Inchcock Today – Monday 25th June 2018


Monday 25th June 2018

Zulu: NgoMsombuluko 25 Juni 2018

0420hrs: After a decently long sleep, Duodenal Donald woke me with his stabbing pains. The brain was hazy and lazy. I tried to get my thoughts together into a weak imitation semi-logical mode.

Last evening’s half-eaten meal lay, looking dried and unappealing in the extreme, on the tray beside the chair.

WDP001A My heart and spirit were at a low ebb – but I wasn’t sure why. My self-confidence was non-existent! Perhaps my EQ knew something unpalatable, ignominious or untoward was going to take place today?

I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the wet room to tend to the bleeding from down below.

Then, to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done. Pleased to report that I found no lights, oven or taps left on. Hehe!

I took the medications. Swigging some extra doses of the insipid antacid medicine and an additional Codeine 30g. To help counter Duodenal Donald’s attentiveness. Hopefully anyway!

Made a brew and off to the computer, and made up last weeks Health Sheet readings on the XL sheet. The Sys and pulse were still high on this morning’s readings.


WDP001A A tiny little bit of wind involuntarily escaped from the rear end, and within seconds I was racing to get to the Porcelain Throne in time. It was close!

1Mon001WDP001A Where I noticed a new a new bruise whatever it is on the arm, and that the limbs had gone all even skinnier than usual?

Had to have a good clean up afterwards, washed up and antisepticated the contact areas.

Isn’t life good? Hahaha!

1Mon01aTo the kitchen again, this time to take a Dia-Limit capsule. 

If I do get out today; I’ll take another just before leaving methinks. No, I’ll take it now, I don’t want to be caught short. Haha!

I made up this week’s medicine pots and stored them in the medication Drawer No. 2. 

WDP001A The mood I had woken in, a little depressed, irritated, defeatist and fretting away, was not helped when I got back to the computer to find that WordPress was not working correctly again.

WCplasterA Not sure if it was Grammarly, the computer or Virgin internet. Other internet programs seemed to be okay? I turned everything off and back on, but it was the same. So I tried pressing the Virgin reset button and restarted once more. Ah, that’s gorrit now!

I got on with updating and finishing off yesterday’s diary. This time, unlike yesterday, I did not forget to post it off. What a Moyshe kapoyer, I am!

Next, I made a start on this blog.

WDP001A 0745hrs: Herbert above let me know he was still there, with a few extremely loud bangs and thuds that I heard without my hearing aids in.

I stopped so I could get the ablutions done at 0800hrs, late enough so as not to disturb the neighbours.

Showering shaving and medicating all done, I got myself adorned, sorted, then took the waste bags to the chute on the way out.

I nipped up to Eric and Cyndy’s flat to see if they were in so I could leave the birthday chocolates for Cyndy. No reply, so I set off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Warden’s Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, hut.

Met Barry as he was coming out of his apartment and we joined Roy in the lift. We chatted en route in the glorious sunshine.

Untergruppengurheress Julie was in her office, three tenants in there waiting for the bus to arrive.

Julie kindly made a phone call for me and got my contents insurance worry off of my mind. All paid for another year. She is off on holiday tomorrow. Going to do some decorating. I said; In between getting some relaxing in, I hope?”

Out to the bus stop, a few tenants out there in the queue.

The City Bound Bus arrived, and only three tenants got on including myself. I took these photographs while the vehicle was still parked up.


1Mon02Got off three stops later near Mapperley Tops and took a right to limp along to the Aldi store.

Not many pedestrians about this morning.

The feet started to sting again, but that was softened with Duodenal Donald easing off with his stabbing-blast-of-pain. Hurrah!

I limped along to the shop and began a spending spree that really, I can’t believe I did! £24 spent. Schmuck!

4 x Dry room sprays, Citrus: Cause they were so cheap and last week they had sold out.

3 x Pork Ribs: Cause they are so tasty, and last week they had sold out.

2 x Black bags. Cause they have cut down the size of the waste chute entrance point and now I need four sacks, compared to one as previously required.

1 x Rissoto: Cause Sister Janes says I’ve got to eat more rice (Coy & Fear modes adopted).

Frikadellen Balls: Cause they taste super!

Tomatoes: Cause they are good for you.

1 Fresh Orange juice smooth – Small potatoes – Frikadellen Balls – Lemon Yohourts and some Herbs; Parsley, Marjoram and Mint.

