Inchcock Today Sat 9 Apr 2016: Bonkers dream memories

G Dec4

Saturday 9th April 2016

On this day in 1949, Inchcock was thrown into the Nottingham Canal

G Dec40400hrs: I woke, involuntarily passed the wind, felt the warm blood trickling down in my lower regions area and sat for ages thinking of the frustrating and nerve rattling dream I had just had: I kept getting onto giant sea ships and inside each one was a different place where I had worked in reality. Pork Farms, where I could not take the temperatures in the fridges. Security, where the chap who stabbed me in 1971 was somehow having lunch with Margaret Thatcher and George Osborne? There were many ships and places, but these I could remember well.

Then I was back on the roofs of buildings being chased and chasing others. This time, I kept falling off the roofs or cliffs without injury? Weird!

I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned up the leaking areas. Got the kettle on, made a brew and took the medications.

I was feeling discombobulated, distracted somehow. The mind was off on a course of its own for a while.

Got the laptop on and did some graphicalisationing. Then finished the diary for Friday and started this one.

Assembled the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and Olive. Had a good soak in the bath and did the ablutions.

Called at Olive’s on the way out and gave her some nibbles and we had a chat. She showed me her Slow Cooker and how it worked. At least, we had one thing in common, we both had the same limp as we wobbled about, as she humorously pointed out and we both managed a laugh about. I gave her my telephone number, just in case she needed any help at any time.

I departed and caught the L8 but into Sherwood, having another chat with a tenant on the way.

Got into Sherwood and dropped the donations off at the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Went to Wilko next, but they did not have cookers in. So I can go to the one in Arnold after the INR blood test on Monday?

Walked over to the Sue Ryder Charity Shop and asked if they had any brown ottomans in so s to replace the one I fell on and broke. They hadn’t, but took my number to ring me if they get any in later.

I hobbled around the shops window shopping and then made my way up Winchester Street hill, back to the flats.

P1060047The sky looked beautiful as I limped up the hill.

The legs and knees were doing alright, but the feet were tender, I put this down to the new shoes?

Got in and readied the laundry things then went down and read me Sniper book as I waited for the togs to be washed.

When they were done I got the dryer going, the clothes were very damp again when I took them out of the washer, so I might need to give them an extra dry later. Tsk!

I nipped back up to the flat and updated this while having a cup of tea.

Made some roast sweet potatoes, roast parsnips, and carrots, pickled onions, beetroot and had them with a pot of pulled pork paste sandwiches. A dessert to follow.

P1060048I didn’t get the roasting of the carrots or parsnips quite right today, some of the carrots were underdone. Huh!

Still, overall a 7.8/10.

The fatigue came earlier today.

I settle don to watch a DVD, nodded off and three hours later I awoke and tried to watch some TV, in between some mini falling asleep sessions of a few minutes each time.B

Well, it had not been a Whoopsiedangleplop day, Little Inchy had not bled, and I was tickled pink to have a gossip with Olive.B

Shame about my dropping the card-reader on the floor and it not now working, though. Another expense to replace it coming up. Tsk!

Blessedly, I nodded off early.

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