Departed and returned to the apartment. Had a wee-wee.

I got some fresh garden peas and small potatoes in the saucepan, seasoned with beetroot and balsamic vinegar and Soy Sauce. I’d decided not to have the egg rice today. I’ll put the Chinese chicken curry sauce in the oven later, using the foil tray with the lid facing foil-side down.

The rain was easing off now, I think it will soon stop. The sun was trying to come out a bit later, as well.

On the computer and posted off yesterdays, and updated this one.

Rechecked the Emails, then went back to CorelDraw and continued the prep work on the TFZer series. Managed to get another one finished.

Had a wee-wee.Set about getting the meal ready

Set about getting the meal ready. Not a great success and I’ll be giving away the other Chinese Chicken Curry meal tomorrow.

The lemon yoghourt, tomatoes, garden peas and potatoes were all grand. The chicken curry was almost putrid! I will not be investing in any more of these!

The weariness dawned a lot earlier today.

Got me into the £300 second-hand recliner with the Boon DVD on, and fell asleep in no time.

Woke up for a visit to the Porcelain Throne and made a brew, then back in the chair.

Turned the set to TV mode and watched a documentary about the 1st World War for an hour and a half, without any nodding off.

Got up for a wee-wee.

Back down and started to watch more of Boon and drifted into a flitting sleep – a dream filled one. Obviously, viewing the documentary must have affected me, because they were all about war, fighting etc. I died in one of them, starved and frozen, in I assume to be Finland or Russia, as the snow was thick and it was well below freezing. Of the others, there seems to have so many, I was in Italy fighting in the Alps I reckon. What appeared to be the longest dream, I was in the trenches and had trench-foot. Lived through the war, got home minus a leg and the guilt of surviving was terrible. As were all of these mini-dreams.

Woke and had a wee-wee.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented this week. Too much craziness going between losing our bearings in the swamp coolers (bearings went out in ours cooler and our daughter’s cooler), losing our bearings as a nation, recall repairs on the 2008 RX-8, work getting in the way of life and life getting in the way of everything else, commenting on blog posts bit the dust. I see you are still all wet there. You need to grow a beard, then you won’t have to shave. Foiled by the lid? I would say foil side down. To bad the curry wasn’t very good, because it looked great. Those cheesy taters are making me hungry. The social hour sounds stressful.

  2. Sorry to hear of your pickle with the all the bearings, Tim.
    I can understand your priorities changing and hope things improve soon, Sir.
    I’m not very good at growing beards. Somehow it seems to stop growing when it gets to the heavy stubble stage. Wonder if I could try again, though? Hehe!
    Most disappointed with tasteless curry.
    The taters are sooo good!
    I’ve just got mail, one redirected from the old house, from ‘Pharmacy to U’, informing me they can deliver my prescriptions for me, once I apply, get accepted, pay and register online. Not a lot of confidence in using them, as they sent the letter to the wrong place, what chance the medications arriving? Hehehe!
    The other letter with the results of the last NR blood test… for the first time in all htese years, it is spot-on the target figure of 3.5!
    Good luck, thanks mate.

  3. The miserable heat where Timothy (and I, in another part of America) doesn’t allow for loss of the swamp cooler or air conditioning this time of year. I feel nothing but profound empathetic dismay at what they were going through! I’m drenched in sweat just thinking about it.

  4. I’m lucky here in Nottingham UK. We do not often get any hot weather, the rare times we do, it’s a novelty to us, but of course we are not prepared. Hehe!
    TTFN and good luck, Tim.

    • I’ve tried both ways now, Corin… both seem to work, no better than the other in heating things up? However, if I do anything foil down, I can write on the white cardboard what is in the tray and use it to store in the freezer? If I make some stew in winter, I can store it in a tray then?
      The Trotskies have eased this morning at last, but the release of the inner gases as things clear will probably have to be classified as Injurious to Health. Hehehe!
      Hello… fleas in the room now. I bet a storm is due here, this happened last year before the big one. Oh, heck! Fly spray out next job. Thanks, flower. TTFN XXX

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