Inchcock – Fri 2nd October 2020: (In Short) Computer problems lost me the post!

Hello, hello, hello, what’s all this then?

Friday 2nd October 2020

Mongolian: 2020 оны 10-р сарын 2-ны Баасан гараг

Created the Escape blog. Wee-wees were rampant all day. Took me over three hours.

Updated blog – Computer problems, lost everything.

Going again, no idea how I did it if I actually did it or it did!

All het up and frustrated. Checked on latest confusing Coronavirus figures.

Started to update again.

Duodenal Donald responded to the hassle, not good at all.

Ablutions – hand washing.

Mechanically retrieved Beef flavoured Chicken and calf lungs sausages! No idea why.

Belated Health checks.

Ablutions. Bad fall.

Duodenal Donald in a bad mood.

Mug Glengettie Gold. Dropped it after taking the photo.

Just not good, got down to rest.

Nodded off, medications Woke and got on blogging.

Lost everything again – Argh!!!

Despondent, got massive nosh made.

Ate the fish but not much else, worried about upsetting Duodenal Donald any more than was necessary.

Throne, bloody, solid, tough going.

Not feeling too good. Meds, wash, head-down.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Fri 2nd October 2020: (In Short) Computer problems lost me the post!

  1. You have a decent SYS after all that trouble with the post. The wee wees had you waylaid as well. You got a massively good looking dinner done too.

    • Thanks, Timothy, Sir.
      The Sys variations are somethng top look forward to each day, Hahaha!

      Wee-wees, continue today,
      Duodenal Donald still bad, to my dismay,
      For computer working, I pray!

      All the bestest, for everyone!

  2. The late, great, lamented Loki had a master paw for keyboard shortcuts. A deft paw on a control key, followed by another sweeping paw placement could — and would — select an entire text, then subtly touch the delete key. In an instant, no file. Wor a wizard of a moggie. 🙂

    Onward to Saturday then 🙂 🙂

    • Merci Timothy.
      Loki, ah, Loki, the keyboard keys key player. X

      We’ve got a protest by the anit-lockdowners in Nottingham slab square, at this very moment, Sir. Shoppers have been warned! They refuse to wear masks, and do not socially distance, trouble ahead methinks! Oh, dear!
      I’ve ordered a cvan of ready made chilli for next week. Summats got to happen after this mornings visit to the Throne. Argh!
      TTFNski, best to everyone.

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