Inchcock Today – Friday 12th December 2018: Nottingham Castle Visit – Whoopsidangleplop and Accifauxpa!

Of Course, they are lying on both counts!

Friday 12th December 2018

0240hrs: Woke, while remembering a dream about being chased through sewers the brain informed me that I was thirsty yet again. I reached for the mug of orange juice on the Ottoman near the £300 second-hand recliner, only to find it was bone dry. So, I gingerly manipulated the body mass free of the chair and put the empty giant mug in the bowl to soak and made a small cup of Yorkshire tea.

Got the computer started, took the medications, then did the Health Checks. All the results looked okay to me. A bit up and downish though, this week.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy, very messy!

Downloaded the photographs to use on yesterdays and this post. Did this one up to here, and updated the Thursday codswallop, and got it posted off.

At last, I got around to responding to the WordPress comments. Then I did some WordPress Reading. On to Facebook catching up.

Ablutions tended to. Put the radio on while shaving and Bad News Flowed. I heard that the Nottingham Trams were not running due to an armed robbery incident on the route.

The Nottingham Train Station was evacuated after the fire broke out at around 6.25am. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service say that 60 firefighters from eight stations are at the scene. The Station is closed, with no trains arriving or departing, and is set to remain shut all day. Oh, dear, and they just paid £50m to upgrade this too!

Roads around the station have either been closed off or are very congested.

Nottingham City Transport is not serving any stops at the station or at Arkwright Street.

Various roads closed off for the investigation by the police; this news was followed with: Nottingham Railway Station has twenty fire-engines in attendance at a fire that apparently started in the toilets on the concourse. No trains and no trams today; This was followed by reports of Traffic mayhem, and we must check before we attend any hospital appointments today, due to staff being unable to get into work.

 I checked on the weather I was about to go out into. Tsk!

Spruced up, I took a recycling bag to the chute on the way out.

I thought it might be a bit of fun if I took the camera and went up to Nottingham Castle to get some shots of the Station Fire if I could. So I did.

Outside and took a couple of photographicalisations around the block of flats.

Got to the bus stop and had a chinwag with some others there, Frank and Welsh Bill both in the sarcastic, insulting mood, and we had a laugh or two.

Had a go at the crossword book en route into town.

Made my way straight to Robin Hood’s Maid Marion Castle. I got a bit of a shock when I went into the little shop to use my Pensioner’s card to gain entry.

Yep, £6 to get in. I fumbled and found the one twenty-pound-note I had left, put on confident, nonchalant smirk-come-smile and cried inside, and paid the nice-lady. Hehe! She said I could use the ticket again if I want to gain entry, but it had to be used before March. I was not sure I’d be up to wanting to go there in freezing February?

Paid my respects at the War Memorial. Ten minutes or later got a sensation from lower regions. Embarrassed, I went into to some trees and had a feel around. Just a little bleeding from Little Inchy, but nothing to fret over… I thought.

Then at the Victorian Bandstand, I took a photo of the castle from the low area.

I struggled up the incline to the Eas-West wall and hoped to get a photo of the station and maybe a little smoke or fire engine or two. But no luck, wrong position and a little misty. I thought I’d plod on my way up to the top level to try there. By the time I get there, the mist might have cleared by then.

But, iI did take this of the old cave houses that Nottinghamian Proletariat folk did live in, many years ago. The brick building was built in 1895, much modernised since.

A bit of a steep walk up the path to the old stone inner moat bridge.

Where I came across this whatever it is? Plainly very old and weather worn, a bit like me really. Haha! I can’t recall seeing this before on any of my many previous visits. I spent a while recalling my meeting a girl who worked at the Wimpey Bar on what was then Gramby Street (I think) before they changed the name to Maid Marion Way.

Be about 1963/4 I reckon.

Over the bridge and left, looked at the steps that needed climbing, took a breath and pressed on up to the top in one go. (Head shakes with pride mode adopted!) When I got to the top of the concrete, there were two animals straight in front of me, a squirrel and a magpie on the small lawn. I carefully got the camera out as I took the last two steps… and tripped. Flash, whoosh, they were gone! Humph!

To the wall and the entrance to Mortimer’s Hole. Mortimer History ← Click here.

Of course, there would be trips down this time of year during the week.

This brought back memories of long ago and got me a little excited.

I went to the uniform gallery, and that was locked up. Then to the History Museum and that was also closed.

