Monday 5th September 2022



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06:30: Up later than planned, hoping the J Sainsbury order, which was due twixt 06:00 > 20:00hrs, had not been, and I’d not heard them. I meandered wobbly into the kitchenette and took these photos of the view.
I took the one on the right through the bottom window. It had been raining but was just stopping now.
The houses looked reasonably wet, I could not see the roadways clearly enough. So I used the camera to zoom in to have a look at Cavendish Road, or Close, or Street, or whatever. Hehe!
I was not exactly soaking wet, more severely damp.
I stripped off to get the ablutions tended to, and the left wrist looked terribly swollen and blotchy. No idea why; it itched but did not hurt at all. I got in the bathroom and realised that I had only got two pairs of my smaller American-made Nappies… I mean Protection Pants, left! I had the best of them all, the Tena, but they are not suitable for going out in, they are so bulky, they show through the trousers, but ace at coping with any leakages! So, I ordered some of the American Depend ones from Amazon. Sod the cost, I got a multipack to last me for a month at least. Likely even longer cause, as I say, the Depend ones are not used other than when someone is visiting, or I go to the hospital or as it happens tomorrow to the Doctors. Not a lot of people can say that! Hehehe! Got the ablutions sorted out.

J Sainbury sent me an email about the order due today.
As you can see, they continue to be short of various foods, like bread, nuts, and veggie products.
They also sent a tray of ‘Fresh’ Parmentier potatoes that showed on the pack it arrived today as the last use-by date!
What’s the Sainsbury slogan? Sainsbury’s, making life taste better!
I’m sure!

Arrived while I was bending down to pick up some bits I’d dropped, putting them in the wast bag. He fetched the picker-upper, handed it to me, and told me off for not using it. Hehe!
Pillock! I lost it again and thought for some reason that I was going to the Doctor’s today, not tomorrow. And although Richard wanted to get away, I asked him if he could go through the things I need to remember to tell the doctor about. Obligingly he did. But rushed off afterwards – Whoosh! He still took the bags to the chute for me. Bless him. Moments afterwards, I realised my cock-up; I did feel like a right proper fool!

Oh, Susan chimed out ♫ It was my precious Nurse Hristina, come to take the Warfarin INR test blood. She is an Angel. I managed to have a natter with her this time. So, that made up for Richard having to shoot off early. A sweetheart, remind me of HRH. ♥ Of course, she fancies me so much!

As Hristina went, the Sainsbury man arrived. This chap usually does not squash the soft stuff at the bottom of the boxes… but not today. I cheered up a smidgeon when I got the boxes into the kitchen, and I spotted something in the left carton… Germoloid Cream!
What a sight, I could feel pain from easing just looking at it. Har-Har!
Not cheap, as the Protection Pants I’ve ordered, but both are sort of vital to me.
I placed it in the usual place in the wet room, safely in view, where I knew I can find it when needed… which was now! But the food needed storing away first. You can just see the crushed cakes, almost out-of-date Parmentier potatoes? Along with orange desserts, disinfectant, orange cordial, cheesy Idaho potatoes and Richards beef slices, I always get him a pack or two each week. He’s a good lad.
Here are the baked bean pasties, freshly podded garden peas I bet the bank manager can’t afford these, well, I can’t, but they are delicious) Yellow and red tomatoes, ordered before Jenny gave me some, strawberries for Warden and Table-Top Dancer, Deana if I ever get to see her again, and sliced potatoes.
The fridge has never been fuller, and I think I’ve got another order coming later in the week, I think… maybe. Perhaps?

A bit of bad luck here; hard to believe, I know! I was taking the waste bags and boxes back to the front door and had a spot bother with a , only of a few seconds, but enough to have me over this time. The bags and boxes I was carrying prevented me from using the walls as support. Shook me for a minute or two. But all okay when I got back up, apart from a leg on the airer that I fell on, Gorilla tape to the rescue. A minuscule scratch and an even smaller bruise on the right knee. All goodski!

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed up again. It was the Amazon long Diabetic socks arriving, with the Organic Hemp Capsules, Hemp and Lemon Balm. A bigger bag this time, not in a tub, but three times as many

They seem bigger to me as well. And, they work out cheaper. Plus, of course, they will last longer. On a rare winner here, I think! But I’m not going into a
Well, knowing my luck, Hehehe!

I gave the socks a good check-over. I have to admit they seem strong enough and long enough to me. All ready for the winter months!

I very belatedly got the Sunday blog finished and sent off. Busy day up to now; I don’t think I’ve ever been so late in posting one off to WordPress. Obviously, this means another stay-up-late job to get this one started. Just when I needed to get the sleep in to be prepared for the Doctor’s tut-tutting and ignoring me in the morning’s appointment.

