Inchcock: Diary & Ode Sun 29th May 2022


Advice For Whippersnappers – Part 2⅑th

Do no harm, don’t be lethiferous…
Try to avoid being fatuitous…
Resist acting violent, gratuitous,
If you have a win, it will be deciduous,
Good and bad things can be fortuitous…
You’ll seem at times fatuitous, bodacious,
When in the pub… you’ll appear streperous,
But at work, try to appear assiduous…
To try to cover for your hebetudinous,
Avoid drugs that make you feel somniferous,
Have a drink by all means, but don’t get stocious…
I used to do that, but in the morning, I felt atrocious!
Keep taking Covid-test; you can still be viruliferous!
That way, you can avoid capriciousness…
When you get arrested, do not show facetiousness!
And always remember life’s ephemeralness!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SUNDAY 29th MAY 2022

04:45hrs: Notwithstanding only getting three hours kip, I woke up with the usual jolt but feeling a lot perkier than usual. I went all industrial: Wee-wee, then dressed, and I did the medicationalisationing.

The thigh veins looked so very much improved, and I moved on to washing the tootsies, which were also looking much improved, in the bowl on the floor. Neither of them found their way onto the SDH card? That’s a good start, I muttered to missen! Through to the kitchen to make a Glengettie brew and took a couple of snaps of the red sky this morning.

Soon got the computer on to update yesterday’s blog. But of course, the $23 million a year salaried Mr Fries, boss of Liberty-Global, who bought out Virgin Media for $18 billion, still can’t get a signal to Nottingham that even pretends to be reliable.

So, very annoying!

So, I gave up and went to try to take more photographs of the view from the kitchen window. Hopefully, they will be a success this time. Especially as the sky had reddened more now. I must say they looked almost like a couple of water paintings. Bootiful! And they went on the SDH card this time.

I spent a few moments perusing for figures in the clouds, pareidoliaing. I think there was a face in the lower of the photographs? But I could be wrong… I’m very often wrong, you know. It’s a natural gift I have. Glaucoma Gladys, SAccdes Sandra and Cataract Kathie don’t help.

Back onto the internet. I must send Fries a congratulatory email to get a signal through.

WordPress had the same problem as it started yesterday. I cannot access the comments when I’m on editing, My Home or reading? If I click on the question mark, which is not always there, as you see in this snap of the computer screen, I can sometimes get the list up? Fed up with this!

Started to update yesterday’s blog and altered the ode in it, which, on reflection, was not a good idea. I got carried away on Word Hippo to get some new rhymings that were suitable… three hours later… ♫ Oh, Susan ♫ chirped from the doorbell. Cheeky Charley came this morning to do me. Lovely chirpy lass, But the poor gal was not her usual self. Not offhand or anything like that, but seemed a little down; bless Her!

As I pressed on with the blog again, a rumbling from the innards had me hastening to the Porcelain Throne. A lot of painful effort was needed to complete the evacuation, and I had a go at the crossword book while waiting. I also spotted that the condition of the feet and lower legs had improved an awful lot this morning? Not complaining, like! Not as messy as yesterday.

The noise from above was barely noticeable. I hope that the disdainful, dismissive lad is not poorly or in pain.

I got around to drinking my first mug of tea of the day, and it was coming up to midday! I had made four mugs of tea, a Glengettie, Thompson’s Punjana, and now a Thompson’s Signature tea. I let go cold all the others – not on purpose, of course. I allowed myself half of my new daily ration of chocolate with the tea, two squares from a block of milk chocolate. Hehe!

I went through h to the kitchenette to wash the mug and found my feet sticking to the floor! I’d spilt some of the chilli-con-carne, I think, earlier when I was prepping Josie’s Sunday nosh. I bravely decided it needed a good sweep and mopping session…

I got the old spinning mop bucket out of the wet room, freshened the round disc mop, and cleaned the floor. On the heavy press pedal as I was spinning it for the first time! Not sure how I managed it, but it shot back up on me, and off came my foot?

Naturally, it didn’t affect me. A man of my heroic nature, cool, calm and concentrated. With a proclivity for remaining composed, unruffled, and in complete control of myself, at all times. I was totally unruffled… Well, erm, maybe…

I checked on Josie’s meal and moved some of the Chilli Con Carne into a plastic bowl so she’d have enough for a second nosh later on.

