Inchcock Today Sat 27 Feb 16: Whoopsiedangleplops started early today. Humph!


Saturday 27 February 2016

Woke around 0245hrs, I was on the floor with my feet up on the mini-foot stool, wrapped in the new giant luxury throw. I ached all over, and could not remember getting down onto the floor?

I can only assume that I had gotten the cramps and got down so I could keep my feet up higher resting them up on the mini ottoman? The legs muscles were a bit tight and sore, but the foolishness of getting down meant my back and neck were in agony, well almost. And as for getting up again; What a performance! I had to roll over and crawl painfully to the chair to enable me to use it as a tool to help me get up on my feet. The back pain was nasty.

When at last I was up; the dizzies came over me, for the first time in weeks, Tsk!

Made my way to the kitchen and took the usual medications and some extra painkillers.

To the porcelain, after using the throne (No bleeding this morning though), I began to feel a lot better, the neck had eased off a lot, the legs were not too good, but assuredly better than when I woke up. The back pain remained with me, though.

Soon I was singing away to myself, as I limped back to the kitchen and made a decent good strong cuppa.

P1050081The view from the kitchen window, with the reflection on light from the door, prompted me to try and take a photo.

Which I did, with the Lumix camera. I thought the way the light from the doorway appeared on it looked a bit different like. A white hole, well rectangle? Hehe!

Laptop on and finished yesterday’s Inchcock Today and posted it.

Made another cuppa, passed wind, swore when my back gave and twinged, then back to the WC on urgent business! The urgent business took longer than anticipated, but no bleeding. By the time I’d erm… performed the necessary functions, the tea had gone cold, so I made another cup.

CG poorly2During which, I managed easily to drop the new milk jug as I took it out of the fridge, catching it on the shelf. Then I had to clear up the mess on the floor and inside and outside of the fridge. I cleaned the floor first, then as I cleaned the fridge, I dropped a jar of beetroot, unlike the milk jug that didn’t break, this did! Another right mess to clean up and start the back off hurting again!

Ah well, let’s hope that is the end of the Whoopsiedangleplops for today. He says with crossed fingers.

Had a bash on Facebook, then checked the emails and started to compose new headers for WordPress posts, using CorelDraw.

Had a scrub-up and the things ready for the laundry. Down the worryingly noisy lift to the laundry room.

Got the washing in and it was so cold in the foyer, I went back up the till worryingly noisy lift to the flat and put my gloves and a hat on, collected my book so as to have a read while waiting for the dryer. Back down on the worryingly noisy lift and got the things into the dryer.

Some residents came down to catch the bus and a good chinwag and gossip ensued, I enjoyed that.

P1050039The folk departed to catch the bus, and I had a read of my book in between checking on the dryer status.

No one about anywhere now, no one coming or going for ages.

Then the lady (I’ve forgotten her name again, Tsk!) from number 78 on the same floor as myself returned from her trip out. A lovely lady with loads of ailments including bad arthritis and he seems to cope in a similar mode as I do. Always a smile on her face. We had a decent gossip, bless her cotton socks.

P1050083Then I popped outside to take a photo of the copse near the garages beyond the flats.

I’d planned to have a walk around the complex, but it was so cold, I returned back inside to the foyer.


Malcolm from to flats away came down and out  in his T-shirt, and went out to greet his grandkids and son who were visiting him. Brrr! He returned with four ankle snappers, his son, and his daughter in law in tow. Good job he lives in a double flat innit?

Got the togs out and in the bag, and back up the worryingly noisy lift which has now developed a new ‘pinging noise’?

Put away clothing and got the kettle on.

Updated this diary, then got on with the updated Ailments and Diseases post. Took a good while, still not finished it yet.

Sinking feelings came over me along with the weariness. (The weariness is coming sooner each day lately).

Made some sandwiches, took medications, TV on and collapsed in the chair.

Woke up with a start around 0215hrs.

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