Inept Inchcock, Diary – Monday 11th January 2021

Monday 11th January 2021

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 11 януари 2021 г.

23:35hrs: I came back to consciousness, to be greeted by BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) and HH Hippy-Hilda, both giving me more aches and pains than ever before. It became obvious that during yesterday and Nocturnally, the terrible Mind-Blanks, Dizzy Dennis visits and all the Confusion Conrads, that I must have gone over on the floor at some time. Tsk!

Still, I didn’t feel sorry for myself, I was actually pleased that I’d got through the attacks without any other or worse injuries. Thinking about it, it may have been another mini-stroke, the metallic taste in the mouth, was very similar when I was coming out of the last big stroke. So, I might have been lucky. Patchy memories of the event remain.

But other than the discomfort of the bruisings, I was feeling much better and with-it now. Slow-witted still maybe, but ten-times perkier than last night! A good sleep helped no doubt. I reckon I must have had over five (piecemeal) hours in restful slumber!

I had a wee-wee, a tricky affair, and got the computer on to update the diary. I spent a lot longer trying to remember what had occurred, yet odd incidents, were gin clear than I did in typing the details? Albeit I guessed at some, had no doubt missed others off. Once I began writing, things went extraordinarily well. Lack of hassle from Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters and Dizzy Dennis felt so unnatural, incredible really.

I did the Health Checks. Amazingly, the SYS was down from 184 to 164, DIA lower from 84 to 81. Pulse  Down to 77 from 84?

All finished as best I could anyway, I sent off the post and emailed the link. Pinterested a couple of pictures, and went on Facebooking catch-up. Good timing, just as I had finished, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Off to the wet room, and the evacuation was one of the best for months! Effortless, painless, and neither Trotsky Terence nor Constipation Konrad had the upper hand! Not too messy, not overly pongy either! The only thing of any concern was that the bleeding was mucous-like, but not a lot of it. This got me thinking while washing the hands, I stood for a few moments thinking about yesterdays problems. 

  • Had it been a mini-stroke?
  • Only the metallic taste in the mouth gave any indication that it might have been?
  • I would surely have pressed the wristlet panic alarm if I had thought it was? (My memories were so obscure, unestablished and confused)
  • How could I go/fall over and not remember doing so?
  • Breaking pots and dropping things without realising?
  • I later found I’d left the fridge door open, and the tap running? (On the bright side, the butter will spread easier, and it was the cold water tap [faucet], I’d left running, not the hot one, and the plug was not in the sink) Hehe!
  • How come I’m feeling so good this morning?
  • Why have the regular ailments not started kicking off yet this morning? (Apart from Cathy Cartilage, Anne Gyna) No Duodenal Donald, SSS has barely given me a twinge yet?
  • Reflux Roger and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters seem hardly any hassle at all!
  • The Sys, Dia and pulse were all lower?
  • Even Toothache Thomas is far less bother?
  • The Throne’s evacuation, almost perfect (Apart from the blood)
  • Why the mucous secretion from the rear end suddenly?

I had to stop myself thought-meandering, I realised that no answers were going to be found. I hope that it is Matron Julie who calls today for the courtesy visit, I can explain everything to her.

Made a brew of Glengettie, and tool the medications. Crikey! The wee-weeing is getting vicious and frequent now!

Took a poor photo of the morning view. With the Canon, the Nikon I think has now packed-up altogether. Sob!

Then spent a few hours on starting this post going. Next, I checked on the WordPress Reader. Then read and replied to the comments on WP.

Then made some brekkers of sorts: mini pork & pickle pies, and a packet of Frazzles.

Then decided to get the ablutions done. I washed the pots, had yet another wee-wee, and off to the wet-room I trudged, with the innards beginning to rumble a tad?

A stand-up session, due, to the fact that I misread the clock before going in, thinking it was 08:00hrs when it was 07:00hrs. Tsk! The teeth cleaning went well, even the shaving was okay! The medicationalisationing was also fine! Up until then, I’d only had about four dropsies! Grrreat!

Then it came to getting dressed – things got a smidge farcical then!

