Part 24: Inchcock’s True Tales of Woe

Inchcock’s Vehicular Venialities

W24 01Having owned many different types of motorbikes for many years, I thought it a good idea to buy a three-wheeler car that I could drive with legally, on my motorbike licence.

I eventually got a Reliant Robin (brown), W reg. Apart from still wanting to put on my W24 02gloves, boots and crash helmet before I drove it, I loved it, and named her Wilhelmina.

After a few years, I met an actual female called Wilhelmina, and decided that it was time to move up to a larger vehicle to facilitate easier snuggling snogging and groping between us.

The problem was a lack of funds to enable such a move – so I drove around looking for a cheap 4-door vehicle I could part exchange the Robin for.

W24 03There was nothing to be found, until I came across small car sales in Basford, Nottingham. The owner not only acted like Arthur Daley, he looked a bit like him too. Anyway, we decided after he’s looked at my three-wheeler, to do a straight swap for a Skoda Estelle!

Pleased as punch I was. He said he’d have a new battery fitted before I collected it.

A few days later, I was driving away in my ‘new’ car.

The first thing I noticed was that it appeared to be running on petrol fumes as the fuel indicator showed empty! I found a petrol station and filled her up.

Eventually I Christened her ‘Wilhelmina Maybe’, you know? “Maybe it’ll start this time!”

It was the start of Skoda experience, as any used Skoda Estelle owner will tell you, included the many trips to the scrap-yard to get spare parts to repair it. Alternator/starter motor, door window wires, speedometer, U-bends, locks, valves, and other little things. At least then, the parts were cheap, with so many Estelle’s being in the scrap yards.

The female Wilhelmina left me for a Ford Capri owning git.

I had to get many tows, over the time I had her, and joined the RAC. On one occasion, I’d parked in the multi-storey car park, and had to call the RAC as she would not start (again!). The RAC said for me to meet the patrolman at the entrance, as he was in a high van. So I did that.

CLTool2When the chap arrived, he first confirmed with me that it was a Skoda Estelle I had, and the problem – then he opened his van, took out a great big hammer, closed the door, and we proceeded to the car on the third floor. With me feeling a little concerned.

He got me to sit in the driver’s seat, and turn the key as he belted the alternator/starter motor with the hammer. It worked a treat. He told me to get a new alternator ASAP. So I did.

About 6 months later, I was cruising (spluttering more like) down the ring-road in Nottingham, glancing in the rear-view mirror at the exhaust smoke, and wondering what the new rattle might be being caused by, and it suddenly dawned on me, I was driving the car illegally on my motorbike licence!

So I booked in for a DVLA driving test ASAP.

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