INCHIE: Thursday 20th July 2023: Nurses Toying With Me! Hehehe!

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Mayhap the oddest day of the week so far.
Unexpectedly Busy? Yes! This blog was not started until Friday.

Being tired after the EENT runabout made me knackered and drained early in the afternoon. But the extra visits were all welcome, all the same.
I faded very early, though; all I wanted and felt needed was sleep.
Fat chance. It can’t be helped. Being a mind-testing set of visits, I had no notes as such to use, and time memory was all I had… Oh, and some earlier-in-the-day photos to prompt me a little. Here goes If Liberty-Global-owned Virgin Media
doesn’t keep going down again. Naturally, it did!

05:00hrs. No night bag attached again, Tsk! The urine in the day pouch was a deep colour. Tummy ache and wind. 

Did the waste bags… Carer Chris arrived to sort me.

Computer on…
2 minutes after getting it back on…
Ten minutes after it returned…

Took these kitchen view shots waiting for the internet…
Up in the sky.
Sun coming up from behind.

Carer Kara arrived. And a blessing she was, as she usually is.
She got the bank payment for my Easy-Link debt payment.
£79.00 was put through to the bank and sorted. Emailed Easy-Link to confirm it. No reply yet. Did the eye drops. ♥

Struggled, and it was time-consuming, but I finished the Wednesday blog and posted off to WordPress.

The landline flashed. It was Phlebotomy Nurse Hristina. To tell me she would call tomorrow morning to take the Warfarin INR blood sample for analysis. ♥

The Asda order arrived.
Frozen favourites!
Fresh food treats!
Drinkies to help the bladder
Fridge refilled now

I thought I was doing well on the odeing, then the rush of helpers arrived – Bless Them All!

Two District Nurses arrived. I’d hoped they were going to remove , so that I could have a go at seeing myself after the Finasteride course of tablets had finished. I did not realise that the penicillin tablets had run out, and not the above.
I was hoping to give manual wee-weeing a go, and that I could pass water voluntarily again. With the (hopefully) now-reduced in size Prostate. If the tablets had worked.
But they seem to have put me on another course of these.
The embarrassment brought forth some witticisms from my lips. As the nurse reached for some of my kitchen towels to cover me up – Carer Kara came in while they were ‘doing me’, and I quipped, a postage stamp would have done! Hehehe!

I remembered I’d got some potatoes in the oven for my meal. Kara kindly went to check on them for me. A Lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) and Chlorhexidine, (an antiseptic) tube were shot into Little Inchie. Stings a bit, but a nurse laughed and mimicked, “Oh, oh, oh!” Which took my mind off of the pain. Clever gal! Then… Dang-dang-dang, Dang!
The insertion of the new tube began…
Naturally, my being the brave, heroic sort of young man, there was no grimacing, chewing of the cushion on the c1966, £300, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner which I was sat on, howls of pain, nor exclamations of any sort, like, ARRGH! or anything of that nature while the tube went in.
But this inserting nurse was a no-messing-about one; I think she did it last time, too, straight in unhesitatingly. It was soon all over and settled! Thank you!

Kara did the eye drops and medications for me.

Then I got the meal ready.
Simple food for a simple man. Hehe!
Flavour rating: 7.2/10, fair enough

Night carer Chris came early. Which made me think I could watch my favourite ‘Heartbeat’ episodes. I fell asleep after he’s done the eyes and medications, as he sat at the Carers desk.
I woke up, and he was on his mobile.
No doubt female related. It sounded like he was speaking his native tongue, so I kept my eyes shut to avoid disturbing him for some time. He got the night bag onto the Catheter for me, the pouch in the drip tray, and off he trotted.

No chance of watching ‘Heartbeat’; the first episode had almost finished, and not that it mattered cause I drifted off to sleep again. I’m doing a lot of that lately? Twice at the hospital, several times yesterday in the flat, and now again!

I was woken around 20:40hrs, as Carer Chris came to do the last 22:00hr check. Eye drops and Peptac.

No sooner had he left, I fell asleep again!
This time I was almost jumping awake every few minutes, repeatedly. It wee’d me of this did!

I got up, grabbed and hobbled into the kitchenette for safety checks. Being so tired, I thought I may have left a tap running, a door open on the fridge or oven on from cooking the potatoes. All was okay.

I took this Kodak shot of the beautiful late sun setting.
To my Pareidolia’s Delight, I spotted what looked to me like a shrimp in this photograph. Can you see it?

The rest of the night was Sleep, Wake, Sleep, Wake, Sleep, Wake, Sleep, Wake…


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  1. That’s nice Kara helped get things worked out. It looks like you are well stocked. Great looking meal and beautiful sunset.

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