Inchcock’s Retrieved Dairy, Photos & Odes


My scribbled reminder notes were lost! Well, I say lost; I tore them up thinking they were Wednesdays. Gragnangles! So detailed facts are missing will be missing.

Sphygmomanometerisationing revealed SYS 148, DIA 62 and pulse at a reasonable rate of 79mpm. Pleased with these numbers, I entered the results in the NHS Cardiac Check You Rates site & then made this little graphicalisation, just for the fun of it  (Yes, I’m just a child at heart… and a 99-year-old, bodily) Hehehe, Extra pleasing to be only just in the red, for three days now.

Of course, with my bungee-jumping, gym work, hill-climbing and daily push-ups, The wee-wees started coming. Each one

Taking the advice from HRH Petal-Lisa, a kind. She’s one lovely lady from Cincinnati, The Manor Laboratories: I took the evening’s Seed Oil Hemp capsule and a squirt of under-tongue CBD. Yes, I know it’s morning, but I forgot to take the last night, it could happen to anyone… Ahem!)

In the past fifteen minutes, I’ve wee-weed a further four times. Every one of them, annoyingly with much. So irritating! I had a quick chat with my animal family in their bed-box tray on the cabinet. Incidentally, HRH Petal-Lisa, my ether Angel made each one for me and posted them from the USA for Christmas! ♥ We’ve never met, but somehow through the ether, Lisa has got to know me well. ♥ Thanks, my Angel!

The Iceland food arrived, causing me a fair bit of pain! The driver put the first four bags in the hallway for me and the last one (on the left) close to the doorway. Several 2-litre bottles hit my knee on their way down to hit my toes, and picking them up, I stubbed my big toe again! Whereunto he’d been treated and gone, the bottles fell out of the bags, and I had to be standing next to them when it happened, of course.

I got the frozen foods into the freezer; well, it seemed like a logical move – Hehe!). No No-Bull veggie burgers or Spring Water were unavailable yet again! The bread was substituted.
I’d got some 2-litre bottles of limeade and lemonade as substitutes for the water. Sorted out the other bits and took the waste to the rubbish chute. And, getting the bags in the opening, I cunningly dropped a bag that landed on the leg ulcer. It inflamed it for a while, but the ankle was still much better than yesterday! The legs, feet and toes are not so chubby, either. I gave myself a knock on the shoulder coming out of the room.
Memory blanks from here on for a while; I can recall taking this night shot late on. Not taking the Hemp, so staying asleep was not possible; always jumping awake. So I got up and made a much-belated meal. It was a good one, mind you. Flavour Rating; 8.2/10.
Followed by an orange jelly, and I sprayed all around it with a vegan cream substitute. Jolly good that was too!
WordPressing for hours, ended up doing it until 04:00hrs in the morning, so sleep deprivation continues.
I can only blame Dementia Doreen!

FRIDAY 22nd JULY 2022

The thoughts for this Ode matured…
After Inchy stubbed his toe and simpered…
And logicality and reasoning were suspended,
Commonsense and judgement were temporarily abandoned…
Inchies creativity stuttered and wandered!

The English language was primarily disregarded,
His few remaining grey cells working, both tottered…
Suddenly captivated with the thought of being sepultured?
Inchy was never educated or cultured…
His trepidations, worries, and fears, are never resolved…
How come he has never been happy, content or cavorted?
Here is his Ode, although it won’t be extolled!

My mind used to be like a constellation…
Grasping facts, and figures, offering help and confirmation,
Making things efficient, through thoughts and modification,
Famed for my excellent, calm use of conceptualisation,
Seeking improvements for all, through rumin
Then the Stroke, brain power went into absquatulation…
Next; Peripheral Neuropathy, arithmophobia, ‘Damnation!’

Now paramnesia, memory problems… depression!
Suffering many a mental aberration…
Fears, worries, oppression, no passion!
Shakes and shudders, aches & pains, tumbles, concussion…
Vascular Dementia Doreen, giving me mental fossilisa
My life needs some lightness, feuilleton!
Making decisions and choices need extra persuasion!

Food prices rocketing; I can no longer afford my stilton…
Gone are the urge, ability and cash for any perversion,
No strength for any insurrection, rebellion or subversion,
Wee-weeing too much, the odd Porcelain Throne explosion…
Stuck indoors with my misery, apathy and mental inertion…
I hate my good health and mental abilities desertion…
Failures and accidents come in an endless succussion!
Friday next i
s my first Diabetes Coping session!
Have to go now; it’s time for creams, injection and medication,
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

   Yea, Gawd of heaven! I know the recent Blood Pressure readings have been good for the last few days, only just in the red zone, but today, the SYS was 111, the lowest ever recorded in my life! And in the green area!!! DIA at 57 was down 5 points, and my Pulse rate was down 8. .

Oh, boy, I’, in the green,
The lowest that it’s ever been!
Amazing, fantastic, I mean…
This really blew my brain…
I hope tomorrow it’s that again!

Got the session done with a visit from Dizzy Dennis in the shower, short and sharp, all over. Probably caused by my diabetic polyneuropathy, compared to anything else, because it started so sharply and ended the same way. Minutes later, I needed to return to the wet room to use the and what a struggle that was. Talk about resistance!
The swelling in the feet was no worse, and the ankle ulcer much easier for my getting around,
I got on with the blogging updating and spent an hour or so at it, needing three wee-wees during that time… then…
I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, and the heat and smell of burnt plastic greeted me! I’d put the kettle on earlier but had not heard the whistle to alert me it was boiling!
Had to use the oven gloves to get the warped, melted plastic handle and lid-lift kettle, and I dropped it into the sink, filling it with cold water straightway! Then had to clean mess up; the cooker, floor, bag up the kettle and the melted bits and apices that had dropped off, putting things in the sink. Then wrote this sad ode to the kettle. (Mad? Me? Yes!)

