Inchcock Today Tue 15th Dec: Housebound today… well Toilet-bound really!

Is it just me – or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?



Brekkers – with the extra anti-diarrhoea capsule this morning – oh dear…

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Eventually I managed to get some kip around 0300 hrs, and woke feeling partially confused and shivering yet sweating at 0600 hrs?

Bits of some dreams lingered as I sat there feeling a bit sorry fer missen as the stomach rumbled uncomfortably away. All I could recall was I was in school class and the other kids had all grown up into adults and policemen and dogs were chasing them around the room? While I sat at a desk painting a picture of Dad in water-paint? 

To the bathroom and a long session on the thrown without much release, apart from much almost tuneful winds. Tended to bleeding ‘Little Inchy’. Oh dear I thought!

Into the kitchen, put the kettle on, took me medications with an extra capsule for me ‘Runs’, and back to the bathroom again! More wind and no release.

Foggy this morning, but it cleared so quickly I was surprised.

The rumbling seems to have eased off a bit as I got the laptop on to finish Monday’s diary and start this one.

P1020671Still too risky to go out though – and anyway the fog and mist was getting thicker and lingered all day!

I got busily away doing nothing – heh!

I went to take the black bags to the rubbish chute and had to run back (Just in time) to the bathroom porcelain!

I did an order for food delivery, got a bit of nosh and fell asleep.

Woke up and it was dark – shot back into the bathroom.

Then things eased a bit in the rumbling innards department, still there but nowhere near so bad.

Took me medications.

I must get missen out tomorrow, weather permitting like. Might go into town and wonder around and get some photographicalisationing done perhaps.

Nodded of for what seemed a few seconds and when I woke with a start I thought I’d had a dream that lasted for hour? I was in the First World War trenches and was wearing my Boys Brigade uniform? Nobody seemed surprised at this and I tried to explain that I was in the wrong dream???

Next I was in Stalingrad and was a sniper up high in the bombed buildings but only had a potato gun?

Then I was in a church and writing out Parking Tickets and drinking Tizer?

Odd day…

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