Then got on with the mopping of the kitchenette floor. I made sure it was well dried, in case I had to go back in urgently to check on the food cooking for any reason… Now that’s something I seem to be getting short of lately… sense! Hehehe!

Sent off the Saturday blog and made a start on this one. Then sorted Josie’s tray out for her.

Some nibbles and a can of G & T. I actually remembered that she gave me that look last week when I gave her a can of… Oh, what was it? Woo-Woo or Mojito, I think. I think I’ll go into a Smug-Mode again… There you are! Hahaha!

I delivered the meal on time again and got an approving look as she inspected the can of G & T. She said she was on the phone with a friend, so I didn’t keep her.

As I entered the flat, I noticed the three waste bags still there laying on the box. Not taken to the chute for me. But it gave me a bit of exercise. I made another one and popped them all into the chute. However…

Coming out of the room, I had a minuscule, short involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance. It only lasted a few seconds, but the timing was not good as I closed the door. Ah, well!

I turned the oven on and got some updating done on this blog. Took a break to make another mug of tea… I’m determined to get one drunk today! Took a distance and close up pictures of the beautiful looking sky.

The zoomed-n shot was not up to much, inferior quality. But taking it, I was sure I’d captured a figure of a face… but no! Tsk!

I had convoluted to get to look and the WordPress comments.

I’ll get my chips in the oven now; they should be hot enough. Sat and nodded for a few minutes, then got up and searched around for the missing magnifying glass, which had not been seen for months, and the mysterious hidden-away somewhere headphones. No luck with either!

Got my nosh sorted out and served up. The new Morrison’s beer-battered chips were not to my liking. A Flavour raring of 6/10 was the most I could give it. All else was okay. Whenceforth, I’ll try to get only the curry-flavoured ones. But they substitute such a lot. Hence the beer battered, which I did not order.

I was just about to nod off after eating what I did of the plateful, and the ♫ Oh, Susana… ♫, the Evening Carer arrived. Got the meds sorted and was off in a flash. Bless her! No waste bags; I took them myself earlier when the morning gal missed taking them.

Bill Ziegler, I like his style of writing and humour. I checked to see if any comments had come in and replied to them. Then Facebook catch-up… a lot had to be done.

Head down in search of sleep… and, importantly, staying asleep! Well, that was a failure…

38 thoughts on “Inchcock: Diary & Ode Sun 29th May 2022

      • I can’t get to comments om editing of reader? Have to go through My Home now???
        Grammarly is not helping, the Ode had six so called errors. Ten minutes later, there were four more? When I did a final check, hours later — four more? What?

      • Grammarly gets pretty funky on what it thinks are errors. And it’s suggestions for alternative words and phrasing are usually stupid and way out of context.

      • Too true, Tim. I’ve (as you know), used wee-wee for years in my blogs, now apparently it must be weewee? Dorren Dementia (airtight last week with Gammarly) they now suggest Doreen’s Dementia???
        Of course it could be me…

      • You can’t master them. You are enslaved by them. We are all cyber whipped by our devices and apps.

  1. Some good advice on the ephemera of everyday life, most of the time we spend consists of living through the ephemeral. The repetitive aspects of a day should be enjoyed as thoroughly as the major incidents that simply do not happen that often. We are each a creature of habit, so let us live those small routines to the fullness that they actually represent.
    I enjoyed those red tinges of cloud that customized your sky today, nice detail work by whatever artist created them — a creator nameless, but also possessing at least 99 names. Those red tinges would look good on a calling card, so I shall call the sky a calling card. that’s my opine of the day, Sir!
    Sorry to find that Charley’s cheekiness was somewhat subdued, we never know what our fellow travelers carry through their daily pursuits. I shall even give Herbert a little space for his HERBERT pursuits.
    Josie knows the difference between a G&T and a non-G&T drinkable, a slight smile conveys much.
    A 6.2 of 10 day could have been an 8.2, all derived from what is in the batter, like that proverbial want of a nail for that proverbial horseshoe.
    I am touched by your mentioning my funny bone on the pages of this esteemed diary and reliable truth reporter, not many publications may be depended upon for speaking truth to power. You won’t find much about Michael Fries in the London Times.

    • Haha! Cleverley assembled there, Billum!
      The Calling Card Skies of Sherwood.
      Josies knoiws what she likes, and that is G&T, so that she will have.
      Fries, he earns more than other guys, but is not so wise, His earnings he can’t disguise, Earnt with deceit, inabilities and lies!
      Just thought I’d mention it.