  • Getting the PPs on, Unbalanced-Brian nearly had me over – it would probably have been less painful if he had! I didn’t half crack Carilage Cathy’s knee on the corner of the floor cabinet! Agony ensued, and I’m now limping in a different style. Of course, I merely laughed it off, no swearing under my breath, or out loud!
  • No socks put on. Obviously not through my fear of the finger trapping and cutting Sock-Glide, not a brave, handsome, heroic, fit, dynamic person like me. I just thought it was warm enough to go without any socks on. Ahem!
  • The trousers next, and I tried to take extra care – but at his usual inopportune moment, Neuropathic Pete burst forth with a right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance! (It had to happen, things had been going unnaturally well this morning!) And just at the moment that I lifted my left leg up to stick it in the trews! I lost my grip on the doorframe, and lunged at the shower chair for support, cunningly and slickly preventing my tumbling to the floor! Then…
  • As I was doing this piece of clever manipulation, I knocked the damned Sock-Glide off the chair! What part of my body did it hit? Yep! Smack on the lowermost painful part of Cartilage Cathy’s knee! Knowhere else at all!
  • The language did flow this time. A few silent blaspheming profanities were uttered! I’m afraid! Well, a lot, really!
  • This had to happen on the first time I was short of painkillers. You watch it, all the ailments will start kicking off soon! Grubbleackers!

I exited the Torture Room… I mean, wet-room and finished dressing. The INR nurse and the Matron visit (If they happen) could arrive early, so  I got the waste bags made up, and into the trolley box, and taken to the waste chute as soon as it was the allowed time to use it.

My luck changed as I was leaving the door into the flat’s foyer. I got the trolley out and was turning to close the door, and Cartalidge Cathy gave way. I wobbled and flailed about using walls as support. I’ve no idea how I manage it in that tight space, but I got away without a single clump, bash or hit against anything! A funny life, innit?

I poddled to the chute room and got the bags all deposited, and back to the flat. The place seemed so quiet. Not a soul to be seen.

I made a brew and continued to work on this blog for an hour or so, hoping the nurses would come early, no such luck.

I checked on the emails. Then read the local E-Magazine, Your-Area. The Vaccines Minister has some nervous-making news for us.

The latest available Nott’m Coronavirus figures were not too happy-making either! Oh, dear!

Teenager in ‘life-threatening’ condition after Nottingham stabbing Teenager in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after stabbing in Forest Fields, Nottingham Police arrest trio after report of stabbing in Forest Fields

The heartbroken mum of a 16-year-old boy who died after being stabbed said community support has stopped her leaving the area for good.

Thank heavens the INR Vampire Nurse arrived to take my blood, reading this magazine was depressing me. A lovely lady. Had a look at the BP record, and I told her of the mysterious loss of memory last night, and the mess I found in the kitchen. She too thinks it might have been a mini-stroke. Matron Julie might be calling on me later.

As soon as the gal left, I began to feel the weariness dawning on me again. I hope things don’t go like yesterday afternoon did.

A thought or recovered memory came back to me. Sister Jane, I think, is going in hospital today to have her needles in the eye again. I rang her, no answer, I bet she was already at the hospital. I rang Brother in Law, Pete. He’s just dropped her off at the Eye Hospital. The connection was bad. Had to give up, I think we were guessing at what each other was saying. (Noisy trams in the background). Hehe!

Closed down the computer, and got the nosh started.

Jane rang back and sounded alright, she was pleased that she had not had the needle in the eye this time, but the poor gal had to go back in two weeks to have it again. I cringed at the thought for Jane. ♥

Pottered about, nervously hoping there would be no repeat of Sundays ‘Out-of-it’ session. (Nope, all okay, Phew!)

Tim Price (New Mexico – Photographer-De-Superb’ – Jolly good egg, and Chilli Officianado) would have been proud of me (I was!). I had minced beef pies, garden peas, last of the mini-tomatoes, and, wait for it… Sweet Chilli Chicken breast! I’ve enjoyed the ChilliCon-Carni I’ve been having! So I tried some of the Chilli-chicken, but not the strong one, just the sweet chilli, it was grand! The meal got a Taste-Rating of 8/10!

I finished it and the fruit desserts off, then put the tray on the side chair and drifted off into the land of nod. I fumbled my way out of the chair, rightly thinking it was the DVT clinic results for the Warfarin blood test coming in. The 1.7 level, as a disappointment, but then again, with the ‘Out-of-it’ moments I’ve had this past few days, it was no surprise to see it so low really.

