Inchcock Today: Mon 19th Aug 2014

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Tuesday 19th August 2014

18 8 01Not very good this morning, had a job to stir myself into any activity, feeling so low.

Couldn’t remember me nightmares wot I’d had this time.

I managed a cuppa and some breakfast though.

Got to go to launderette today, might meet Big John Wayne and get cheered up a bit I hope.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened the bedroom door, 18 8 02and the handle came off in me hand like. Tsk!

Got missen ready, un set off to the launderette.

I had to cross over the road avoid some lurking louts en route.

Mandy was there to welcome me with open arms, compassion and… well she said ‘Good morning ‘ like.

19 8 02Big John arrived and we had a natter. He took a photo of nibbling me seaweed and reading me book while I using the driers.

Said me cheerio’s and hobbled back to the flea-pit come home, remembering to keep me eye out for the local yobbery.

18 8 03First thing I dun was start the laptop, then mend the handle on the bedroom door… well I tool it all off proper so I couldn’t lock myself in anyway.

Luckily I had some Elastoplasts handy.

Thought I’d do a bit of blogging, then have a hobble into Sherwood to see if I could get a new bed quilt.

Received my anticoagulant test results. They’re 1.0 below target. Not to worry though, I’ve been that and lower many times before. (And hope to be so many times again – I’m not ready to go yet, ‘cause I’ve cheered up a bit yer see)

Got ready and set off on a walk into Sherwood, in search of a bed quilt.

1235hrs Be back soon.

I was, at 1239hrs: to collect me hearing aids that I’d forgot to put in, and I’d forgotten to decoke ‘em earlier too. I also collected the DVDs for the Hoapice Charity shop that I had also forgotten. Huh!

So naturally I met a woman to talk to en route, but it was a bit of a farcical conversation. Tsk!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI walked up the little hill, and took a photo as I walked down the big hill – it should have shown three ambulances belting down the hill, but they turned off before I got me camera out.

I carried on limping down and found the drapery shop (Drapery, now there’s  a word you don’t hear often nowadays innit?), where a very kind lady sold me a quilt and cover, and she put the cover on for me. Not on herself you understand, on the quilt I mean. Bless her.

Then on up the hill the Nottingham Hospice Shop, and gave them the DVD’s. I’m really glad I did that, cause the weight of ‘em wus gettin’ to me, and the arthritis in the knees and feet was gerrin worse!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI limped over the road to the Holland and Barrets shop to get some pistachio bars, but they’d sold out. Tsk again!

As I passed the bank, there in front of me, was a Mobility Scooter, but it didn’t bother me, no fear at all… there was no driver on it. Hehehe!

I struggled up the hill to nearly the top OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof it, and decided to take a photo of the road. (Nothing to do with my needing a rest from the walking, or the oain in me knees and feet of course).

I took a photo of the Sherwood Community Police Station as I passed. There was a woman sat on the walkway up to it – I considered going over and telling her that if she was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwaiting to find someone manning the station, she would have to wait until Thursday.

I went there once to tell them about the local yobboes, but of course it as closed, so I used the kindly provided yellow telephone on the wall outside, but it was not connected.

I made a note of the prices for cider and wine being advertised outside the shop, not for me of course, for me Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete. (Cough)

Got back to the bomb-site about 1400hrs, started the laptop and made a cuppa, then visited the WC.

Not a good visit I must say, needed the attention of the ointment and cream.

TTFN all…

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