Inchcock – Saturday 13th October 2018: A wanchancy ridden day, pleased to report, I got through it. Hehe!


Saturday 13th October 2018

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo 13th October 2018

23.45hrs: I stirred with a rampantly active mind and an overactive borborygmus stomach. Hehe! No doubt this will be relieved when I go to the Porcelain Throne.

I released my body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner with no difficulties or harassment from the ailments!

Whoopsie O1AA Spotting a black LadyBug lurking on the kitchen window ledge, prompted me to carry out a bug-killer-spray in hand patrol of all rooms, in a search and destroy mission of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and LadyBug attackers. The results were worrying:

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Most of them were dead, killed by last nights Spraying-Session, I hope. The LadyBug and a few Weevils were alive in the wet room. But not for long.

I’d left the computer in ‘Sleep-Mode’ as well!

Carried out the Health Checks. Not good results this morning, but, I’ve had worse.


Friday Diary completed. Still no call to the Porcelain Throne yet? A tad disquieting. Cause, there’s a plentiful supply of wind rumbling about in the innards?

Banging coming from above 0130hrs. Hope that John has not fallen out of bed!

0135hrs: Got the laundry gathered and down to get the washer going. Had to clean the filter in the dryer for readiness for later.

Plenty of leaves had been blown in during the heavy winds.


Back up to the apartment, to update this blog.

6Sat140210hrs: Back down in the lift to move the clothing to the dryer. Some foul smells coming from the machines? So, I deterged the washing drum and sprayed some fresh-air from a can around.

The Emergency-Alarm-Pull on the wall was bleeping, a low battery warning, I expect.

I nipped outside to take this ‘Moody’ picture of the foyer entrance area. I was pleased with this one.

Then back up to update this daily catalogue of an old man’s life of ailments, Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas.

6Sat16Down later to collect the laundry.

Whoopsie O1AA I emptied the machine and found an odd sock! I found it later in between the washing machines on the dirty floor, dropped when I took out the washing from the washer!

Cleaned the filet and drum and got the clothing folded.

Whoopsie O1AA This was when I realised what a genuine, complete nebech I am! Not only had I failed to take the towels down with me, but also the dressing gown and trousers to wash!

0310hrs: Back up to the flat and put what few togs I’d washed into the airing cupboard. The odd cleaned sock, and the wet unwashed partner to this sock, I put in the washing bag ready for next time. Schlub, Humph!

Went onto Facebooking to add all the photographs I’d taken yesterday and this morning to the albums. Took me a long time, but I got them finished, and then went on the TFZer site.

0725hrs: I took a break to make a mug of tea. Opened the window to take this photograph and nearly got blown back on my feet. Talk about wind! I have outside and in, but still no being summoned to the porcelain throne yet.


A fatidically, daunting view, and bitter strong winds.

Whoopsie O1AA As I made the brew, I realised I had not yet taken the morning medications, so I did.

I found a few funnies from the web about Police Officers and put them on the TFZ site.

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St102Then made a TFZer Graphic as well.

It was late enough now for me to start doing the cleaning, use the hoover, etc. So I made a start on it but had to force myself like. Hehe!

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, and Shaking Shaun joined in with him.

Not feeling too good.

I’ll carry on cleaning but take my time. Did a bit, but gave up again. So tired and drained.

6Sat18Whoopsie O1AA Got mushroom and pod peas in the crock-pot, but failed to notice that the peas had gone off! What a  Shlimazel!

So, no mushrooms or peas to eat today. Not that it mattered. I lost my appetite. Did the Health Checks and Med’s, and just sorted cleaning the crock-pot, and sat down, falling asleep.

I stirred (still feeling not right, nothing to identify, just confused and tired) later, and gave Sister Jane a call. No reply, but she rang me back a few minutes later. Enjoyed a natter.

6Sat18aDropped off to sleep again, and woke to feel a bit more like eating. So I made this meal.

But when I got around to eating it, I found I could not get much down the gullet. I left all the bread thins… it’d be easier to say what I did eat: Half of the sliced potatoes, half of the tomatoes and three pieces of bacon. But the hunger was gone.

Terrible time trying to sleep properly, forever waking every few minutes, the sweat pouring out of me.

Woke around 0030hrs: Determined to get some sorting and cleaning done.

11 thoughts on “Inchcock – Saturday 13th October 2018: A wanchancy ridden day, pleased to report, I got through it. Hehe!

  1. You should have saved the lady bug, she was probably looking for EBWICBBB larvae to eat. The series of cops giving kids tickets is great. So you “have a missing sock”? The mystery of missing socks has never fully be solved. I think the dryers eat them myself, but it’s hard to prove.

    • I never thught of that, Tim. One in the wet room (LadyBug) photo, seemed to be socialising with the weevils – now I know why! Hehe!
      They may discover the visiting Aliens secrets, Catch Haleys Comet and Find an honest politician… but never will they solve the mystery of the missing socks! Hahaha!
      (I take it back about the honest politician)
      Cheers Sir.

  2. I think Tim’s onto something. Ladybugs eat aphids – suck the little buggers dry! The beetles may be too well armored to find the ladybugs a threat, but their eggs could be the reason for the ladybugs’ appearance. Of course, Raid will wipe both out.

    • I agree, Doug. They seem (the bugs and the weevils) to be existing happily with each other at the moment.
      In fact, when I fell asleep (rare, I know, Hehehe!) I woke up with a bug and a weevils on my finger! Going to post the photo, to cheer th lads up later. Haha! Cheers.

      • I’d think the management (apparently aware of your comments or they’d not try to censor you) would feel compelled to address your 1950s horror film bug problem before you start posting what percent of your total monthly costs of living are related to dealing with their indifference to your health and safety…. That said, KILL! KILL! KILL! LOL!

      • What great wording, Doug. Hehehe!: “… feel compelled to address your 1950s horror film bug problem before you start posting what percent of your total monthly costs of living are related to dealing with their indifference to your health and safety….” Love it!

      • Dxxx right (censoring it for the frou-frou set I know have to be following you because you are one of those bad boys girls and women find exciting)! It got me in all sorts of situations and trouble when I worked. You know, “share your concerns with us…but only if it’s nice stuff requiring no effort on our part”. I worked there at least 20 years before I finally learned they really didn’t want my opinion except on matters related to the data I teased and tortured on their behalf.

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