The lady, from the Sherrington Park Surgery, gave me the week’s dosages: Tonight 3 – Tues 3 – Wed 2½ – Thur 3 – Fri 2½  – Sat 3 -Sun 2½, next blood test Tuesday 18 January.

I got my head back down, and noticed the tray with the dirty plate and cutlery on the side-chair, I thought about moving it. Zzzz!

10 thoughts on “Inept Inchcock, Diary – Monday 11th January 2021

  1. With your BP so high, you could have stroked it a bit. Mini-strokes are not uncommon. Sounds like you went on a stroking good rampage. Sweet Chili Chicken! You are doing good on the chili my man. I might have to Knight you as an honorary New Mexican for you good chili efforts. It’s good the nurse looked at your vitals and you told her about the possibility of stroking a bit. Good luck getting the meds straightened out.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      The Community Nurse didn’t show up, shame that! Perhaps today, hopefully today, she can schedule me in easier.

      First bit of the CChicken, and with it being sweet chilli (it said on the packet), I thought it was grrreat! An Honour to be honoured!
      Damned Sainsbury and Morrisons have ran out of CCC – Gnash! Swine!

      Taketh care, Sir, Louie and and kitties too.

  2. The betterer SYS results are good to see, you did have that extra-high result the other day, perhaps enough for a mini-stroke? Betterer sleep is also a good idea, but the fearsome falling of the sock glide onto the sensitive knee region…worth a few blunt remarks most certain.
    Running the cold water in the stead of the heated variety was a good choice, Sir!
    Great nosh number, mate!

    • Morning, Billumski, Thanks.
      I assume it was summat like a mini-stroke, not that anyone is bothered, even I’m not. Hahahaha!
      Ah, the damned sock-glide, mate, Grrr! I gave myself a toe stubbing early this morning, and it triggered Cartilage Cathy off – yer can’t win, well not me! Hehe!
      The faucet incident was a bit of luck actuallly, I’ll take it back about not winning, I patially won that one… did I? Yes!
      Hope that Lisa and you are okayski today? We must continue to be wary and take precautions as far as we can. We have more folk in hospital with the damned Corona whatsit, than ever before, now!
      How’s your folks coping?

      • I think that the sock glide contains a hard-wired gremlin, always there because it cares the skin to bare. 🙂
        A magic trick — turning hot water into cold water while kipping?
        The virus is thick over here, I double-mask now. Only a few percent of the population has received the vaccine — at the same time it spreads like wild.
        My brother and sister-in-law have recovered from it. So, not as bad (so far…).

      • If it gets any colder here, Billumski, I’ve have to start wearing socks again, nowt against socks of course, but SGS = Sock-Glide-Succubus, is the work of the devil! Or, not like.

        Did I mention the cunning tricks of the Council landlord re the faucets? The wetroom had the hot left, cold right – the kitchenette has them hot right, cold left positions. Highly suitable for an old peoples residence, the fifteen stories high rise block is a gem! Hehehe!

        I’m glad top hear your kin have recovered, Sir.
        I don’t know of anyhone who has had their jabs who lives in the flats here, but there are bound to be some.
        I don’t know the validity of this newspaper report, but someone in Dorset had the jab, and passed away when they caught it a week later? Scary!
        The Nott’s hospitals sayh the wards have more vixtims in beds than at the start of the pandemic? They a struggling to cope.

        I pray you can stay save over there Lisa and Billum.

        Are you having trouble with GMail? I sometimes get an email months after it was sent? Not to worry, we’ve bigger things to contend with.

        Keep Safe!

      • Worra mix-em-up with the hot and cold water spigots. Reminds me of a friend who mistakenly attached the hot-water line to the porcelain throne 🙂 Now that my memory is jogging such memories, I worked with a fellow who had purchased an old house that needed a little work. While replacing a ceiling lamp, he discovered that the previous owner had run the electricity to the lamp with extension cords. A caveat emptor moment.
        I go with the science on vaccines, perhaps it’s my early memories of polio epidemics.
        We’re fortunate to live near good hospitals and medical facilities, but they are being strained too.

        Keep safe as well, mon ami!

      • Well, as least hearing of your friends Whoppsie with the water, has shown others can do it too! Cheered me momentarily.

        As an ankle snapper, I lost three schoo;mates to polio. Too young to fully appreciate it at the time, until later, then it hit me.

        Cheers, cocker!

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