WDP001A While putting the items on the checkout counter, the lady behind said to me, with a concerned look on her face, bless her; “Are you feeling alright Sir, you’re looking very pale, I noticed your hands shaking as well?” I thanked her for showing concern, but I feel fine, thanks” Oh, dear!


When I got it all paid for and myself outside in the car park, I sorted the bags to make them a more even weight distribution. By gum, by the time I’d gone a few yards, the feet really were stinging, and I had to keep stopping for a rest. Still, this allowed me to take some photographs, like this one below in Panorama.


1Mon06I was overcome with creativity at this stage of the journey.

I took this one of my own shadows but showing the distorted hand and fingers from carrying the heavy bags.

I wonder if I should send it to somewhere to go on display. Hehe!

1Mon05Came across this mammoth sized dragonfly. Well, I think that’s what it is, or rather, was.

The plates-of-meat and Duodenal Donald continued to give me grief. I just knew I was going to suffer today, the moment I woke up in my tetchy mood, I knew!

But I’ve done better than this poor aeshnid.

1Mon07I doddered along back to the apartment.

I waved to some tenants on the other side of Chestnut Walk who were at the bus stop.

I went up to the 15th to see if Eric or Cyndy were in, but they were not. I think they might be spending time with their family. If so I hope they are enjoying it. Into the lift and down to my floor.

 Oh, so glad to get in and taking the shoes off, and having a swig of the useless antacid medicine; at first anyway. The noise for the drilling on the outside walls was horrendous!

WDP001A I had a decent headache within minutes of getting inside. Still, nowt to be done about it got to suffer in silence. Hehehe!

I Got the purchases from the bags and stored away. And pondered on why I had bought all this dollop of possibly unwanted, well, unneeded, fodder?

WDP001A Realised after I’d finished that I’d made a Faux Pa in the spelling. Can you see it? I didn’t until it was too late. What a schmuck!


Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Apart from the feet and Duodenal Donald… oh, and now the headache, things were okay.

Curiously, I began to feel less harangued and critical. But, wistfully and forlornly, this was not to last as you will read here.

I went and got the pod peas and potatoes in the saucepan cooking.

I poured a glass of fresh clementine juice and set about updating this diary.

WDP001A The workmen have reached directly opposite where I am sitting with the loud drilling and banging. The cephalalgy is now even worse.

WCplasterA WDP001A Then as I wanted to do a grammar check, WordPress refused to save for me. 

This caused my recently improved state of mind to kiss-goodbye to hopes of contentment and peace and revert to one of vile, detestable hatred, self-pity, despair and defeat.

After battling with the frustration and temptation to jump out of the window (Not literally of course, cause they are still locked) I went through the usual farcical pattern that any cheated, ignored, over-paying Virgin Media Intern user has to. Try the Windows Restart button – failed. Tried Virgin Box reset button Why I don’t know, it’s never worked yet), Failed. Turn everything off, then start everything back up again, take some morphine and cross your fingers. This time it started, slowly, but at least it was working once more.

Hello, the drilling and banging have stopped… ah, they’ll be having their lunch break.

1Mon07bWDP001A Popped in to check on the potatoes and peas on the stove. As I lifted the lid the knob came off in three pieces!

What the hell, next! Boy, was my EQ right this morning or what!

Well fed-up with life today! Enough Whoopsiedangleplops to try the patience of a Saint. I am now, apart from suffering with Duodenal Donald and this horrible inescapable headache: vexed, weakened, weighed down, have had enough, discontented, tired-out, exhausted, frustrated, pissed-off, in the doldrums, listless, enfeebled and jolly irritated with life!

Took the evening medications and did the last Health Checks.

Back to the computer, and the Willmott Dixon lads got back from their lunch. The headache is now spreading in a cephalad direction, and I feel like the top of the head is ready to explode. Another extra 30g Codeine was taken.

Tired now, so I’ll get the Health Checks sorted and have a look see if anything is worth watching on the TV.

1Mon16Got the nosh sorted.

I wish I’d done some more of the little potatoes with it now.

The lamb was lovely, well, it all was. A worthy 9.2/10 for this meals taste rating.

I thought of TFZer Pattie when I had the yoghourt. Natural, but I added some Maple Syrup to it, and it was lovely!

1Mon17Doing the washing up and the sky out there was beautifully picturesque.

Once again, I could not get to sleep, not even nodding off while pretending to watch the TV.

This may be down to the excessive humidity and heat?

TTFN each, please have a great day!


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