Inchcock Today Frid 1st July 2016: Few dizzies, spending again, but no Whoopsiedangleplops!

04Friday 1st July 2016

Woke around 0400hrs, tried to recall the dreams, although how I managed to have any with so much waking up done during the night is a mystery.

Seems it was the usual me being chased around corridors by people with bad intentions… or so I think.

No dizzies or headaches this morning.

I gently manipulated myself out of the refusing-to-operate £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the throne. A bit of blood from the rear activities, but Little Inchy was blood free. Good that!

P1110241I made a cuppa, took the medications and got the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot on low and cooking.

Parsnips, swede, red peppers, onions, carrots and seasoned them with the vegetable stock and dab of vinegar.

Has a wee-wee, blood-free again (Good innit!) and got the laptop on to finish yesterday’s and started today’s diary off.

WordPressed and found that Mike Steedenski had published a book entitled: The Shop that Sells Kisses – Poetry with a hint of magic. I had to order it, got it from Ebay… no Amazon I mean. They don’t half charge for delivery! I’m hoping Mike wasn’t sober when he wrote these. Couldn’t resist getting it, I’ll comment on it after I’ve read it… that’ll be good! Haha!

Carried on updating this, then did some graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw8 – that incidentally when I opened it, informed me of updates needing to be installed. But, I can’t work out how to find out what they were? Tsk! Still, it’s working.


AndyI got an email from the Surgery confirming the time for the next INR blood test, none this week coming, next on Friday 12th July @ 1115hrs.

They also mentioned they all had a laugh at the doctored photograph I sent them on my email to get an appointment.

Nice that!

I set to doing a graphicalisation then of Mike Steedenski and Shirley, his better half by far.

Did a graphic of this book as well and sent them to him via email, in case they might come in handy for 10bhim on WordPress or anything.

Made another nice strong cuppa and had some biscuits.

The head and the dizzies spells were lingering a little bit. Humph!

The rain was forecast for later. So I had a jolly good shower and did my ablutions. I used the citrus shower gel this morning, shaved without getting any cuts. And used the Wilko Citrus antiperspirant spray!

I took the rubbish bags to the chute and got down in the lobby. The tenants Jenny and Frank were not sounding or looking happy bunnies today. But, we had a natter on the bus to town. I also read my Victoria Wood book, and that had expsensive consequences later!

10dI got off on Huntingdon Street and walked over the walkover way into Victoria Centre (Mall).

The street below was certainly not short of buses as I passed over and took a photo of them.

Into the centre and wobbled along and down the other end.

10cFoolishly, I wandered into the HMV shop and perused the DVDs on offer. No intention of buying any at all, what with me ordering the Law & Order Special Victim ones from Ebay earlier, and them telling me as it was my first order, they would deliver them Tomorrow! I dare not say how much I spent on them. Shame mode adopted! Unfortunately, I espied a box collection of Victoria Wood DVDs… ‘Victoria’s Empire’, a documentary – ‘Victoria Wood Live in your own home’, a one-off 50-minute show – ‘Pat & Margaret’, one of, if not perhaps the best film I have ever seen! – ‘Victoria Wood Presents’, Feature length drama focussing on modern day Kipannoyances – ‘Victoria Wood as seen on TV’, 420mins, some of her finest programmes for the BBC and ‘Acorn Antiques’, her most popular episodes.

Then, saw some Last of The Summer Wine 29 & 30, with One of my comedy heroes in them. Eric Sykes (Spike Milligan and Norman Wisdom the others).

For some reason, the others in the series were selling at £9.99 and ran for 10 hours – this, the one I wanted, was £17.99 and ran or 9 hours! Huh!

Thoroughly ashamed of myself, I paid and embarrassedly I walked to Tesco to get some bread. More money spent!

In Tesco, they were cunningly selling the new Dads Army DVD (Oh why did take that alleyway! Humph!) at £8 instead of £12… guess what…

I also got some bread, roast potatoes and blackcurrant jellies.

As I made my way through to the bus stop, I popped into the Little Waitrose store (I was beyond all hope and help by now with the spending – Grr) and got some tomatoes and Marmite rice cakes.

As I got on the bus, I dropped my bus-pass and it fell under the bus. Hell of a job getting back up again, and this started the dizzies going again.

Had to fight off falling to sleep on the bus on the way back, but fortunately Jenny and Frank caught the bus further on and this helped me.

The rain was just starting as we all entered the foyer.

I wee-wee’d and put the fodder away, and red facedly the DVDs on the overcrowded shelves. – I don’t think I’ll live long enough to watch them all? Hehehe!

P1110247Got the dinner/supper prepared. Vegetables (Hot-Pot), roast potatoes, potato cakes and… no, change of plans. The vegetables are not done… Humph! Opened a tin of chilli to go with the other stuff…

Well that was the plan, but the tin of Chilli had one of those ring opening things and the ring came off as I grabbed it and the tin opener didn’t have anywhere to clip onto the can… Any-road, this was the meal.

Stayed awake for the Wales v Belgium match, what a corker it was too! I know I have some Welsh blood in our family, and was so proud of them. “Byddant yn canu y Cymoedd heno!” (They’ll be singing in the valleys tonight!).

I was so excited I couldn’t get to sleep afterwards… Tsk!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Frid 1st July 2016: Few dizzies, spending again, but no Whoopsiedangleplops!

  1. I love the photo of the Reception Team. A blood free wee wee is always good! Of course, getting one’s bladder and prostate to reach an agreement so one can wee wee at all can be a major undergoing. But no Whoopsiedangleplops is even better.

  2. Ohhhhh! I turn red thinking of those pop off lid rings that break before the tin is open! I pay an ridiculous amount of money for kitty food, and that’s what happens periodically with the lids.

    Anyway, once again you’ve posted an interesting and engaging account of your day, inchy! I always look forward to your meal descriptions and for any updates on the bench slowly disappearing from the street. I get upset for and with you when I read of stupid bureaucratic BS you have to endure just to get what is your due as a citizen of a great country!

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