Inchcock Today Fri 26 Feb 16


Friday 26 February 2016

Up at 0335 hrs, wide awake and hobbling as rapidly as I could to the porcelain. The tender tingling pains from Little Inchy en route indicated that I had some medicationalising to do. I was right! Humph!

Still hating myself for missing yesterday’s Community Hut Meeting, I made a cuppa and took the medications.

Started to clear up the things on the draining board from making yesterday’s delectable meal; I dropped a glass saucepan lid, that hit the floor, bounced back up and cracked me on my arthritic knee, as it went down again and landed edge first on my corn – then rolled and settled under the wall heater. When I bent down to retrieve it, I hit my head on the corner of the heater, swore, and as I got up the back went into agonising spasms that left me in pain with it all day! But, thinking about it, I most likely deserved it for missing the meeting yesterday? Gawd, I feel so guilty about that!

Got the laptop on to finish Wednesday’s diary. During which, I received and responded to several calls to the porcelain; Oh dear!

I must get down to the Co-op store in Sherwood today and get some of their Blitz paper towels while they are on offer, two rolls for £2 at the moment. I have some in stock still, so to speak, but like to keep ahead of the game with these, because the usual price is around £1.50 each. They are marvellous for DSCN0052cleaning the bath with, and using as a first towelling off after having a bath. Saves me having to wash so many bath towels. Proper little housewife (Well, single male flat dweller), I’m now becoming now I’m in me flat like, aren’t I?

Went to make another cuppa and take an extra Codeine Phosphate 30g, and suddenly became fixated with should I have Vegemite or Marmite on my toast tonight?

I’m pretty sure I’m going a bit pottier than usual todayLosing it in a pretty big way, but it had to come, as my Dad used to say; “You’re not adequate enough to live a successful life, so make a good job of your death. Oh, and don’t take a wife!” I never did understand that?

Priorities seem to be getting moved about in my head? Perhaps the end is nigh?

CG poorly2Still, if it is time for my departure, there will be some benefits, oh yes!;

You can all, help yourself to my stock of Blitz Towel Rolls. (See later)

Then there will something for folk to remember me with, as they clean their toilet bowls and windows? Hehehe!

I managed to regain a modicum of sanity and started this diary off.

Checked the emails then did some Facebooking and much graphicationalising.

Hours later I got an enjoyable bath and readied the things and myself for the walk into Sherwood. I got one of the high-quality Asda two for £10 jeans on. Not much room in them, Little Inchy might complain later, Hehe!

P1050078Set off in the misleading sunshine, shivered and hobbled down to the shops on Mansfield Road in Sherwood.

Taking a short cut through though the leave lined streets I passed where the builders were building four new luxury homes, ‘Coming Soon’ the sign said.

Hardly a brick in sight yet. Plenty of wood, though?

Called in the haberdashery store and checked out their Throws available. I was after a larger and thicker one for me 1959 Leather old fashioned easy chair wot I fall asleep in every night.

I got one, a brown one that suited the job, £20, very warm too. And it hides the hole that’s appeared on the right arm of the chair and stains from where I spilt the wood dye when I was treating the walking stick to a bit of renovation, which turned out more expensive that I thought it would.

£7 for the wood dye for the walking stick then had to throw away a saucepan after dropping the can and some spilling into it, £106 for replacing the spectacles I broke when the chair arm collapsed, £15 for the first quilt, that was not big enough, £20 for the second quilt, Tsk!

Up the road to the Continental shop and got a half-loaf of Latvian Sweet and Sour Rye bread. (I’ll try almost owt nowadays?) It was made in Peterborough, Complaints address in Huddersfield and the company was registered in Berlin.

Further up the hill and got to the Co-op, and tried to get some of the Blitz towels on offer at £2 a two-pack. I couldn’t carry too many as I had the large Throw to carry. Not that this mattered, they had put them back to full price; £3.65! Swines! – But it’s my fault for not getting them earlier innit? Yes, guilty as charged!

I left empty handed, to the suspicious glances of the Security Guard. So, no Blitz towels for you to grab when I snuff it, sorry. You’ll all have to fight it out for who gets any of my four cameras then? Word of advice here, don’t fight for the small Canon one, the battery cover is broken. The big Canon and the Lumix are the best. The little Nikon one is nice too.

Got to the bus-stop to check if a bus was due, and had about 15 minutes to wait. I had a natter with a sweet old dear also waiting; I think she fancied me because we compared walking sticks? Hehe!

Then when the bus arrived and I got on, I left an unfortunate aroma behind as a little ‘plop’ of an escapage of wind came out as I mounted the bus.

Back at the flats and remembered the parcel for the lady next door that someone had left outside her door, that I took into the apartment for safe keeping. (The parcel, not the door). So I fetched it and knocked on her door and handed it to her.

P1050080Put the kettle on for a cuppa, and then got the new ‘Throw’ and tried it on the ailing 1959 Leather armchair in the living room.

Very snug and cosy! It looks messy, but that’s alright, I got it for its warmth, not cosmetic value.

Note how I’ve gone for a minimalist and easy to clean design? Bottled water, newspaper, pen, TV paper, footrest and walking stick all handily placed? Just thought I’d mention it like.

P1050079Set about getting the fodder ready. I was suddenly feeling a bit ‘done-in’ for some reason. Put a steak pie in the oven, beans in the saucepan and seasoned them, when they were both done, I added the last of the boiled spuds from yesterday. Some Irish Batch bread, that was so nice.

Rated this overall at 8.8/10. Well, I’d spoilt myself with the lamb stew and lamb knuckle over the last two days.

Sat down and that was basically, the end of the day, put the goggle box on and fell asleep within seconds!

Woke up in the dark. Forced myself into the bathroom for a titivation, ailment creaming and the use of the porcelain. Changed into my night attire and took the medications.

I made two slices of the Latvian Sweet and Sour Rye bread and covered them with Vegemite. Nice!

Back to the living room. Selected a couple of programmes to watch.

Fell asleep, woke up around 0115hrs laying on the carpet with the throw over me? Not the foggiest recollection of doing this? Stayed there. Zzzz…

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  1. I hate it when glass lids bounce back and take revenge for being dropped instead of just shattering on the floor. Your dinner does not look very appetizing tonight. It must of tasted much better than it looks to earn an 8.8. I can imagine you might hit 8.8 on the Richter scale while on the porcelain a little later — could be a bit log rhythmic!

  2. the Community Hut meeting happen every Thursday, Inchy?

    mark it in your Google Calendar for next Thursday – tell Google it repeats every week, and set Google up to email you a reminder shortly before each meeting

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