Thoughts in Ode of Solicitors

Thoughts of Solicitors


The poor downtrodden lawyers and solicitors so poor,

Why do they lie, cheat, overcharge and then lie some more?

They charge you with more venom, than a matador,

£100 an unnecessary letter, often even more!

No wonder house sellers are becoming so poor,

So I write this in the style of a Troubadour,

Convinced my blood & money they will extract some more,

 They’re covetous philargyrists with a love of money for sure,

They concentrate on profit, giving little thought to the law,

They waffle on in search of gain, a little like Lord Haw Haw,

They lie so well, and are without morals or principals any more,

They are more unpopular than politicians, hustlers to the core,

Greedy, obnoxious, they’re like a financial Omnivore,

When you have to deal with them, you feel bitter and sore,

Thy defend the guilty scum, not as a benefactor,

But in their desire for profit are worse than any chancellor,

But these crude lying animals need affection, care and esprit de corps,

They remind me of Stalin, Hitler and the local whore,

Their desire for cash is not their fault I’m sure,

Just as I positively feel there is no cure,

We ought to assassinate some… and then some more!

No Solicitors or Lawyers were harmed in the creation of this Ode… Pity!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts in Ode of Solicitors

    • Thanks for joining (We don’t have a name yet, and only me and you in the crew) our Movement Marissa.
      We are looking for a treasurer but would appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to Danny Soz or Mike Steedenski.
      I thought we might be able to sell our home made Mezuzah range to raise funds for the society? Also I could sell me body to raise funds… perhaps not though.
      As you say, the real problem is what do you wear for the assassination occasions?
      Perhaps something that would lure the antisocial money-grabbers into a false sense of security, in warm pink and jet blacks that promotes your extremities?
      Just a thought like. X

      • Oh I love everything about it…especially the fact that we aren’t going to include Steedenski of Soz. Those buggers are always messing with the works. As for raising money, I’m pretty confident that any of those items (including your body) could get bid up quite handsomely on Ebay! I’m off to buy my pink and black get up now.

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