Inchcock Today – Friday 5th January 2018: The most harrowing day of 2018 Humph!

Friday 5th January 2018

Maori: Rāmere 5 Kohitātea 2018

0210hrs: Woke from sleeping and jumble-up crazy-making dreaming. I think I was in precisely the same position as I nodded off in last night, despite the turmoil of the unremembered dreams. As the brain slowly engaged with the body, thoughts turned to the tasks of the day. The radiators being turned-off, Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana letting them into the flat, so I can get to go and see Sister Jane with her Birthday pressies on the first bus at 0930hrs. I’ll be able to attend the WC and shave easier today now the bright new lamp has been fitted by the nice young man from Nottingham City Homes, yesterday.

The profound perturbation of yesterday has eased. I’m not very confident about this, though. I expect things to vesuviate back to this year’s usual pandemonium, fears and anxieties mode anytime now. Hehe!

I battled and was victorious in extracting my short-bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. A good session, no bleeding and not so messy as of late. Reading the Leningrad book was so much easier-going with the new lighting in there.

P1250907Washing afterwards, I caught the sight of my pilgarlic head and face in the shaving mirror reflected back in the brightness with frightening clarity! Shudder!

Into the kitchen again and tended to the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

The readings looked a lot better today, not they have been wrong anyway lately.


Got the computer on and updated and posted the Thursday Diary off.

0400hrs: Tapping and things falling noises, pretty loud, but I could not locate where from? I’ll have a look out of the window to see if Herbert has his light on… No, not him this time. Looked around for any signs of something fell over that might have caused the noise, found nothing untoward. The first mystery of the day arrived? Haha!

ToUseI went on the WordPress Reader, not having time yesterday with being without the Scrumdifferous Richard Rich, Robbing Branson’s Virgin Media Internet due to its going down again, I anticipate a lot of reading to do.

There was some good stuff on it.

While answering WordPress comments; A message has just appeared on screen telling me they are going to update windows soon. Fretting Mode adopted. Every time they do this something changes, I get myself in a pickle over trying to sort it out and understand it.

5Fri030620hrs: Went to make another brew of tea.

Then on CorelDraw to make a start on a TFZer graphicalisation creation.

Then back onto the CorelDrawing and eventually finished got the graphic completed to my reasonable satisfaction.

HW Bet Andy

Ablutions dome and off out.

A laugh or two, in the Obergruppenfhureress’s hut with other tenants.

5Fri10Caught the bus to town with Mary. Then:

I grabbed the wrong flipping bus into West Bridgford, I got the number 5 route one, in error for the 7.

What a plonker!


No problem I thought, I’ll drop off on Central Avenue and walk up to Davies Road. Then:  I fell asleep and woke up at the terminus in Gamston.

Got off and waited ay the Morrison store bus shelter, in the rain for a number 7 to take me back. Tsk!

Started feeling a tad giddy and not in full control.

Eventually arrived at Sister Jane and Pete’s mansion. But I was feeling so tired, annoyed with myself and all out of sorts, confused. Had a lovely natter and laugh I think, and I took some photographicalisations of their local squirrel.

5Fri12d (2)

Gave Jane her Birthday gifts. I fear the visit is a little vague in my mind due to the funny turn. Cannot recall leaving them or walking to the bus stop really. Once at the bus stop, things became clearer again, and I regained control of the grey-cells from thereon.

Caught a Bingham bus, that due to the Broad Marsh Car Park being demolished, dropped everyone off on Canal Street. Where I took these photographs, the first two from the bus, the third after getting off.


I walked through the shopping Centre (Mall) and out onto Listergate, taking some photographs in the rain.


Too early for the L9 bus, so I had a wander around the Primark store, a load of rubbish, nowt for the aged in there.

5Fri12jHobbled up Exchange Walk.

The shop on the right here, opposite the McDonalds eatery, had some soft walking shoes on offer in the window.

There had reduced them down to only… wait for this… £99.99 a pair!

