Institutionalised Inchies Diary – Monday 1st February 2021

Our TFZer Angel, Gladys

Monday 1st February 2021

Maori: Mane 1st Pepuere 2021

02:35hrs: Yet another night of broken sleep patterns. Shame that! Still, needing a wee-wee, and the Vampire Nurse being due to remove my blood early today, I had to rise from the £300, second-hand, c1968, excrescent, horrendously-grungy, beige coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, unfit-for-use, recliner.

I caught my balance easily enough, and I made my way to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), and painfully rid myself of about three eggcups full of wee-wee, with even more of the stubborn PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling) to cope with.

Relieving myself, I got a message from the EQ. It was not a clear one, but sort of mixed signals that didn’t warn me, but rather advised me to absorb what was coming along soon and analyse the situation and make a positive decision. Very vapid and vague, but that what was revealed to me?

I emptied and cleaned the overnight bucket, and hobbled to the kitchen, with Cartilage Cathy’s knee giving way a couple of times en route. I tried to link this with the EQ message, but am sure not connected.

I took the hanging to dry green quilt down from the coat hanger on the rail above the sink. And laid it on the server-trolley, in such a position, that the damp parts, top and bottom, were nearest the wall heater. Cunning eh? I’m mastering this, you know!

I did the Health Checks, starting with the dependable, trustworthy, Chinese manufactured Boot’s Sphygmomanometer.

The SYS had tumbled down to 145, the first time it’s been those low in many a month?

The made in Hong Kong, by the Chinese Harpin Xian Di company, and jolly reliable contactless battery-powered thermometer, looked close to turning into amber from green, showing the body-temperature of 37.2° Centigrade. 98.96° Fahrenheit.

An urgent summoning from the innards to the Porcelain Throne followed. So, I went to the wet room as instructed, without delay. Haha! A good job I did, too!

Only a bit nifty work in dropping everything and getting down on the seat saved an embarrassing situation from occurring! The evacuation started before I’d actually got my rear end settled! The PTDDSB (Porcelain-Throne-Daily-Domination-Stakes-Battle) was won hands down by Trotsky Terence this morning. Constipation Konrad was well beaten out of sight. And messy, it certainly was, the cleaning up afterwards took me ages. Made worse, by the cisterns inability to cope with the mass of the downloaded product.  The multiple refilling of the water tank, and my dropping the water jug, and more bending down to sort out the mess, surrounded by the pungent aroma, had me feeling rather drained, pained and mordacious! Tsk! Still, I didn’t mind. Ahem!

After being up for what felt like half a day, I finally got around to updating the Sunday (I do hate Sundays!) blog.

Blessedly, and amazingly, apart from Cartilage-Cathy (who did not affect the typing, only the concentration), and SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley frequently attacking; the other ailments were in a good mood with me. Which meant I got the blog updated in an efficient time scale. Smug-Mode-Adopted, and Smirking with swaying-head, and Satisfied-Smile, that gave way to blooming great laugh, breaking out, too!)

I posted off the IT diary, emailed the link, and went on Facebooking updating. Then went on the WordPress Reader, and answered some comments. I was getting a smidge, worried, with things going so well? I even got the jobs done in time, so no need to rush the ablutions before the nurse was due to,

I had over an hour, to get the shaving-shower etc. done! I put the computer in sleep mode (I wish I could that with me), and off to the wet room.

The teeth cleaning proved no bother! The shaving, only four dropsies, and only two tiny nocks that hardly bled at all!

The showering, well, was brilliant! Only two dropsies, no dizzies, no tumbles, no hitting into anything, Grrreat! Drying off, only the one dropsies; that was the towel – but it did so several times. Hehe!

The medicationalisationing went fair, too! The legs looked a little blotchy, but I think that was due to the lighting in the wet room.

I got some handwashing done and hung above the kitchen sink.

Then, a surprise, a wee-wee. It had been ages since I had one. Not that I wanted to have one, but the changes in the wee-weeing habits seem to change several times a day. Just thought I’d mention it.

I got the waste bags sorted out and stacked up on the trolley-walker in the hallway, with a box of recyclables on the top of the pile.

