Inchcock Today – Thu 31 Mar 16: Winwood Community Shed Social Hour today

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Thursday 31 March 2016

Stirred into life around 0415hrs. Stomach rumbling, I made my way to the porcelain unhindered by Arthur Itis, and what a painful and bloody struggle it was thanks to the Haemorrhoids and constipation. Sore bum now, Hehe!

While straining to carry out my actions, I recalled just a bit of one of the dreams I’d had. I was chipping away with a screwdriver at some mortar between bricks, and each time I removed a block it was replaced by a couple of navvies from the other side of the wall, who swore at me, cursing me? That’s all I remember about it.

I made a cuppa and took the medications, along with a Senna pod tablet.

Laptop on to finish the last diary off then started this one.

Had a dizzy when I washed the cup to make another brew, a nasty one. Only lasted for seconds, though. The INR blood level that’s gone down suddenly to 2.2 might have something to do with it, or is it the other way around when it’s low? Low means the blood is thicker, higher lower… I think.

BJ might be coming to the Winwood Tenants Social hour this morning.

That reminds me, I mustn’t get carried away with blogging and be late for the session. It’s only an hour a week and I want to use it to get to know some of the other residents better. Must give me time to do my ablutions and have a good soak in the bath.

Hello, is the light flickering? No, it’s more flipping flies around the lightbulb again. Used up the last of the fly spray and one is still lurking. I wish I were fit enough to do like we did years ago; Roll up a newspaper and chase the little devils squatting away as jumped up and over furniture determined to get the buggers! Mind you, cleaning up the poor flattened things and ruining the wallpaper… remember anyone?

Although the knees are super stiff this morning, the pain when I move is far less than usual? Ah, maybe it’s the dentist’s painkiller still in my system?

If nothing else, I’m a real thinker still, problems and queries don’t get changed improved or even tackled, but I’m a competent thinker; just an inept doer! That could be amended to go on my gravestone, cause it’s true enough. Hehe!

Did some Facebooking then I checked the emails.

Time for the ablutions and bath.

Got the things ready for the meeting, photographs, gifts, and set off.

No dizzy spells now.

P1050963Arrived at the Winwood Community Hut and BJ came shortly afterwards.

He was not in a good mood and seemed withdrawn compared to his usual self. But he made an effort with the others to chinwag away bless him.

I couldn’t find out what the P1050968problem was.

It was a particularly noisy session this morning, despite being fewer folks than usual in attendance.

I handed out the nibbles and had a session walking around taking sneaky photographs of the residents. David Baily? Phwert!

P1050970Some of the tenants seemed a little down as well as BJ, and I think there was less laughter than there normally is at the meeting.

Then I realised this might not be so as I recognised I was a little down too?

I handed out the photographs from the last sessions and they went down P1050973well.

Poor Toni or Terri had still not found her lost purse and had to go to Broad Marsh to arrange a replacement. I asked her if I could go with her my knowing where to go and who to see at Broad Marsh from when I lost my bus pass. She declined the offer.


BJ offered to run me to Arnold so I could get the photos printed on their machine and get some bits in.

Poor BJ was not very talkative en route, I was a bit worried about him having problems of some sort, but he was tight-lipped. I’ll phone him tomorrow to see how he is, see if I can help in any way.

He dropped me off near the store doors, I thanked him and he was off.

P1050975I went to the photographic developing machines and set about making myself look a fool trying to find out how to work the USB download and the camera card one.

The lady who helped me last time came to me again and whipped them through for me. I have now got some printed off of the Winwood Social Hour meeting and of BJ from the visit to Papplewick that he’s selected that he wanted. All of them, about 16 photographs or so, for less than £6! Good value that I thought.

Got the receipt and did some shopping, rather treated me, again. Desserts, potato sticks and a selection of Irish batch bread to put in the freezer.

Just timed it nicely, getting to the bus stop with 4 minutes being the time on the board for the arrival of the L9 bus. It arrived 9 minutes later, delayed at the roadworks and temporary traffic lights the driver said.

As the bus passed Sainsburys, Norman, the 92-year-old from the same floor at the flats got on. When we got off at the flats we had a grand gossip, Norman had had the runs so hadn’t been out for three days. I’m going to find the number for my mobile and write it down tomorrow and hand it to him so he can call me at any time for assistance. Keeping tablets in stock as I do, I could have given him some. So glad he’s got rid of diarrhoea now.

In the flat and got the nosh prepared first… well, after visiting the porcelain of course.

I was feeling cheered that Norman was better but worried about BJ’s irritable mood. So couldn’t concentrate on doing this diary, scribbled some notes and left it until the morning.

P1050976The nosh was decent enough.

The batch bread was really excellent, even extra tasty, too much salt in it I expect.

 Rated this one at 8.9/10.

I sorted the nosh into the storage compartments and got the photographs stored safely away for handing out next meeting. Ah, there’s a thought, I could have a walk to BJ’s in the morning and post his photographs through his door, and if he’s in, find out how he is.

A feeling of fatigue overcame me, felt I had no ability to do anything physical for some reason. Wearied, exhausted? No dizzies, though.

Cup of tea and took the medications. I watched some Dr Who episodes, but it was a farcical effort, kept nodding off so often.

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