Fri 1st April 2016 Inchcock Today: Spring has Sprunged, and the drying machine got bunged!

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Friday 1st /April 2006

Woke late for me, around 0500hrs – still feeling tired? Recalled bits of the dreams but nothing concrete, just that they were not nice.

Tried to remember things I wanted to do for today, last night; take my number for Norman to use, visit BJ see him or post his photographs through his letter box, get the laundry done and one other thing; but what was it?

Visited the WC, made a cup of tea, took the medications, and still couldn’t recall the other thing. Tsk!

Not in good spirits this morning for some reason? I seemed to have more questions than answers milling about my mind.

Finished the post for yesterday then started this one off.

Got the laundry prepared and in the bag ready.

Had a wash and brush-up, got the change for the laundry room machines and poddled down with some nibbles in my pocket in case I saw anyone.

Got the one washing available machine going, and sat to do the crosswords in the foyer. Some residents came through and out to catch the bus, had a quick gossip with some of them.

Lily came down to sit and wait for her visitor. She asked if I’d got any food for her. (Bless her) I gave her some from my pocket. Being as I was going to have to go up to the toilet anyway, I told her I’d bring her an easter egg down.

She then told me her daughter and son in law visited her yesterday and now she can’t find £120 she had hidden in her wardrobe? Poor Lily, she does get confused with things, but she told me they had stolen from her in the past.

I said if I saw Deana the flats coordinator I’d let her know. Went up and toileted and back down with the Easter Egg for Lily. Met three ladies in the lift, and handed out the last three Kinder bars for them to have among themselves.

P1050977Gave Lily her Easter Egg and checked on the washing machine progress. Odd machine this one, the time left was at 20 min when I put it in, then it went up to 40 min, now it was showing 55 mins?

Back up to the WC again. Back down, Gerri the contact lady was in the lobby. I got the very wet clothes out of washing machine and into the dryer.

P1050979Told Gerri about the draughts still in the kitchen and she said she’d report it again.

When the dryer had completed its cycle – the clothes were still almost wet, let alone damp! Gerri had a look. Put it back on again, more time lost and expense. Did some crosswords, with the help of Gerri and some residents as they came and went.

After the second cycle on the dryer, the clothes seemed okay. Took them up and into the airing cupboard to make sure. Over three hours the laundry took me, Humph!

No time to get to BJ’s house, so I’ll take them (The photos) in the morning.

P1050982Updated this and got some fodder on. Decided on petit-pois, boiled potatoes and crispy battered chicken lumps.

Very nice, rated this one at a decent 8.9/10. Feeling drained a bit now?

Feeling drained a bit now?Went to the bathroom and oh dear;

Took the medications and fell asleep for a bit. Waking up with wetness and a painful tingling sensation from Little Inchy. This reminded me that I’d forgotten to ring the clinic about my missed appointment on Monday. Went to the bathroom to investigate and oh dear; Blood all over the underpants and legs. Hell of a job getting it to stop. Not good, but partly my own fault for missing the session at the clinic.

Felt a bit depressed then, and tried to read my book, but no concentration available.

Got the TV on but spent more time falling asleep and missing stuff, then the wet sensation again from the below, once more to the bathroom, this time, the haemorrhoids joined in with the bleeding, made a right mess of the WC bowl.

Got my head down but struggled to get to sleep. I put the TV back on, and that did it, I was off. But only for an hour or so. Tried reading some of the Sniper autobiography eventually getting off again around 0130hrs, waking up at 0500hrs.  Drained, Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Fri 1st April 2016 Inchcock Today: Spring has Sprunged, and the drying machine got bunged!

  1. “Being as I was going to have to go up to the toilet anyway, I told her I’d bring her an easter egg down.”

    Explain, please.

    • You noticed that I mucked up with the grammar assembly again, didn’t you? Hehe!
      “Being as she asked me for some chocolate, and I already had to go back up to the flat to collect something else, I told her I would pick-up her Easter Egg and bring it down for her.” I’m not sure if that rings right either?

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