Inchcock’s Trip to Nottingham wiv his camera! Comments in bad rhyme!


Inchcock’s Trip to Nottingham


I started out on my trip to town today,

I got through to the lifts, to my dismay,

The elevators all 12-floors below,

I waited patiently before I could go,

I had the scenic view to peruse, though!


Walking through the link-passage again,

Welcomed by the pouring rain,

Trapped my fingers in the swipe-door, the pain!

I chatted with Angela and Elaine,

Out to get wet, but didn’t complain,

T’was nice to get out of the flats again!


Off the bus, greeted with a jogging student’s glare,

I just tossed him back, a similar stare,

The rain worked its way, through my jacket,

I wouldn’t mind, but it cost me a packet!

Nottingham City Centre, I wondered why I ever went there!


I remembered though, it was to buy food, starting at Aldi first,

 I hobbled my way down a rainy Glasshouse Street,

At the shop, I bought a lot of fodder, even some Bratwurst,

Then paid, wandered off, for my spending was incomplete,

To Bargain Buys, they’d no potato cakes, that made me curse!


Mansfield Road, rain and Pavement Cyclists abound!

Next a bloke on a Lambretta, I cursed, and moved on,

Nottinghamian’s serenity, smiles, were not to be found,

As to Trinity Square, I was soggily bound!

En route, this bit of Street Art below, I found,


It lay there, wet, upon the ground,

On Old Street, it was found,

Broken bottles nearby, a battleground.

I moved away, like a limping greyhound!


I got through Trinity Square, left via Kings Walk.

Not many folks about at all?

No one to say hello to, or talk,

Then we had a little rain squall!


Parliament Street had a few more folks around, I have to say,

Unemployed, Students, shoplifters, muggers, no policemen though.

The rain started pouring heavier, not a nice day,

So many eateries in one place, how do they all make any dough? (Hahaha!)


Down Market Street, I did wobble along,

The rain temporarily having stopped,

I think I sang a joyful song,

The tram gave out a melodic ‘Klong-Klong’,

I might use this photo later, as a ‘Thoughts’ backdrop!


A damp Slab Square, where did the people go?

Is it the rain, are Social Services Inspectors lurking?

Which department are they from, if so?

After illegal immigrants, or claimants working?

A mystery to me, I don’t know.


Nottingham’s cheerless Wheeler Gate, depression flowed,

My target, in Turquoise, the Poundland shop!

Competing coffee shops each side of the road,

Staff sneering at each other, as a goad!

I came out of Poundland, with a massive load,

Two bags on the trolley handles, it went all over the road,

I spent so much, I wondered how much I owed!


To the bus stop home, along South Parade,

Though the tatty, unkempt Slab Square,

A slight Accifauxpas, I’m afraid I made,

The rain started again there,

Got my brolly out, the one for which £10 I paid,

It fell to bits, and to be right and fair,

  I couldn’t bend down, so I left it there!


Over the Slab Square, to the King Street/Long row junction,

Where the brain struggled to function,

I had a Dizzy Dennis cumulation,


When the head cleared, and the brain regeared,

With admiration for architect Watson Fothergill grew,

Just looking at his work, my heart cheered.


On the way up Queen Street, the trolley-walker veered,

Very nearly tipping over, that’s something I feard,

It became so unruly, it understeered,

By gum, I thought, this is weird!

Ah, a big-clump of chewing gum from the wheel was cleared,

I must say, I was greatly cheered!


Thank You

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15 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Trip to Nottingham wiv his camera! Comments in bad rhyme!

      • You are a hidden master, Gerry! Between your poetic masterworks and your Corel art, your posts are a delight. Of course, reading how another old fart survives the vicissitudes of age is another part of your charm: We are not alone!

      • Here I am, hidden, showing and revealing all to the world on the web – and still nobody rich gets in touch to buy my work. Hahahahaha!
        Ah, vicissitudes, a perfect word to use there, Doug! Great choice!

      • I’m waiting for my blog to make me fabulously rich, too. I just know Hollywood wants to get the rights – and the kitty boys! – to make a series of kitty boy films that the world wants to see! LOL! Lots of people in India have followed me lately, so perhaps the Bollywood mogols will beat Hollywood to the rights! Rupees are OK with me, too.

      • Ah, you too with an Indian following, most of myreads are from there, Doug. Mmm?
        “……………………………………………………..” What shall you call the first film?

      • It’s a huge number, though I can’t say just how many. I think we’ll call it “Floofy the Kitty Boy Saves America” People enjoy seeing American icons being over-run with villains intent on blowing up the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the White House (predferably with the president in it). Floofy has super powers, you see, because he’s an American cat with big…um…no those were removed when he was a few months old! Anyway, Floofy is a pretty powerful kitty boy, powered by the strength of the the American flag and the US Constitution! Woohoo! I might even pay to watch a film where a Persian kitty boy was a hero for a change. He, of course, has a sidekick, Powder Puff the Persian kitty boy. when they aren’t beating each other up and destroying furniture, they are all the above: Saving America!!! The sequel will give Powder Puff a major role where nasty socialist villains put him in a carrier and send Floofy a ransom note. “We will give Powder Puff a lion cut if you don’t leave 20,000 containers of catnip-flavored Greenies by the fountain in the park. We mean it!” Floofy saves the day, pussy-footing past the socialists, opening the carrier, and… but you have to watch the film to learn Powder Puff’s fate! (Did he suffer a lion cut or did they give him a teddy bear cut? Or did he survive without any cuts at all?~ It will make zillions of dollars!)

      • Hey, you asked for it, Gerry! The coffee kicked in about the time I read your [=-pquestion (Andy just walked across the keyboard), and my normal dementia provided the scenarios!

      • Hahaha!
        You’re cooking now! Brilliant bit of Cat-Nip flavoured fun there, Doug!
        Syrely someone in pub;ishing will read this… expect an offer coming in, Doug!
        Thanks for the laugh!

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