Inchcock Today – Wednesday 16th August 2017: Social Meal Day

Titivated this humorous graphic. I might ask for Captions on this?

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Swahili: Jumatano Tarehe 16 Agosti 2017

Unfortunately, the night was disturbed on three occasions by calls to the Heavy Duty Porcelain Throne activities demands.

Woke and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner around 0355hrs, and off for yet another Throne visit. Getting messy again, and today is the Tenants Reduced Price Meal Out day as well! Oh, dear. Still, mustn’t complain, the other ailments were treating me gently. Hehe!

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken.

Updated the diaries, then spent a long time creating some more TFZer graphics. Not sure what to call this series. I’ve tried to make each one about parachuting, sky diving, falling, jumping off of planes, etc. Not got half of them finished yet.

The computer on and started this one off, before finishing yesterday’s and getting it posted. WordPress, Emails checked. Facebook updated.

The Morrison man arrived with the fodder.

Got it all stored away. Once more the fridge and freezer are crammed full.

A wee-wee, and back on the graphicationalisationing.

Got the ablutions tended to, no cuts while shaving.

Readied things and as I was going out of the door, the telephone rang. It was one of the  Tenants reminding me not to forget to catch the 1130hrs bus to the meal. Bless her!

The purple fencing put up by the builders, was all being changed into yellowish fences?

Walked down to the bus stop and the motley mixed gaggle of Windwood Flat’s tenants queuing there.

The gossip was rife about the changing of the fences on site.

  • Some told me that the company doing the upgrade had been sacked and a new one was taking over.
  • One even said that the (NCT) Nottingham City Council, were unhappy with the colours representing the UKIP logo and had insisted in a change of tone.
  • George told me that the company had gone bankrupt.
  • Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had told Lillie that it was just the company that had changed corporate colours.

We may never know. Hehe!

The bus arrived, and about seven of us oldies got on to go to Arnold and the Sprinters Restaurant. Many others were making their way in cars and taxis.

These new hearing aids are so good that I began to get a headache with hearing all the gossip going on in the bus. Hehe!

When we dropped off in Arnold, the others left me in their wake as they dashed to the Sprinters foodery. I caught up in the end. Haha!

Beef pie, gravy, peas and instant mash. Very nice. Although I did get a stonking headache then. I should have taken the hearing aids out, but I thought it would not be acceptable for others to see this happening at a meal table? The noise was horrendous, conversations limited to the person sat next to you. But most of the clan seemed to enjoy the meal, then rush off to get some alcohol to help it down. Bless em all!

I had to leave and get some quiet. The plan was to return later for a chinwag with the group. This did not happen.

I walked around a bit and popped into the Iceland store to see if they had any of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in stock.

They had, so I bought a packet. Very nice these are.

Checked the time, and it was close to the arrival of the L9 bus at 15 minutes past the hour. So I hastened as fast as the poor tortured feet would allow me to and was a few hundred yards away from the stop at 10 passed, and the flipping bus went by early… Tsk! This was not good and meant I had to either wait another hour for the next one or catch a bus going to Nottingham, drop off at Sherwood and either walk up the Winchester Hill or hobble the circuitous route through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats. Double Tsk!

There are several bus stops on Front Street, and I was unsure of which buses went where. None were there yet, so I had a wander into Asda and their clothing section.

Took this photograph to put on the TFZer site later on.

I mounted the first one to arrive with a City destination board, a number 87. It worked out well, I was soon in Sherwood, off the bus and walking over the hill down to the Park and up through it, back to the flat complex.

The limp home was most uncomfortable and painful on the old plates. I felt happy that Sue the foot lady will be calling on me next week.

But, it is my own fault for having that marathon hobble to town the other day. A fool I am!

I felt completely exhausted when I got in the flat, and still had a headache.

Did the Health Checks, medicationalisationing and took the drugs.

A visit to the Porcelain Throne produced a mammoth evacuation.

I was incapable of doing anything afterwards, so settled in the £300 second-hand recliner with the TV on and hoped, as I was feeling not too good, that sleep would come as usual. But no, oh no! Not even any nodding off for hours. I seemed to be content to watch the banal TV programmes with the odd visit for a wee-wee or Throne session breaking the boredom.

I do not know when I eventually nodded off, but woke up several times for a wee-wee before finally admitting defeat and getting up around 0300hrs.

A very unusual and uncomfortable day.


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    • Thanking you my flower.
      Sister Jane is suffering from a warped toe that sticks out at an acute angle. They tell her it is not a hammer toe. She is going in to have it done and put right next month. Bet she is desperate to wear normal shoes again.
      She has never suffered like us with our plates, Hehehe!

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