Inchcock Today – Wed 13 Jul 16: So weary after yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplops and overdoing it! Hehe!


Wednesday 13th July 2016

Up 0415hrs: Lay there pondering on the weird dreams I had during the night. What I could remember anyway. The rooftop chases were in there somewhere, old workplace bits and my being refused entry at St Peter’s gates and my setting up tent and making a fire to cook sausages on?

Eventually I tackled getting out of the refusing to work £300 second-hand recliner chair… not easy, but I managed it without any injury, tried pressing the button again afterwards, and noisily and shudderingly worked again?

WRWW and WRHD tended to, no bleeding, good that.

Made a cuppa and found the scribbled notes I made last night when the nurse telephoned me. Noted the INR and Cardiac appointments and added them to Google calendar.

Another WRWW (Wet-Room Wee-wee), and got on with sorting Tuesday’s diary.

Reembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery was coming this morning, I’d ordered some stuff along with the fodder to use for pressies later.

The Asda man arrived and left the stuff. Only one substitution, this time, I’d ordered a box of Ferrero Rocher to use for Olive’s Birthday later, they had subrogated these with large box of Ferrero Collection, which was dearer, but they charged me the original £3.50 not the £5.50 of the collection price. Nice!

10eThe Polish Bozek looked so tasty.

The large jar of sour pickled cucumber was only 90p, very cheap, I hope they taste okay?

Then after putting the goods away, nibbles in the nibbles box, I realised I’d not taken the morning medications yet – so I did, with another mug of tea.

WRWW, Made a start on graphicationalisationing and this diary, then onto Facebook, then checked emails, then a WRWW.

Deana (Flat warden) knocked upon the door to inform me I had a pile of washing that had been left in the dryer – AGAIN! Oh dear… I went down and retrieved it, red-facedly!

Got on with the new funny post for hours and hours, got it finished though and posted off. “Inchcock’s Lecture to the Brexit Remain supporters”


Quote from within: “Mr Steedenski asked if it could be a bottle of Henri Jayer Cros Parantoux, Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru, adding, it is produced from grapes grown on a 2.5-acre site, this Burgundy and said to be full-bodied and rich”? I think it might go down alright, but yer never know.

Feeling peckish, but I resisted any naughty nibbles and had just two rice cakes and a bit of Melba toast… Urgh! Hehe!

Nipped over to see Olive, she looked radiant today, despite her ailments. We had a cup of tea and a gossip.

When I returned to the flat, I really felt so happy at seeing her, but so drained it was hard to understand why?

No strength or willpower to do anything other than make a dinner and collapse in the rickety £300 second-hand recliner with a drink of orange juice P1110328and the meal. I did remember, as instructed, not to take any Warfarin tablets though.

I tried some of the sour cucumbers wit the fodder, I liked them. Had to force myself to eat the bitter tasting Lidl ‘Special’ tomatoes, they were not nice at all.

Rated this overall a 7.9/10, the tomatoes spoilt it.

The trips for a WRWW decreased, or perhaps I was just too tired to respond? Hehe!

Weary as I felt, I had to find something on the TV I wanted to watch, before I nodded off, then kept waking up every few minutes until well into the morning, around 0200hrs then I got off proper like.

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