It’s going to be interesting getting that to the waste room chute. (For interesting, you may consider using ‘risky’. Haha! My plan was to take the small bags to deposit in the waste funnel, the not take the glass and recycling boxes on down to the caretaker Robert’s bins. Next, to call on Ballerina Warden Deana, and ask her to arrange the Covid-19 inoculation for me. A plan…me? Having a plan! Scary!

The intercom rang forth and flashed, and the angelic-looking mask of the Haematology Nurse appeared on the intercom screen. I admitted her and went to get a shirt on quickly because I didn’t want to scare her by making her look at my lardaceous, protruding wobbly-belly. Fairs, fair!

A cheery soul she was, efficient too. She soon had the blood taken, filled the missed-medications form in for me as well. As she was leaving, they are always in a rush. (That or want to get away as fast as possible from me for fear of catching something, Hahahaha!) I asked if she had children a hone, and she said yes, so I gave a boy and girls facemask from the ones I’d bought, mistakenly thinking they were adult ones (Waste not, want not). I’ll find someone today to give the others to.

I got the walker-trolley out into the lift lobby, and down to the far end to the waste-chute room. It was a close call, but UI got there without losing or dropping anything.

Put the nine small bags down the funnel, and I took the empty box back to the flat, then down with the nibble bags, full recycling box, Covid-19 letter and the other two facemasks. I sound almost organised today, don’t I? As I say, worrying innit? Worse with EQ’s cryptic message for the day.

Down in the lift, and met Doris, we fought our way through the lobby that was being done-up. Out and to the bin, left the bag of recyclables, no sign of Robert. Then I carried on to the Winwood Court and the warden’s, Obergruppenfürheress Deana,
Reichs Inspekteuress Julie interrogation office.

I handed the bag to Deana and begged her for help with the vaccination paperwork, she told me to sit down in the lobby, while she sorts the dates and times our for me, bless her cotton socks.

Mary was in the lobby, we chatted, but neither of were sure what the other one was saying, made worse by the facemasks.

This reminded me, and I inquired if anyone had kiddywinks at home, but no. Deana came out and said she has got me an appointment for the Covid-Vaccine giving, at 11:10 hrs on Friday 12th February, and the follow-up one on Saturday 1st May at the same time. Both at the Djanology School on Gregory Road near the Forest ground. Which will mean four buses, two, each way, or a taxi both ways on those days, my heads in a daze… She had written the dates down for me to put in my calendar, bless her cotton socks.

I asked if the foot-lady was still open, Deana said no, so that’s the end of my Friday appointment then, Humph!

I thanked her, and as I got outside, I thought I’d take a photo of the note with the times. Just in case I lost it. Ahem!

I walked along Chestnut Way back to the flats.

I met Robert on the way, and I put the glass jars that I’d forgot to do earlier, in the green glass bin. He had kids at home, so I gave him the camouflage and pink children’s facemasks, back up to the flat.

First thing, I put the date and times of the vaccine appointments into the Google Calendar.

Then I got the photos uploaded to CorelDraw to resize and sort them.

I made a brew of Glengettie, and I took this photo on the right, of Chestnut Walk below the flats.

Back to the computer, and updated this blog for a few hours.

Then got the Wax Clearer kit out that was delivered yesterday.

The instructions were far to small to read. I did a search for my magnifying glass, after half an hour or so, I gave up.

I took a photo of the English Translated instructions.

Then also gave up on understanding them, and I got the old soft-screw one out and used that.

A couple more hours updating, and I was feeling shattered, so gave up trying to do any more on the computer.

I made a tasty brew, Glengettie of course, and took the evening medications. (I fact, I found in the morning that I hadn’t imbibed them, when I found the pot of tablets stuck in the folds of my blubbery stomach, Tsk!)

Too tired for owt to eat. Washed and settle in the c1968 recliner, stayed awake to watch Tales of the unexpected, and part of a Kitchen Nightmare episode, and Sweet Morpheus took over at last. Thank heavens for that!

12 thoughts on “Institutionalised Inchies Diary – Monday 1st February 2021

  1. The SYS was good. Your legs look decent and the leaf has gotten longer. Nice the vampire had kids. You are amazing at stacking that trolley up. Pretty soon you can be like Jack and climb those boxes and goose a giant. Or something like that.

