Inchcock Today: Mon 18th August 2014

Jane 01

Time 01Dream filled night with a difference, when I woke at about 0200hrs, I remembered the dream I’d just had.

When I awoke properly at 0400hrs, I attended the WC and went down to put the kettle on, I could still recall some details of it. So I got me cuppa, took me medications and gorrrit recorded here, before I forgot what bits I could remember.

Here it is:

I was in a lodging house in Skegness, having breakfast. Sat next to me, was a young lady who I was talking to. (I knew it as a dream at the time, but… well I knew).

Memory Blank Period here.

Jane 01The young lady asked me if I wanted a lift into Mablethorpe? She said I could drive her car for her. No idea why, but I knew it was Ford Zepher.

Memory Blank Period here.

I was at a bus stop. I realised I was getting cash ready to pay. No bus-pass, this led me to notice I was not in pain, no walking stick, no glasses, no hearing aids… Mmmm.

Memory Blank Period here.

Jane 01For some reason, I found myself being ejected from the bus on the sea-front somewhere. I ran around asking people where Mablethorpe was and how to get to it.

Then I realised I was naked, so opened a laughing policeman box, and tool his uniform to wear.

Memory Blank Period here.

I was running along the beach, and reached Mablethorpe, but there were floods preventing me getting into the town.

Jane 01Then I found myself at the gallows in a prison, not as the killer, but the executioner I think.

Memory Blank Period here.

I spoke to Tony Blair, telling him I can’t hang a man whose only crime was voting for the BNP? So he reversed the position and the criminal hanged me instead, as I fell through the trap door, I was back in Mablethorpe, this time with a bomb of some sort in a Lidl carrier bag, determined to blow up the Bingo stall?

Memory Blank Period here.

I was walking along the seafront road, totally lost, but this time no running, for I was as I am now – old, unsteady on my painful feet, all my ailments had returned and limping badly, away from Mablethorpe.

Memory Blank Period here.

A car pulled up, and it was the lady from earlier in my dream from the lodging house. She apologised for not giving me a lift, drew out a Luger and fired three shots into my chest. She laughed and sped off.

I croaked out me thanks to her?

Memory Blank Period here.

I was walking (young and fit once again) up Mablethorpe main road, over the promenade onto the beach. On the seas edge, I could see my old love Grizelda, she Jane 01turned and beckoned me. I ran towards her arms outstretched and so filled with joy – but stood on what I knew somehow must have been a landmine.

No one came to the funeral, I knew this because I lifted lid of the urn to have a look?

Memory Blank Period here.

Well that’s all I can recall… perhaps all I want to recall.

0630hrs: Must start to get ready for me trip to the hospital haematology for me Warfarin level tests in a bit.

I set off on my walk into town. Got about 500 yards or so, and remembered I’d not got me Anticoagulation Therapy Record Card with me. Went back to the flea-pit and collected it, off again.

Nice weather, set off again on me walk into town.

Bit of a dizzy spell on the way, but it cleared up after a few minutes.

18 8 01Went in Tesco and got some bread, and for the nursed, cream cakes to go with their nibbles.

Caught bus out to the hospital, and hobbled in – the first thing I saw in the waiting area was… dare I say it? – A mobility Scooter! Arghh!!

Soon got tended to, said me farewells to the gals, and out into the sunshine again.

18 8 03Caught bus to Bulwell, and searched freezer shops for chips and gravy, got some. Then to the special out-of-date cheapo shop, but they had now I fancied in.

But I did get a bargain at the cheap frozen food shop – some Microwavable pork sausages – 20 for £1-99! Walls are 6 for £2.40. Just hope they taste 18 8 02alright when I eat em. Crossed fingers.

Then as I was leaving, a Mobility Scooter belted passed me oh so close, mad me jump. By the time I got me camera out he was well gone. The Git!

Bus back to the hovel – no yobs around thank heavens.

Put me things away, made a cuppa and started laptop to update this load of bol… Oh, I must remember in the morning, I’ve already been today to the haematology for me Warfrin level tests instead of tomorrow, cause I wanted to do me laundry tomorrow instead of Wednesday, so I could talk to me mate Big John… I think. Clear as mud that eh?)

Feeling a bit tired now, so might try to get me head down a bit… or not as will be the case.

TTFN all.

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