I’ve not done the darned yet! I’d better get them sorted, then.
Just look at the results! They tell me to take these Blood Pressure readings in the morning, but taking them tonight – and I got the best ever results!

Happiness, Happiness…
Great, a definite upgrade to a Class One – Grade A, Super Class One upgrade! There’s a chance I may regret saying that!

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ burst forth from the door chime. Jodie called. Nice to see her again; we had a little chinwag and laugh after she’d tended to my needs. (Ahem!) A special thank you treat & choice of cold drink.

Then, I went to put the kettle on. A habit of mine; the same as finding the mug of tea I made hours ago on the counter and stone cold! Getting late now. This photo of the dying sun was taken. I got this decentish shot on the first try. It had to happen sometime! Hehe!

At last, I got around to doing some work on this blog. I was doing well… until the two little fingers started dancing about of their own accord! I nearly dropped the camera taking this photograph of little monkeys!
It was impossible to type safely while they were wallowing all over the place, so I gave up until they stopped dancing.

Then, ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ burst forth yet again! A little late for a caller? I opened the door, and there was Jenny’s hubby Frank. A nicer bloke does not exist! He was returning the tablets that I gave to Jenny yesterday. Just one used. A note with them from Jenny: Said they did not agree with her at all. Poor gal was sick and unsteady, then fell asleep for four hours.
I wanted to call her on the landline but thought better of it in case it disturbed her. Poor Jenny. So I sent an email of condolences at her predicament. Not that would help her. Typing that was fun.

Off to put the oven on, ready for the now past-the-sell-by-date Parmentier potatoes that J Sainsbury delivered yesterday. (It is Friday morning now!) Not that the folks around here would know, lights still showing in all the houses. Have I lost it again, timewise? I took another photo of the multitude of household lights. The flippy photo disappeared from the SD card again! So much for bragging about the last photo I took. Humph! Big-Gob strikes again.

I’ll put the photo of the meal on tomorrow. He’s say’s full of confidence!

Hope I don’t get up late, must get things done for the Doctors visit. So the blog may be even later… Fed-up!

Cheers, all!

25 thoughts on “Monday 5th September 2022

  1. Wow. A completely normal BP. Your thermometer is still on the cold side. That great you got to see your Vampire. The old ankle looks terrible.

  2. A very fine ode, Sir. I feel the same about the weapon conundrum, when is enough more than enough? Propaganda is the propagation of dangerous lies, a thin and transparent veneer applied by self-aggrandizing politicians, as I understand. As I also understand, some in the UK already miss Boris. Haha!!
    I await the propaganda as well, mate.
    Great green news on the BP scene, may it be a harbinger of better colors to come.
    Always a good day when Hristina graces the INR report. Hurrah!
    J Sainsbury set the scene for some comedy, the Germoloid cream didn’t stand a chance. At least the cap stayed on? “Perfect Mash Smashes Germoloid” — a headline.
    Four Little Monkeys captured by Paparazzi? — another headline.
    And may your visit to the doctor be an unqualified success.
    Good luck with SM as well, that would be swell!

    • Another link twist us with the weapons, Goode Sir! Nice mixing of words there SIr!
      Boris, I actually feel sorry for. Whichever replacement won, Liz did it’s all done, the Warmonger won! Boris was too soft and loved his fun, he tried to reduce the chances of people buying a gun… The Fox Hunter mob so antediluvian, Now we have Liz, and attitudinarian!
      Dang BP creeping up again, Humph!
      Loved the J Sainsbury quote there, Billum, a smile developed! I fanketh you.
      I fear the Doctor’s visit was somewhat of a disaster in many ways, mate. I’m hoping to finish Tuesdays blog in a while (he says hopefully), lots of photos of the hobble home, with Accifauxpa intervening. I’ve spent hours and hours on it already and given it a sense of humour, sarcasm and despair. Hehehe!
      SM, ah, a mind changer methinks – I pray he is being kind to my family at the Manor laboratories? If not, he’ll be getting some verbals from me!

      • I’ve always enjoyed listening to Boris’ command of words and his genuine respect for the office of Prime Minister. As well, his ability to arrive at a decision. The last thing the UK needs is more weapons the hands of those with an itchy trigger finger, something that we suffer terribly here. Fortunately, the Justice Department is indicting participants of that attempt to take control of the Capitol Building on 5 January 2020. The rule of law rather than the whims of miscreants and our equivalents of your Parole Boarders come to mind.
        “Attitudinarian” — a solid point, mate!
        J Sainsbury inspired me. Haha!!
        I absolutely always enjoy your “sense of humour, sarcasm and despair.” No dubitality about it.
        SM’s Achilles Heel: receiving verbals from the Lord of Verbals!