    • The SYS is tumbling, this morning down even further, mate?
      ‘The leaf has gotten longer!’ Hahaha! The shrivelisationing continues, I’m afraid. Hehe!
      Goose a giant, that reminds me of something from the past – Grizelda to be precise.
      Maybe I could escape the lockdown through the roof?
      I hope the forecasr .snow and ice has cleared before I have to travel for the vaccinationings, it a lone and barren place the Forest in cold weather, to queue up in.
      Cheers Sir.

  2. TGINS — Thank God It’s Not Sunday 🙂 Another way to celebrate the return of a Monday.
    Urgent summoning issued by the innards are nowt to be dismissed. They give yer a warning that lasts *just* long enough to find yer buns upon the throne, and every second counts. Words of truth attained by dint of experience, that is wot these words contain.
    Now I am searching for an app that can put me into sleep mode, with settings for anything from a brief kip to a full eight hours under the spell of Sweet Morpheus.
    I was wondering about the difference between the Chestnut Way and the Chestnut Walk. A walk-way conundrum as it were.
    Looks like we are both getting a jab in the same week. Good luck at yer, kind Sir!

    • You noticed than I like Mondays then, Billum? (Some group make a song of the opposite, ‘I don’t like Mondays) I think. The memory box is sticking a bit this morning, was it Johhny Rotten?

      The Throne quote, is part of your advice pages? Haha! Spot on like.

      The impossible app, that one. Sorry.

      Now, heres a bit of interesting news (or history?) about Chestnut Way/Walk: Don’t nod off, its long mate…
      When I first cameth to live in this lonely people filled establishment, the sign at the start of the road read ‘Chestnut Way’ which I put down as my new address – then on Google Maps, noticed the same name, which confused me cause I was not getting any mail forwarded.
      So, I mentioned this to Warden Deana, who told me the sign had just been changed to ;the proper name, Chestnut Walk.
      Since which, I have seen it has been updated on Google Maps, butn ot on the Mitchelin Map. The mail came through, for Chestnut Way and Walk.
      Nottingham City Homes call it one or the other, mostly Walk, but several times in print as Way.
      A search for Chestnut Way, Nottingham, used to bring up the map amd flats – I tried it again this morning, and it no longer brings up anything in Nottingham.
      Curiously, it brought a Chestnut Grove, which is near where I have to go to get both Covid-19 vaccinations.
      The brain tends to stick either in my writings, but I will do my bestest to stick with Walk in future.
      How’s that, Sir?

      I hope we both do alright with the jabs. TTFNski

      • Or, perhaps, it was Neil Young.
        My advice column is willing to take on any topic or question. Glad it hit the mark on getting to the throne on time. 🙂
        It’s good to know the backstory on Chestnut ways and Chestnut walks, I now know more about it than most people in Ohio. In any case, I would rather walk than drive on Chestnut.
        Speaking of Chestnut, wishing you a good and protective jab at Chestnut Grove. My jabbing takes place on Olympic Blvd in Erlanger — just in case anyone asks. 🙂

      • Jolly decent messages there Sir.
        Well, well,well, Billum. I may have misled you, I cannot have the home vaccination, because Deana had just made appoitnments for me to go the Forest Vac Site for both of them, on (another link here Billum), Gregory Boulevard! The weather forecast does not bode well for my first jab – according to the BBC, Nottingham will have early snow falls and icy conditions as it goes down to -3°c. I’m sorry I mentioned that, I’m all worried again now. Hahaha!

      • I did see that part about the scheduling mishap — it’s the bread hitting the floor buttered-side down, innit? Of course, it’s going to happen when the weather is most inclement.
        May the first jab find betterer weather than forecast!

      • Thanks, Billum. (Four red cars yesterday)
        It’d gettingthere and back innit as well mate.
        Keepeth safeski, and may peace sneak into your evening kip.

      • Knowing that four (4) red cars have been duly noted brings on betterer evening kips most certain.
        “A long kip is a good kip”
        — from the sayings and random thoughts of Bill Billums

      • Randomness, is vagueness hidden somewhere,
        A teacher told me that, I thought I’d share,
        Didn’t understand him, to be fair,
        It’s time I was put into care!

      • I remember tomes of random numbers. ’twas from the era b4 computers conquered the planet.
        That quote from yer teacher probably landed him “into care”, to be fair. I shall now lift the occasional rock to see if any vagueness be hidden there. Too cold to try it today though. Hehehehe!!

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