      • Have you seen Tim Price’s photos he takes of the skies of New Mexico? His cats, the owls… Brilliant!
        I’m not jealous… oh no. Well, yes I am! Hehe!

      • Yes, I have. They are truly amazing captures, the stuff of great art. New Mexico enjoys much variety in environmental splendor.
        And, I am jealous as well!

      • The art of photography requires the artist to balance all sorts of conditions, such as light and shadow, and making a decision very quickly. Taking a snapshot is not the same thing as being able to bring everything together in a very short time span to produce a piece of art. I’m more the shutter-snapper sort who couldn’t even sell a photograph to The Tate. 🙂

      • Haha! It’s hard work photographicalisationing nowadays, Sir. It takes me so long, taking them, then encouraging the card reader to work – then when I get to see them… a third of more of them are not usable, and ore time lost clearing them out so as not to fill the hard drive… Then have to get some into CorelDraw to doctor them, then into file… Which is usually when Smoke and Shadows Fries internet goes down. Thus I either cannot get at them, or forget what I have done by the time things get working again… No time to get basics seen to… Humph!
        Methinks the Tate mya be interested in you modern art photography actually, Billum.
        Laboratory wise?

      • Quite a few steps to arrive at the finished product. And the step that requires passage through the realm of Mr. Fries is the one that takes the most time, not to mention the unreliability of Virgin Mobile 24/7. Smoke, shadows, and mirrors.
        But The Tate does an amazing presentation of a pile of bricks. Do he not?

      • Haha, methinks you are right Sir.
        Tate’s bricks? T’was an abysmal display of new bricks on the floor! Art? Humph! And they refuse photos of my legs, and an offer of one of your Greater Red Spotted areas, too – Disgusting!

      • “Tate’s bricks vs. Inchy’s pins”. That is how the headline read in the Fort Thomas Tattler, ’twas the talk of the town — unless I am suffering from a delusional state of course. The Tate could have compared your Great Red Spot with the one on Jupiter. Methinks they need a public-relations spokesperson. We have several PR types in Lab 19, I shall have them contact The Tate tomorrow.

      • Haha! I too suffer from the occasional delusionalisationings, Billum. How come they missed displaying your papules, Sir? Bad management, I say!
        You must mention your missed red-spots to the Tate, ask you minions to point it out to them, Billum!

      • I will posit that I also “suffer from the occasional delusionalisationings”, but that they are not occasional. 🙂
        An out-loud larf was the product of
        “How come they missed displaying your papules, Sir?”
        “Bad management, I say!”
        And, yes, The Tate would definitely reserve a gallery for those circa 500 red spots (on my back alone). Perhaps they could pay me by the spot. Or a blank check?

      • I threw occasional in for the message to the Tate, Billum. Hahaha!
        Take the spots payment Billum, it’ll be worth that a b;ank cheque… I am a fool, but a larfing one. Cheers, Sir.

      • A good move on that occasional thought, mate.
        And I trust your EQ regarding the spots payment. It somehow recalled a line from that great larf-worth film “Big Trouble in Little China”:

        As Jack drove his truck, he talked into his CB radio and said, “When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that…’Have you paid your dues, Jack?’ ‘Yessir, the check is in the mail.'”

      • Yes, indeed. And I lique those queind of scripts as well. They don’t maque them enough mebelieves. Jacque Burton agrees with us there, Queind Sir! Now, I must checque the mail…TTFNsquei

      • Only an experienced scientist and Grammarly user expert like you distinguished self could have written that, Hahaha!

      • I have been known to dabble with Unix, using the tools it possesses for altering many files in just such a way. Have I mentioned altered the error messages in Microsoft DOS to change “bad command or file name” to “what the Hell was that?” Those were the days!

      • Happy times fo the educated. The first computer I bought Atari SE? I think, and it had me looking puzzled. The first windows one, had me a mental wreck… and havignto call for help. Ah, well.

      • I started with a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, a device with scant memory and a genuinely lousy keyboard: the shift key was about an inch away from your right-hand pinkie. You had to store programs on a standard cassette tape, but a 5 1/4″ floppy disk was available for $1,000. ’twas out of my pay scale, I am afraid. Of course, the internet was not yet anything. Else I would have helped yer. Ah, wellski.

      • I cursed the engineers who determined the
        layout. Every one who owned one must have thrown them in the nearest waste bin, since Google Images does not contain a single photo. Gad.

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