Inchcock Today Tue 5 July 16: Visited Olive, investigated the local stabbings and boy, did I wee-wee!


Tuesday 5th July 2016

Stirred to life around 0435hrs, untangled myself from the non-working £300 second-hand recliner and to the WC throne for a WCHD session. Not a good one, Little Inchies lesion was bleeding for the first time in ages, and Hem Aroid joined in too. I did me best to recall the many dreams I’d knew I’d had during my many short spells of actual sleep – no luck, but I felt the chasing and rooftops had been in there somewhere?

No dizzies yet though like yesterday. Went into the kitchen and Arthur Itis joined in with the other ailments. Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Ballet2 Got the laptop on and finished the Monday post, then did some graphics to use later on here and the TFZ site.

I vignetted this one after making it, not too bad I thought?

I’ll post this on the TFZ site.

Brother-in-law Pete rang on his new G4 mobile and the reception was good to start with but I kept losing him later, eventually it beep beep beeped and we were cut-off.

10dHe sent a photo of the Bus Display in Nottingham he took with the camera. He did it in wide mode. Super one this one is! The clouds stand out lovely.

I called him back and asked him if he could go back to G3 on his phone, then I felt the warm wet sensation in my lower regions and had to return to the throne and clean myself up and re-apply some blood anticoagulant again. Good job I have a good supply of kitchen towels. Hehe!

Did some more graphicalisationing on CorelDraw8.

Tried to sort out the drawer in the kitchen, but could not grab a hold of the screws due to Arthur Itis.

Then did my ablutions and showering, interspersed with a few more wee-wees.

Got myself polished up and went to see Olive. Glad to say she was a little better than yesterday. We had a cuppa, a delightful chinwag ( I love listening to her tales) and then she applied the pain-gel for me. She had some glass jars to take to the recycle bank and I took them with me along with those I was taking.

Bid Olive a sad farewell, and set out to take the glass jars to the Bottle Bank at the end of the road. Met Robert the ‘I’ll do it for you if  you pay me’ caretaker. Tried to find out how much he’d charge me to do the painting in the wet-room for me as soon as I get the second storage thingy sorted, but he seemed reluctant to tell me? He did tell me about the stabbings that had taken place nearby in Sherwood, and those on North Sherwood Street in town. He would not tell me why the police were attending the flats with their blues and twos yesterday.

I called in to give Julie some letters I’d received for Margaret, the flat’s previous tenant.

Back to the flat and a marathon session on Facebook and Coreldraw8.

10dGot the fodder going. Had a tinned Sweet & Sour chicken, beetroot, oven chips, wholemeal bread, an overripe banana and a lemon yogurt.

Rated this as 7/10. The chips were okay, that’s all I can say. Hehe!

Must get out tomorrow and get some fresh vegetables in stock for the Crock-Pot.

While stopping mid-meal to have yet another wee-wee, fatigue overcame me, but no more dizzies today I’m pleased to report.

Ate the nosh, well, nearly all of it. Spent the rest of the day moping about, but didn’t start falling asleep as I often do, as nipping to porcelain kept me active. Huh!

When it came to trying to get the head down around 2130hrs, the mind would not let me. I remember it was gone 1240hrs, my last trip for a wee-wee.

Amazingly, once I got-off, I didn’t go again until I woke up at 0600hrs!

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