I managed to resist buying them. Hehe!

Came out of the other end of the walk and through onto Long Row and felt so sorry for the poor sod in the Pizza thingamajig.



5Fri12j1I walked around King Street and onto Queen Street and to the bus stop for the L9.

Had chinwag with a lady there and a listen to the Italian sounding young man gossiping with his partner about what they would order-out for their evening meal. After few minutes he won, and their Pizza would have anchovies on it.

Only three passengers on the bus as it pulled away. Three stops later, and there must have been thirty-three of us.

Back at the flats, I bade my farewells to the lady I was chatting to, and off the bus and back to the flat.

I could see signs that the Willmott-Brown lady and engineer had been in the apartment at all. Very tidy people, I thought.

I was so cold and weary now. So I got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Changed into my nightwear to as to get and keep warm and comfy, and got the nosh out to prepared for later.

Got on with updating this monologue. Downloaded the photographs ready to use, and the door chime rang out.

It was Jenny, bless her cotton socks. She told me that the blocking-off team had not called this morning, or rather they had, but could not get access because I was out. Oberbruppenfurheress Warden Deana had forgotten to tell them that she would let them in. They would be along a little later.

That was kind of her to let me know. I was irked only at having to change my clothes now I was at last dry and warm, ready to receive them. But not bothered about Deana forgetting about this at all. She is very busy with all the work taking place and complaints about the new radiators, hassle and changes to the best-laid plans, the bats etc. Thank heavens that Jenny heard me asking Deana at the time so I can avoid any blame.

I thought afterwards when Jenny had gone; How are the Wardens going to cope when the new 60-70 or so tenants move into the new block? Will they get extra help? I do not envy them dealing with it all. Good job Jenny is helping out.

I got back on with updating this diary. An hour or so later the team arrived. The heaters were isolated. And they will fit the dreaded new ones for me on Monday. A day out for me if I can manage it, methinks?

5Fri12kPressed on updating this script again, then went into the kitchen to get the fodder sorted. But I had not turned on the oven to cook the potato-balls. Not that it mattered that much – cause I’d also forgot to put the potatoes in the oven!

Tsk, Fool!

So I got the oven on and took a photo of the ominous looking landscape.

5Fri12oThe meal turned out to be a disaster for many reasons.

The tray slipped as I took the first forkful and I lost some tomatoes, the chips and the chicken thighs. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner to retrieve and clean up the mess and threw the food away of course.

Resettled again with a somewhat less filled plate of fodder to try again.

By then, the potato balls had gone cold and were uneatable. Threw them away.

The pork pie was excellent, the beetroots okay and the sliced apple far too soft to enjoy.

I had planned to watch some Law & Order on the TV. But fell asleep with the tray still on my over-ample fluid-filled legs. Luckily when it slipped off while I was sleeping, no mess was made much, because I ate the desperately few bits of food left on it earlier.

Thus ended the worst day of 2018!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 5th January 2018: The most harrowing day of 2018 Humph!

  1. Now that I get a closer look and that squirrel, great photos BTW, he is obliviously an alien eyepiece to checkup on the mishaps and misery they are whoopsiedangleplopping on you. You are getting your share of wetness as evidenced by your great set of photos of the streets of Nottingham. You don’t have a 10 minute rule on food that hits the floor? if you can get out of your chair and pick up the food that’s hit the floor within 10 minutes, it’s still edible? We have a 10 second rule, but we are a wee bit younger and a wee bit more agile. That is one fine looking dinner. Those damn aliens tossing your well prepared, super arranged food on the floor is just the last insult in your day of misery and woe. At least they were decent enough not to upset the tray on your lap while you were sleeping.

    • Brilliant and clever deduction, Sherlock Price! Hehe!
      If the aliens are making me drop the food there must be a reason. No idea what, mind.
      I have to say I was amazed at the tray still there when I did wake-up, Tim.
      Life is a cruel conundrum constantly and consciously affected by my flipping aliens!

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