Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th October 2020:

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Saturday 24th October 2020

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo Ngomhlaka-24 Okthoba 2020

Not feeling too good. Done this in brief

01:50hrs: Up needed Porcelain Throne. To the wet-room, magnificent evacuation, although ultra-pongy and messy.

But Little Inchies lesion worried me, took a long time to stop it, and I feel so drained, lifeless, eyelids drooping, and Duodenal Donald was having a go at me.

Got the first Enoxaparin injection done, I imagine doing this to a vet, would remind him of doing a blubber sperm whale. Hehe!

Cleaned up, and medicated best I could, I think I may go through a few pairs of PPs today.

Got the Health checks done, checked the Emails, and spent hours and hours doing the updating of yesterdays blog.

No particular ailment to blame individually, but I was so fatigued, concentration was the worst thing, or I should say lack of it!

I did get it finished, after a lot of error finding and correcting. I’ve most likely missed no end of them. I may have to take a break from doing them for a bit unless things improve, that will break my heart.

Sent the email link off. Pinterested. Facebooking. Got into a right mess for a few more hours getting lost doing the template.

Had a break and pot of noodles for a late breakfast.

I tried to pull things together the Pharmacist should be bringing the Hypodermics after 16:00hrs, but of course that can mean any time, could it not?

I wanted to stop everything and get down for a rest, from the brain, as well as the pain. There you are poetry again! Hehe! But I must stay awake so as not to miss the chemist prescriptions. I’m thinking, that may be the Enoxaparin is all out of date. Has taking these, made me feel like I do after injecting them? Some were, I know, but a different brand, I can’t find any use-by date on, so getting the new ones are urgent.

I can’t do anything, memory and concentration shot to pieces, never felt like this before. Even Herberts not so noisy today. I took the second injection, and noticed how extra pale the body had gone? The thin blood I sup[pose with the Warfarin level being so low. Hey-Ho!

I made brew of the decaffeinated tea, tasteless-crap! Threw it away and made a proper mug of Glengettie. Then opened daily ‘YourArea’ Emagazine to look for any updates on the Nottingham Coronavirus situation. Then it began to rain, Hey-Ho!.

Well, things didn’t look and sound too good on the Pandemic front.

By the time I’d read the magazine and made up the graphics above, the drizzly rain turned a little heavier, then more so, ending up with it belting down! Torrenting! And it seemed set in for the rest of the day.

Then, Porcelain-Throne session three arrived.

Prepped bacon and beans ready for when the needles arrive.

Watched more YouTube rubbish, but it kept me awake!

The Chemist arrived, bless him with the Enoxaparin. I had a look on the box and leaflet for any use-by-date, couldn’t find any, but it did say they were made, EU/1/16/113/2018. I did have a few, well two, 40ml hypos, with a date on that ends in a week, so used them up tonight.

Took the meds and medicationalised things. Little Inchies fungal lesion, is still bleeding a fair bit. Went in the kitchen to get the nosh prepared, and the heavens had opened even more. I took this photo through the bottom window.

Got the bacon and beans served up, and got down to in the recliner to digest them.

A taste rating of 8.5/10 was given. Delicious, naughty but nice. I haven’t had any bacon for ages; I think this is why I enjoyed them so much.

I was really miffed when I couldn’t get off to sleep, I felt so weary, but the Thought-Storms were rampant.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th October 2020:

    • Cheers, mate.
      The needles are a smidge longer on the new hypos, Tsk!
      I still have three tins of Chili-Con-Carne in the cupboard. More on order from Sainsburys (I hope), next Tueaday 27th, twixt 10>1100hrs. (I wrote this to helo me remember it!) I might increase the order in the morning.

  1. Quite a bit of synchronicity between your real-time weather report and your Covid-update report, Sir Inch. Everywhere I look the “uptick” of Covid occurrences is taking a steep rise. The traditionally most-traveled holiday in the US is one month from tomorrow — November 26. We traditionally keep a low profile here, so it’s not a real change this year from last, however things a vaguely different. The last two days have seen two whoppers of caseloads in the US: 83,700 each.
    On the lighter side, the reproduction number for Corona is relatively low if you take some precautions. The rate of reproduction for Ebola is much higher.
    Looking on the Brian side of life, perhaps.

    • It’s a mystery this Covid-whatsit situation, innit? Sister Jane is hearing of many lcals getting it, two of them are in hospital. This is when it hits home a little more, methinks. But she still goes out the same as before. That is before she lost the sight of one eye. That’s all that’s left of our dwindling family, she Pete and me, all health challenged. Tsk! Not so bad for me, though, I’ve had ailements for years to cope with, bit it is new to Jane and Pete (Big C), so much harder to manage. But they do seem to coping pretty well, bless them. Proud of them I am!
      Nottingham Police had raided student parties over the last two night. Link:

      Glad you’re taking Brian’s view in coping! Hahaha!

      • Trump has been proclaiming that the end of the pandemic is nigh since February, when there only a handful of cases had been identified. He is still making the very same claim as a third bump occurs. Unfortunately, he has a sizeable following — the kind of thing that happens when you are POTUS. I’ve been waiting for Mr. T to appoint a flat-earth believer to head NASA.
        My latest slogan:

        Super-spreading is becoming a national sport.

        Thanks for the links to the Nottingham scene, sounds much like us over here in the US. Is Boris trying to become more Donald than he already is?
        Fare thee well, cocker!

      • POTUS? Politically Overbearing Trump United Supporter? Hehehe!

        It’s all getting too much, innit?
        Life was we knew it,
        Coronvirus we screwed it,
        Vaccine producing, can we do it?
        No other country to where we can flit?
        I’ll watch my Red Dward DVD for a bit!

        Taketh mucho care out there, all you Ohian tellurians!

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