      • Liz, I wonder what nickname hse’ll be given, Billum?
        Are they going to throw the bool at the rioters? Taking a long time to to hear anything about it on the news, over here.
        If what I dear, RedWig gets back in power (Surely not?) it’ll be him and Liz – Oh, dearie me!
        Dubitaliity? I had to ask Mr Google: Dubitation: Uncertainty about the truth, fact, or existence of something. A fine new word for me to use, gone in my Word file for later use! Thanking you!
        Lord Sainsbury, Iceland and Morrisons (the worst) have all increased prices again. The Vodka & lemonade cans I get for the Carers, was £1 a year ago, then £1.20, then £1.25, now today £1.45!!! They will not be getting anymore I’m afraid.
        Richards just been – Yawning away again. The poor lad said he’s had a terrible night again, and has a hospital appointment today (Diabetes), so sleep be not be an option for him. Poor lad. I’m gald to jhave been able to fill up a carrier bag with gooodies for him. And convinced him to take a pot of the vegan ice-cream, when I first mentioned veganm hr cringed and looked doubtful. So I got a spoo and let him try some from my open pot… “Yes, I’ll take that then” Success! Hahaha!

      • A new nickname is on the way for Liz, but we’ll likely hear one soon, Sir.
        A few rioters have been convicted methinks, but the Justice Department prosecutor, Merrick Garland, is a highly qualified judge who takes his job seriously. He is not a parole -board type.
        I don’t think that Trump will run for a second term. He is being actively pursued for inciting the riot of 5 January 2021 on the Capitol, as well as a large number of New York City plaintiffs. He could get away with more crimes when he was President than he can as an ordinary citizen.
        Richard is coping with much these days, lack of sleep intensifies all other ailments at the same time. The ice-cream solution arrived just in time 🙂

      • I often wonder who id the care-giver. Richard or me. (That was a joke) I do appreciated it when they gave me Richard for 3 or 4 days a week.Out chinwagging session really cheered me up. This last week, there has been none available; due the the lads worn-outedness & rctra calls being given him! I think I ought to nominate the man for Yawner-of-the year. Hehehe! He liked the idea and smiled when I told him… as he was yawning again. I worry about him.
        I’m glad that Mr Garland is not a Paro;e-Board type, or RedWig supporter. Also, happy that he will not have the merve to try again! “Take our Country back!” Huh!
        Hope things are better with SM for all?
        Last night (Friday) I slept for four hours straight through… Yee Haa!
        Love to all at the Manor Born!

      • You act as honorary Carer for Richard, and I think he would agree. Chinwagging is a form of therapy for each participant, even when the chins that wag are electronic. Yawner of the Year aliterates at both sides: Y****R of the YeaR. Haha!!
        The Senate Majority Leader, a certain Mitch McConnell, spent the eleven months remaining under the Obama Administration to refuse any Senate hearings to confirm Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court. McConnell is one of the biggest Arschlöcher in the global political world, a politician’s politician: a Rasputin (I just noticed that Rasputin contains a Putin 🙂 ). Garland, on the other side, is a guardian of integrity — the absolute opposite of a Trump.
        And four hours of straight sleep is one-half of the gold standard.
        Love to you from the Manor’s board! Hahahe!!

      • A’morin’ to you Sir!
        Like the yawner vonnrvtion there, mate.
        A good chinwag and or waffle is a blessing, do true. Not done well with Richard for them this week at all. But a natter in Bulwell with strangers helped ease the situation.
        McConnell sounds like a few over here, but they do not have his audacity with it.
        I slept this afternoon after the tumble, for about fifteen times, total acrewed,,, about ten minutes. Hahaha!
        Thanks for caring and sharing, Sir.
        I hope HRH and Alan are doing alright?
        Keepeth safe, please.

      • Communication via yawning might bring Richard fame on a talent show. A true unique is he.
        Natters Matter — a new phrase?
        A public TV channel of here (C-SPAN) broadcasts the back-and-forth proceedings in the Houses of Parliament. The Senate is far too staid methinks. Glad you do not have a McConnell equivalent. Full Stop.
        1.5 tumbles per minute, according to the Lab’s Tumbleometer. Harhar!
        Caring and Sharing — a new motto for the Crowell Manor Laboratories. 🙂
        All carers and sharers are faring well, and all wish you a safe Sunday (a tall order, innit?).

