Inchcock Today – Sun Apr 16: Hibernation Day (No buses)

G Dec

Sunday 10th April 2016

0010310 hrs: I stirred into wakefulness and sat there, firstly trying to remember the dreams I’d had, again of me being lost in a deserted factory, then the jejunity of my existence started to rack my uneducated brain. I began questioning and pessundated my worth.

I farted, smelt it, sneezed and made a cup of tea, to take my medications with. Came across last nights untaken medication pot, swore at myself for being daft enough to miss taking them and took a Warfarin tablet to take along with the morning medications. Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day then? Tsk!

To the bathroom, the haemorrhoids were bleeding badly this morning but Little Inchy was not at all.

0455hrs: Got the rest of the laundry ready, dressing gowns, towels and few socks, undies and a shirt, along with the capsules, powder, softener and fresher pearls, and change then made my way down to the laundry room.

One of the lifts was out-of-action.

P1060049I got the washing machine going on economy-quick mode and sat in the lobby reading my Sniper book. Surprisingly two tenants passed through and out of the building, I didn’t know either of them, and neither responded to my spoken ‘Good Morning.’

The weather was a bit frosty when I had a look out of the front doors. But it soon changed to bright sunshine.

When the cycle had completed, I moved the washing into the dryer, got it going, then returned to the flat to update this.

P1060050Went down an hour or so later and got the washing out of the dryer, all okay.

Back up to the apartment again, the one working lift was shuddering uncomfortable a bit.

Got in, WC’d made a strong cuppa and onto Coreldraw and Corelpaint.

Then I had a marathon session doing some graphicalisations for the TFZ site. In fact. I spent over five hours doing them, and I’m only perhaps two-thirds of the way through them now.

I got the dinner cooking away and checked if anything was worth watching on the goggle-box. So good stuff on later.

P1060051Checked the TV magazine and watched a Black Adder episode while checking on the fodder cooking.

Leg of lamb chop, mash with cheese granules, garden peas, beetroot and roast parsnips and carrots, followed by a rather sweet vanilla dessert with Cornish clotted cream. Went down nicely.

Rated this one as 9.35/10.

Read the classic car newspaper.

On each visit to the throne, the haemorrhoids were bleeding, Huh! But all the other ailments were being kind to me. (Now I shouldn’t have said that yer know. Hehe!)

Remembered about tomorrow’s INR test. So I put the Anticoagulation card in my jacket pocket while I thought of it.

Watched some TV, but as tired as I was, struggled to get to kip.

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