Inchcock Today – Nightmares: Friday 21st November 2014

Friday 21st November 2014

0248hrs: Awake after some horrible dreams again – some bits I can recall and am writing them now after making a cuppa while I can still remember them:

They all seemed to be connected with my failure to do something I wanted or needed to do.

I was in a big factory and searching for something I could not find…

Then I was on a big ship of some sort still searching for I know not what and everyone who I meet are trying to give me a blood soaked walking stick and or a vial of some purple poisonous liquid. Each time I threw away the walking stick and drank the vials contents?

Now I was back in the massive factory that seemed to have parts in it of places I have worked over the years.

Everyone was stopping me from getting out. I think there were four routes of escape and I kept trying each one without any luck.

Somewhere in there were exploding landmines, old cinemas and security guards? Even a nightclub entrance was in there somewhere.

I think someone, a woman I think kept bringing me Lemon sorbet and taking down my trousers then rubbing the sorbet into my knees, while laughing loudly?


0315hrs: The laptop started okay and I updated this hogwash diary. A message telling me of Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded came on screen. I clicked ‘Remind me in 4 hours’ button.

I wonder it all the trouble I had with the laptop yesterday might have been caused by the updates that were removed and are no back again?

Oh dear, it’s all beyond me yer know.

So tired now.

Didn’t go out at all.

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