      • Poor Richard, I bet he yawnd in what bit of sleep he gets. Griselda once told me she saw me yawing in my sleep?
        I’m easger to see ow Liz goes on, who knows, hse may have a nice, sweet nature and wants to save the NHS… No, that goes on a par with me having a decent Sunday. Hehehe!
        Cheered to know things are okayski at the Manor Laboratories.
        Danke schone!

      • Yawning in your sleep is a real skill, SM would be impressed, Griselda is definitely one of a kind. I hope that Liz develops into an NHS rescuer. Okayski, methinks that Sunday will morph before Liz grows new stripes.
        The Manor is doing well, if not perfectly of course. The humans and the kittehs are in fairly good form. Excellentski even.
        Bitte sehr, mein Herr!

      • I fear Billum, after perusing an on-line scandal monger, they claim part of her investments, including five private medical buisinesses, to the tunme of £1.2m – this (if true) does not bode well for the future of the NHS. (Sob!)
        But they cannot take away my link with the Manor Laboratories, Proffessor Billum, and HRH Lisa-Petal.
        I’ll say no more, in case Liz’s army of financial advisors and MI1 (Codebreaking), MI2 (Russia and Scandinavia), MI3 (Eastern Europe), MI4 (Aerial Reconnaisance), MI8 (Military Communication Interception), MI9 (Undercover operations), MI10 (Weapons analysis) MI14 and MI15 (German specialists), MI19 (PoW debriefing), MI17 (Military Intelligence “Head Office”), are reading my blog. Conspiracy theorists will have you believe that there is still a clandestine MI7 dealing with matters extraterrestrial.
        Just thought I’d mention them. Hehehe!

      • I shall consult some rumor mongers for other ghosts in the closet. Once you enter public life you are always under a microscope, the NHS is a constant target.
        Yes. Your link to the Manor Laboratories is monitored regularly by the expert of expertial matters, Alan.
        That is an impressive list of MI’s. I wonder if MI15 could use my services.
        MI17 is clearly keeping track of our missives. They also keep records on cryptozoology, the study of apocryphal creatures never mentioned in a textbook. Chupacabra, Yetis, and all those found in the walls of Flat 72.
        MI’s are fun. Haha!!

      • Oh, yes, any of the MIs would welcome you. I’m sure, Billum.
        Also, and as well, and besides that; They should make a new Quatermass, titles mayhap, “Quatermass Manor – The happening!” I love to get Data to act with you in it. A comedy, of course.
        Knowing that Alan is monitoring our Manor Laboratories themed communications, is a good thing, methinks!

      • We should open a new lab for MI Studies. Many fanks, Sir!
        In addition and in any case, “Quatermass Manor” with meself and Mr. Data should Happen!
        Alan also sends his fanks, mate.

      • Quateress Manor, You as Professor Quatermass, if course with you trusty slide rule in yout pocket throughout. Alan as chief-technician, HRH Make-up Director, me as… erm… ah… ah, yes; Stuntman? I’ll ask Richard if he want to do the background music. A dort of Yawning Yodelling – that burst louder at moments of excitement? I’ll ask him to record some on his mobile while he’s sleeping… Oh, no. Poor devil doesn’t get much time with SM. Hehehe!

      • The credit-roll is looking good and proper, mate. I might have to dust off the slide rule for the close-up scenes. Alan and HRH thoroughly know their cues, you are the perfect Stunter, and Richard already practices the Yawn-Yodel while awake *or* asleep. Having the mobile available helps 24/7. Perhaps SM could ensleep him as required? HarHar!

      • Richard was likely dreaming of joining a choir of fellow Yawners, a rare and unique group. I’ve never met anyone with so rare a skill. Does the Tate have any galleries comprised of Yodeling Yawners? I forget if I’d asked that question before.
        Mach’s gut, mon ami!

      • No, you’ve not mentioned Yodelling Yawners (I think) Billum. But a great idea, they may have a limited amount of members, but you never know. As for the Tate, I’m disgusted with them!!! My ankle ulcers and legs would surely have been worthy of going on display? And how come, they have not ventuired into the world of Humira and the dreaded blotches? They should have done a double dispaly I believe Sir. Billum’s Blotches, would be a catchy title?
        Bleibt gesund, alle Mitglieder des Manor Laboratory ! ♥

      • Yodelling Yawners is a mystery to Google as well. Google insists that we must seek each word separately. Worra nitpicking place.
        Fortunately, the Manor Labs are here to bring yodels and yawners together on this orb in peace.
        How does the Tate receive *any* visitors? Throngs of keenly curious art lovers denied access to the presentation of ankle ulcers and dreaded blotches, that’s what!
        Double displays, a promising thought. Gerry’s Gashes vs. Billum’s Blight?
        Sei froh, Einwohner des Woodthorpegebäudes! ♥

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