Inchcock Today Thur 7 July 16: Marvellous Winwood Tenants Social Hour in the Community Shed!


Thursday 7th July 2016

Woke, 0405hrs, no memories of any dreams? Immediately climbed out of the now working again £300 second-hand recliner chair, to have a wee-wee. (The first of many, Tsk!) Then to the kitchen to put the kettle on and take the medications, and noticed the state of the place from yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop collapse of the plastic cupboards and ensuing mess. Started to move stuff to get to the areas needing titivating, and knocked the tomatoes on the floor – I could have cried, they were all bruised and I trod on one making more mess to clean up! Gave up on the cleaning, took the  medications and got the laptop on to update the diary.

Pondered on the other things to be done. The Tenants Social Hour at ten o’clock in the Community Shed, take photo’s while there, then to Asda in Arnold to get them developed, hand out last weeks photographs (BJ said he would attend the social, but he said that last week and didn’t, hole he comes so I can give him his photo’s.) Must try to find time to get the kitchen sorted out a bit. I’m feeling much better than yesterday, I think I might have overdid it a bit with the heavy shopping. Might have brought on the dizzies? Still, none today yet.

Got the nibbles ready for the Social Hour.

Time for a go on Facebook, then into the shower and did my ablutionisationing. Jolly good shower using citrus gel and antiperspirant spray.

Called to see Olive on the way out. I can call to see her this afternoon or after 1400hrs on Friday. She’s only just got up and I told her that is the beauty of us getting on, we can lay in when we want to, usually. Little difficult natter and I nipped back to fetch me hearing aids. Huh!

P1110283To the Social Hour meeting some of the tenants on the way. A lot more folk there today.

Lovely spirit in there today as well and besides.

P1110285BJ arrived later and another good session was had, I even won a tin of tomatoes in the raffle!

I almost got excited, first win for two months. Hehe!

BJ was in good form and a bit more cheerful than of late bless him.

There was a bit of mixed news though.

Lilian, resident of my Woodthorpe Courts was still in hospital, still no P1050977visitors apart from family were being allowed?

I miss having a little sit with Lilly in the foyer most days, he’d had a hard life.

One of the carers there, said Lilly was doing a bit better.

As I walked back to the flat to update this to here diary, two of the girls were going to catch the bus and I caught a shot of them going to catch the L9 bus.

At the flat I put the things away, had a freshener upperer session then off to catch the L9 bus into Arnold and get the photo’s printed and some more yellow tomatoes if I could find any.

In Arnold, I popped into Wilko to get fragrance boost for the washing machine, another bottle of Dettol lavender on special price, Zoflora Citrus disinfectant, got another can of the citrus deodorant spray as well.

Then, a walk though the morbid looking citizens and to the Boynes Store and got some of the Shoe and foot spray.

Then up the other end of the street to Asda and got the photographs printed and did some shopping. But no yellow tomatoes on sale! I’ll have a look in Lidl tomorrow see if they have any, after I have my CHD checks at the surgery. Got some lemon drizzles, french toast, little lemon icing cakes and a pack of biscuits. However, I did resist getting any of the fresh cream french Horns!

10a P1110290Paid up and off to the bus-stop.

The assaulted bench near the stop looked like it had been given some respite from yobbo attacks? The one on the left was 2 weeks ago, on the right, today.

P1110291Back at the flat, I suddenly felt so weary again. Got the fodder put away. Made the meal of the day and digested it with relish!

A meaty salad.

Rated this one at 9.1/10.

I decided to have the nosh and watch the France v Germany Euro semi-final. But, the body had other ideas and it was drifting off to sleep and suddenly springing awake again for the rest of the night.


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