Inchcock Today Mon 14 Dec 15: Not feeling well, the rumbling innards are back – Humph!

Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground and…

I’ll show you a man who can’t get his pants or socks off!

Monday 14th December 2015

Up with a start again at 0250 hrs – Laid feeling sorry for missen with me rumbling stomach back again, aching legs, bleeding sore ‘Little Inchy’ that needed medicating and cleaning up… yet not unhappy really?

The trip yesterday is responsible for me weariness and most of the aches and pains – yet I even enjoyed that in a way.

The first time for ages that I awoke and felt like staying there… Forced to get up though for a porcelain visit and to tend to ‘Little Inchy’.

No coughing yet, but me nose was blocked and eyes running a bit. Oh dear!

Cuppa and took me medications, laptop on to finish off yesterdays diary.

Feeling a bit drained already, poor old thing!

Cracking headache now, not had one like this for years. Tsk!

Started this diary off.

Had a bath and attended the porcelain again.

Got missen ready for me walk to the doctors for me INR Warfarin level blood test. Took me rubbish bags to the chute on the way out.

P1020664Met Deana and some residents and had a quick natter, and out on me walk down the hill to Sherwood, then up Mansfield Road into Carrington and the surgery to see the nurse.

On me way I spotted some Roadside artwork near the garages.

The knees were bad after yesterdays performance.

P1020665On Mansfield Road I noticed the solicitors window and the sign in it.

Quality Solicitors Yate & Co it said, above the rotting window ledge.


The rumbling started again and I made as much speed as I could manage to get to the doctors ASAP before I had an accident! Desperately trying not to pass any wind from the rear quarters like.

Hobbled into the surgery and straight to the WC.

Back to reception and booked missen in with the receptionist.

Had a go at me crossword book while waiting for the nurse to call me in, which she did ten minutes later.

She took me blood, I gave her some nibbles and we had a natter.

Back out to the reception I asked what was occurring with the ‘Little Inchy’ problem and had they had an answer from the clinic yet. She looked on her computer and said no reply yet. “I asked if I should just keep on bleeding every day then?”

No answer, so I left.

I went down into Lidl and bought a loaf and some Frikadellens – not a good idea the Frikadellens really considering the state of me innards. Tsk!

Caught the bus back to Sherwood desperately struggling not to have a accident with/from me bubbling innards and rear quarters. Luckily as I got off the bus and crossed the road and an L8 bus arrived as I approached the bus-stop.

Up to the flats and just made it again to the porcelain in time. (Getting risky this is!)

A letter had been delivered while I was out – from British Gas with the electricity bill – £258 to be paid.

I went to the Community shed and found both the organisers there, Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie. Gave em some nibbles and asked Deana if she could call BT for me and set-up a direct Payment Plan with them for me?

This she did happily. Now set-up for me to pay £58 a month starting January 1st. She also got them to take £258 I owed them. I thanked her muchly.

Had to make use of their WC. Huh!

Back to the flat and put the paperwork in the BT folder. (I’m getting organised now eh?)

WC’d again! (Fancy that!).

Put some sausages in the oven to have sausage sarnies for an early nosh. (Not sure if that was a good idea or not under the circumstances like?)

WC’d again, and got the laptop going to update this twoddle.


Head told me I wanted to eat this – the rumbling stomach told me I didn’t… The stomach won.

Foolishly got me nosh ready and it looked good to me, but I didn’t eat it… well I did eat hot dog sausages in bread, but dare not risk owt else with me innards playing up.

From then on it was into the  bathroom, session of wind producing on the thrown repeatedly for hours! Eventually managed to evacuate some of the rumbling bubbling innards contents and felt drained afterwards.

Genuinely worried about this now. However the rumbling eased a lot but the urge and feeling that I needed to visit the Thrown remained all night on and off. Tsk!

I eventually nodded off around 0300 hrs and didn’t get the call to the porcelain again until when I woke around 0600 hrs.

As I said earlier… Oh dear…

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