Inchcock Today: Friday 15th Aug 2014

Up at 0505hrs.

Started laptop, made a cuppa, Grape-nut Flakes and took medications.

Worked on preparing Woes 24, graphic creating was a problem, due to the high memory needed.

Went up and did me ablutions (No blood, very little pain, looking good).


Mansfield Road on me walk into town.

About 1215hrs, set off on me walk into town. Nice weather.

I called in the launderette to see Mandy as I passed. Well, she idolises me yer know… (Well she spoke to me anyway.)

I went into Tesco to get me wholemeal wraps.


Took this photograph from the bus as we passed me hospital. (Yer can see me camera reflection… all planned of course. [Ahem])

Caught bus to Derby. Fed the pigeons, quick walk around, then caught bus to Mansfield. (Gawd bless the free bus pass!)

At Mansfield, I had a walk around the market.

Then nipped into B and M stores,  got some curried beans on offer at 3 for a quid, and some porridge pots at 39p each. (By gum I live well!)


Mansfield – Arghh!

Noticed a new Mobility Scooter shop had opened (Or it has always been there but Inchcock didn’t notice?)

Started to get a bit dark, rain threatening.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and the hovel. Traffic very bad and slow, driver thought there must have been an accident somewhere in the road-works.


Mansfield – Gerrin dark now!

Just before I alighted the bus, the heavens opened.

A very soaked Inchcock got in about 1750hrs.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa (Thompson’s excellent strong brew), and started sneezing a lot?

Updated this tosh.

Made a second cuppa, and dropped the milk while doing so. Tsk!


Inchcock gets Soaked!

Noticed letter had been delivered (No I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before) Got to make appointment to go see the GP? Dang dang dang dang… what now methinks!)

I’ll nip there in the morning… oh that’ll be Saturday… do they open then? I’ll go Monday.

Sorry this issue of Inchcock Today is a bit bland, but even I can’t be having disasters every day… can I?

TTFN all.

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