Inchcock Today 25 Feb 16: Went on WordPress Premium – Damn it, I forgot Community hut meeting today!

Thursday 25 February 2016


Hard at work?

I stirred into life at around 0300hrs. Lay thinking about the dreams I’d had. Fell back asleep, woke up around 0600hrs and forced myself up and to the bathroom.

No hiatus’s in the ailment department, just coughing and sneezing as I passed almost life threatening emissions of wind.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, onto the laptop, and decided to upgrade my WordPress thingamabob to Premium.

A fat lot of good that did me! I expected the font list to appear in the editor, but no. I have to keep going into Appearance, Fonts and selecting a font from the miserable choice there each time, not knowing yet if this will affect the previous posts or not?No Dutch fonts in there anyway. 

No Dutch or Goudy fonts in there anyway. The font colours were the same, with an option to add Custom colours, where you have to use a colour wheel to pick the one you want, and when I do another post, you have to pick them all over again?

Maybe it’s just my lack of education preventing me from grasping things, but I feel so disappointed with this after paying out more dosh!

There is an option under the normal Text type box appeared, to select ‘Preformatted’, but I can’t find out what that means or is.

When I select it, the text comes out like this; Preformatted?

Tsk, huh! And Humph! Still, I’ve got more memory for storage to save me deleting any more of my graphics I suppose.

Cash and time spent just getting myself annoyed and frustrated with my lack of brainpower, computer programming and education. Help! Hehe!

DSCN0048I went back to the kitchen, made a cuppa, passed more wind and shot to the porcelain. Phwoar, nearly gassed missen! Hehe!

Back to finish making my cuppa, and saw how beautiful the view was; despite the temperature in the flat being only 55º F.

Then trapped my finger in the drawer as I closed it.

Deerhat1It had to be the finger I burnt yesterday in my culinary experimentations with the Lamb Stew, Huh!

Finished yesterday’s dairy off and got it posted.

Must get some Facebooking done, I didn’t get to do any yesterday with getting home so late from Sister Jane’s posh house.

1000hrs: I’ll do it now I think.

1035hrs: Facebooking finished.

Hurriedly carried out my constitutionals, ablutions and took a bath. Nothing pernicious found.

As I left the flat, I met Malcolm from next flat to one, and he said for me knock on his door when I return and he’ll have a look at the TV to see if he could sort out for it to show the CTTV in the flats entrance for me, bless him.

P1050076Got out just in time to catch the L9 bus to Arnold.

Dropped off on Front Street and did some unnecessary random shopping and spending again. Tsk!

High above the great clouds lingered once more in the pretty blue skies. I wondered how long they would last.

The Fulton food store had some bargains I could not reject or deny myself; Two lamb hocks for £2.99 well in date and baby carrots at 39p. 

I decided to have one of the lamb joints tonight and add the remaining bit of the minced lamb stew and some potatoes to it. Salivating at the thought I was, honestly.

I moved on, and nipped in a discount hardware shop and had a good meander through it. Buying, even more; A colander, stick on hooks, and a strainer.

Across the road, and up to Asda, calling in the Menswear section first. They had some jeans at two pairs for a tenner (£10), so I indulged myself and got some.

DSCN0049Then, I was off to the food sections and made for the bread department. Here, I did go overboard a scintilla: 6 Potato Cakes, a loaf of Wholemeal Irish Soda Bread and a pack of 6 slices of Irish Batch Bread all for £2.80.

Thoroughly ashamed of myself, I set off for the bus stop and waited for the arrival of the last L9 bus, back to the flats.

P1050077En-route, the astounding clouds continued to amaze me.

When I got to the flat, after staying awake the whole journey ‘Smug Mode Adopted’, I Visited the WC, then knocked on Malcolm’ door.

He came over an hour or so later and spend ages trying to get the CCTV channel on the set for me without any success. Shame. However, he did get the East Midland programmes on for me, including Nottingham TV. So now I can get the weather forecast for where I live as opposed to Birmingham. Hurrah!

He showed me how to choose the programmes I wanted to appear on the remote’s Guide listing. I’ll have a go at that later; if I remember that is. Sad!

I got the potatoes boiling and updated this diary.

Had a cuppa and took the medications.

Got the Lamb shank on the boil.

Put the potatoes in another pan to keep them warm.

As  I was making the Nosh, I remembered I should have gone to the Community Hut Meeting this morning! I’m bitterly disappointed with myself now!

DSCN0051I had the nosh and a half, it took a lot of preparing, but it was so nice and tasty, it was all worth the effort.

Rated this one 9.59/10, the lamb shank and mince,  could still taste in the morning.


I toyed with the channels on the TV Malc had adjusted. So, now I have Nottingham TV and East Midlands Channels.

Watched some programmes, falling asleep during each one; Heartbeat (Nodded off at the first commercial break, missed the last 45 minutes altogether). Road Wars (Nodded off many times, missed the ending). Hetty Wainthrop (Managed almost to the first break, missed the rest of it), and Jonathan Creek (Didn’t get to the first break even!). Huh!

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