The morning Carer arrived, Valerie. I gave her her choice of cold drink from the fridge, and she took the caste bags from earlier to the chute for me (Not the kettle, I took that, in case any sharp bits cut the Carer),
Checked on the ankle ulcer, and it was getting a little fighter?
Half an hour later, it had gone down and all calm again?

Cragknangles! Off to the wet room to clean up, medicate, and get new PPs on. Hehehe!
You can’t win… well, not me!

16 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Retrieved Dairy, Photos & Odes

  1. I hate it when I tear up the wrong note. That second reading on the vitals was amazing. It hurts to look at the photos of your legs. Ouch! Decent looking meal on Thursday. Thinking about the bottled watered hoarders, it seems the governments have got people conditioned to look at everything as a crises.

    • Phenominal, weren’t they, Tim. I hope they don’t keep on going down. Hahaha!
      I think I’ve worked out a possible reason for the crises encouraging over here, Tim. Prior to the Covid, MP’s were having their expenses checked, and hundreds if them were told to repay the false claimes? So, since, we never hear about them again? One MP, was dismissed from office for over half-a-million stolen in crooked property deals and expense claims. He has since joined the other main party. Who are waiting for the elections to find a seat he can run for. Humph! TTFNski, love to all!

  2. A wonderfully written and illustrated edition, Sir! This might be one of your best, and there are many that contend for best blog entry status.
    Kettle Jasmine evokes personal feeling in a way that mere words cannot touch. Couching this in the guise of a tea kettle is brilliant. Truth and beauty — an outstanding mix, quite seriously and with appreciation.
    Our cat Sticks is pining for Alan as only a cat can evince, meowing in a sorrowful way. As you know, cats adopt members of the family in a way that only one who knows them can. The loss of Nibbles has affected everyone.
    We must be cat people. 🙂

    • So pleaded you saw the context in this blog, and liked it. Not many do. Thank you, Sir Billum.
      When I as having my ticker valve replaced and got home, my neighbour said that Cyril and Lady were not intersted in eating while I was away. On my return, they would not leave me alone, I recal the nurse being most impressed with their care and affection. It didn’t take long for their hunger to return, bless them.
      It there is a Cat Heaven, I’d love t think of Nibbles meetiong up with Cyril and Lady, I just know they would have hit it off. ♥
      I’m getting emotional now. Tears coming, I am a fool.

  3. News headline at 2:00 in the morning: NIBBLES HAS RETURNED.
    Yes, the girl is back and she is in good shape, acting as if she had just stepped out a short time ago. A well fed kitty too, we are wondering if someone has been keeping that guest treated to the best because she is not ravenously hungry.
    More to follow, but I am waiting for SM to show up any moment now. S. Morpheus might have given Nibbles some sweet dreams while she was out on adventure. I shall ask SM about it when he shows up, or I might be asleep before he gets here. SM might have added Alan to his clients. Sleeping in a hospital room is not easy.
    Have to send this straight out so you and the family are up to date!

    • Best News in Months! ‘The Return of Nibbles’ Boy that’s cheered me up so much. Thanks fro the report Billum, and pleased for Lisa HRH Lisa too!
      Loved the SM saga!
      I shall inform the family as soon as they wake up! ♥

      • I was attending to some dishes when my peripheral vision reported movement to the right. At first, I thought it might be a member of the Cat Fans of the Manor (CFM) stopping by for sustenance. Instead, it was the unmistakeable visage of the inimitable Nibbles. Of course, she sauntered in as had no time elapsed.
        Very happy that you enjoyed the SM saga 🙂
        Best wishes to the family (when they wake up) and to you whenever you read this!

      • Bless you, Sire.
        Lady used to do the same when she’s absconded for a day or so… SHe’d give one her weak meows, have a bit of fuss from me, and casually meander over to the food corner. Hahaha!
        I must thank you again for letting me know, it really has cheered me up!
        Cats, eh? You’ve got to love em!

      • Cats have distinct and complex personalities, don’t they?
        I always wonder where they go during those jaunts. At the end of our yard begins what is almost a commons that leads down to a creek running under an Interstate highway. Irresistible to felines I am sure.
        It makes my day to hear that Nibbles’ cheered you up!
        Say, cats even ruled the Egyptians. Haha!!

      • I’ve never seen two cats that were not different to each other in some way. Even when they adore each other.
        I’ve often thought about that wanderlust, too Billum.
        Egyptians loved cats and dogs, I saw a program about it in around 1967. A God called Nubis? I’ll have to ask Mr G.
        Nibbles will be completely unaware if the fretting she’s caused both sides of the pond. Hahaha!

      • I have also noted that each cat I’ve ever encountered is as unique as everyone we have ever known.
        “Even when they adore each other.” Haha!!
        Yes. Wanderlust is built into them, a part of their nature that goes back before those Egyptians. I need to find that program you cite. Looking forward to it. Mr. G. knows the facts.
        Hahaha!!! Nibbles doesn’t give a hoot, do she?

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