Inchcock Today Wed 16 Dec 15: Risked going out today… Tummy improving

Give a Solicitor a match, and he’ll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.



Skin cancer mark showing up well on me mush this morning

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Forced missen to get up at 0335 hrs, to the bathroom and used up a full kitchen towel roll and some toilet tissue cleaning up me various leakages. Huh!

The haemorrhoids had joined in with Little Inchy bleeding, then I went and mad me gums bleed cleaning me teggies! Tsk!

Had a bath and shave, without cutting myself. (Smug mode adopted)

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on finished yesterdays diary.

Checked the emails then did some Facebooking.

Got me things ready to take with me to the bank, Post Office and Audio clinic.

Met other residents in the lobby waiting to go out to catch the bus and had a jolly good natter. Frank asked me about if I still had the spare hearing-aid tube as he had broken his. He said he would be back at 1400hrs and I said I’d call at his flat, he told me it was flat 74.

P1020672Caught the bus into town and walked down into the slab square where the Christmas Fayre was in full swing.

Walked down to the bank and checked that they had my correct new address on file and asked the why I had not yet received my bank statements.

Mr Snotty pointed out it was Christmas, and I pointed out that surely three weeks should have been enough time for it to arrive even so? He told me that four statements were on their way now?

I got a £10 bag of 20p coins to use for the laundry room at the flats. Then I left the bank and the young superior yuppie advisor, still confused.

Walked up to Broad Marsh and called in the 99p shop and got some disinfectant, a pack of gluten-free biscuits, a pack of Diarrhoea Relief tablets, fresh air spray and some shortbread biscuits.

Interesting ding-dong as I left, the police were attempting to remove three shoplifters out to the van and were having the greatest of trouble as they did not speak English. (The shoplifters I mean, not the Police officers)

Went to the Post Office and got the required forms to have me mail from the house delivered to the flat.

P1020673Walked into and through the City Centre and out to the Victoria Centre Mall.

The police personages were busy today, they were trying to get a beggar to move along on Clinton Street – but he was not having it and got a bit threatening. So he ended up in a police van as well as those from Broad Marsh shopping mall.

P1020674I walked up and over the walkway into the centre, taking this photo on the left.

Plenty of buses available today.

Walked through the mall to the other end and into Tesco – where amazingly a pack of two fresh cream French horns jumped into me basket.

Got some potato pancakes and some very expensive chicken breasts that had a date enough to cover Christmas for me.

P1020675I left the centre and as I walked towards Trinity Square a snake of ankle- snappers containing about 50 of the little monkeys was going in the opposite direction to me – one of them kindly spat at me as she passed – why I don’t know?

I heard a crush as I turned into the back P1020677 P1020678of Trinity Square – A lorry had driven in and hit one of the council’s new raising bollards.

Poor chap got out checked the damage to his vehicle.

I got a photo of some Bling from the jewellers window for the TFZ gals.

As I walked down Trinity Walk towards me bus stop – I noticed in the Chinese ladies nail shop that one of the staff looked like he was sniffing up a line of white stuff on the treatment desk!

They must pay well!

The innards seemed more settled now, but Arthur Itis was back to his worst! Tsk!

P1020679Took another Bling photo at the bottom of the walk-way.

Made me way along Upper Parliament Street and called in the Spar shop and got a hot bacon cob for a quid. Just hope it don’t start me innards gurgling again?

Caught the bus and just managed not to fall asleep and miss me stop at the flats.

Noticed the washing machines were free when I got in the flats – so went up and got me laundry and things ready and went down and got it in the washer. I also took me hearing-aid tool bag with me, and when the machine was going and 1400hrs arrived, I went up to Franks flat, but there was no answer.

Got the drier going and kept an eye out for Frank returning while I did the crosswords.

No Frank, so back up and I missed a call from Steve age UK – so rang him back. Told him how things were going. He said he would call tomorrow PM to give me a hand with the minuscule lettering on the Post Office form for the mail transfer.

Got the washing done and put away, then I started updating this twollop.

I nipped up to Franks flat to see if he had returned yet, took me hearing-aid tools with me.

Found him in this time – also that his name is not Frank, it’s Roy.

Got the tube trimmed to fit and gave him another one as a spare.

Returned to the flat, made a cuppa, WC’d, put me tool bag away.

Must remember Morrison’s are delivering tonight twixt 1900>2000hrs.

Put me potato scones in the oven and had them with a bit of the chicken breast and some beetroot.

Morrison’s arrived and I put away the fodder.

Stomach ache but not the rumbling kind this time – the gurgling had eased off a quite a bit.

Sleep didn’t come easily though, took me ages to get off. Tsk!

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    • Eat away and enjoy Angie.
      Sorry pet, I had a Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday cleaning the kitchen. Tsk!
      I could have floated our barge in it – Hehe!
      Take care pet. X

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