As I turned the corner to go back around and down to the lower level, there came the wet, damp sensation from the lower regions. This time there was no need to check. Good job I had the safety pants on, I  think I must have had a message from the EQ that made me wear them today? I carried on down and out, to catch the bus back so I could clean up, use the Daktacort cream and sorts things with Little Inchy. Darnations! just paid £6 for this visit too! Huh!

Luckily I did not have long to wait for a bus as good fortune had it arrive within three minutes of my getting to the terminus stop. A most uncomfortable ride home. I thought things had settled and the bleeding might have stopped on its own; as I fidgetted in the seat.

The compound was abuzz with activity as I walked back from the bus to the flat.

Hastened into the wet room to sort out things. Well pleased with how the pad-pants protected me this time. Far less mess and hassle to clean things up. Put the unwanted items in a blue bag, sealed it, had a shower then took the blue back to the proper bin. Returned to the flat, changing into fresh trousers and fell over when I got my leg caught in pulling them up. What a state I was in. Hit my shoulder on the way down and banged my elbow on the way up. No, hang on, that was the other way around. Hahaha!

Took the belated midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Got the computer on and had a couple of hours and a bit updating this post.

Nosh sorted. A simple affair, curried beans, tomatoes, sliced apple, potato chips, Scottish Plain Bread and pork knuckle followed by a lemon mousse.

Did the pots and drank more Clementine juice and made another mug of tea.

Health Checks and medications tended to.

Settled in the messy, untidy room to watch TV. Unhappy with the mess around me, but aware that they will be returning to knock out the balcony and fit a new one, also to sort out the radiator drawer and cupboard door blocking and making more mess.

Started to watch a Law & Order episode and lasted only up until the first set of commercials, the nodded off.

A scary dream woke me. In it, just about everyone I’ve ever known, and film characters, singers etc. were chasing me, in underground tunnels. “Shouting “You’ve got to go youth!” repeatedly. Where to I didn’t know, just felt I did not want to go wherever it was. We were suddenly on a ship, below deck, (Me still being pursued on foot) a cruise liner type, but it was scruffy, for there were portholes in the passageway… I was ejected out of one of these openings and recall thinking as they hacked off bits of my torso to get me to go through the window, “Well, at least I lost weight before I died”. Down into the cold ocean water… something else happened I’m not clear on, and then, I was in a barred cage with penguin looking angels approaching. They were most annoyed telling me they did not want me here, there were not enough pilchards to feed me… and I was back, body-parts reattached and being chased in the underground tunnels, by all and sundry?

I got the torch and scribbled notes of this dream. So glad I did now, cause the memory of it was very vague in the morning when I updated this blog.

I spent a few second trying to work out what could have prompted this episode. Not that it mattered, and was soon off into the land of nod again.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 12th December 2018: Nottingham Castle Visit – Whoopsidangleplop and Accifauxpa!

  1. That is quite a day of disasters for Nottingham. Armed robbery? I thought guns were banned in the UK. Mortimer’s hole has a long and interesting history. Six pounds for closed museums and exhibits at the Nottingham Castle? Food looks good.

    • Cheers Tim.
      Turned out it was a knife-point job. But the gangs carry them regularly, and Nottingham appears on the dangerous places to live list twice!:
      Vehicle crime: Nottingham
      Rape: Portsmouth
      Assault: Leicester
      Burglary: Stockport
      Robbery: Manchester
      Gun crime: Bradford
      Murder: Nottingham
      This list was made I think a few years ago, though.
      Now we have so many fewer police officers, I don’t expect things to imrove much. Hehe!
      Take care Sir

      • Nottingham is like Albuquerque being high in vehicle crime and murder. I guess they would call using a knife an armed robbery out here, but few criminals use knives in a robbery as they are likely to be shot.

      • IT is a nation of odd laws over here, Tim.
        Welsh Bill it was I think, who told me of a shopkeeper who discharged his weapon at a knife wielding pair of robbers. Result: They both get 6 months in a Young offenders institute and he gt three years in prison and has to pay compensation!
        The world’s gone mad!

  2. The UK seems like, to me, as the place where all magic and Imagination emanates from. I hate to hear the distressing news about crime, terrorism and hardship that falls upon the residence.
    I’m sorry to hear about all of your troubles today and I thank you for all the fantastic photos and links!
    I’m hoping to get up a WordPress post today after a week of tediously tracking down a buggy app which was making it impossible for me to access my photo gallery which contains all of my photoshopping elements.
    Thank you for taking me along today!👍👍

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