Inchcocks Beloved Grizelda: Part Three

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Part 3 – Their first Trip to the Cinema

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The Film

Grizelda and I were going to see the film ‘Das Boot’ at the Metropole Cinema in Sherwood, Nottingham. Not far from the flat where I had the erotic pleasure of sharing with my beloved Grizelda.

Earlier, I was on the step ladder, hanging the curtains, when she reminded me to get ready in time, as she lifted me down from the step ladder, and carried me in her magnificent rippling arms into the bathroom to get ready.

03 01ABC

Another lost Cinema – but not as painful of losing Grizelda

All ready, we walked to the cinema, me as proud as punch as I walked alongside her looking into her square jawed Arian face.

We got settled into the seats, ready for the show to start.

As soon as the lights dimmed, I felt her left hand creep over my right leg, (I instantly sensed a grateful tingling sensation), and a smile crept over her face. (And an even bigger one over mine).

03 04 ABC

A big desirable cinema – a bit like Grizelda!

After a while she put her rippling arm around my neck and shoulders, I can still sense the perfume from the underarm hairs that encased my ear-hole, as she tweaked my left nipple. By gad she was wonderful.

I looked up and gave her a big thank you smile, and in reply she gave me a little cuddle with her left arm – I felt and heard me ribs crack, I’m sure I did.

At the first interval of the film, she explained to me how the U-boat’s snorkel was a device which allowed U-boats to run on diesel engines even when underwater, who invented them, and other technical details of the boats design failings.

03 05 badgeShe continued with telling me where and when the different Wolf-packs operated, and how her Uncle Otto, had been in the Kriegsmarine and had survived the war, and was now a Polizeihauptmeister, one of her bosses at home,  in their Landespolizei force.

As the lights once more dimmed for the second half of the film, she turned her attention to a very pleasurably accepted activity.

I’d have liked to return the favour, but being under her muscular solid body, I could not move. Let alone reach any suitable target.

I hadn’t managed to concentrate on the film much, but I was deliriously happy by the end it, and reached up to hold her hand as we departed the cinema to go home.

Through the flats front door, and excited mutual passion broke out again!

03 03

A love lost. Tsk!

Into the bedroom: I was thrown all over the place in the ensuing grappling.

God, how I miss Grizelda!

More Grizelda Tales to follow…

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